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Video: Hands-on with the DROID BIONIC by Motorola

After getting our hands all over the DROID BIONIC yesterday and tossing up a quick gallery, we finally have some video action uploaded for you to enjoy.  You’ll see some new Blur tweaks, the system info, a look at the entire device and more.  Enjoy! 

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  • yhyhg
  • Anonymous


  • DUDE BLUR STILL LAGS OMG! Even with a dual proc it still lags. Did you see how long it took for the phone dialer to pop up? Also scrolling through the home screens is not responsive at all. BLUR IS A LOOSE LOOSE SITUATION! Motorola get a damn grip common this phone would be sick with Vanilla Android on it and not this crap.

  • Need to put up subtitles I couldn’t understand one word too much background noise.

  • JohnPA2006

    1ghz core+1ghz core=2 jiggahurtz cores.
    If I root and overclock I will 4 Jiggahurtz.. jigga hurts ?? then put some cream on it. (JK of course)

    Motorola is really putting themselves back on top again with the hardware in the last 2 or 3 years I am happy to see this.
    (and yes I am )

  • Ben

    Man o man…people really need to research how a “Dual Core “ Processor works. FIRST of all, just because there are two cores it does not mean that it is 1Ghz a piece. Its two cores, running at 1GHz. There is no “1+1 = 2 GHz “. Each core will run up to 1Ghz TOTAL. Together, they make 1Ghz. This is the wide mis-conception about multiple cores to this day. Sure, multi tasking would be easier, really? Also, unless your software or apps are made to utilize dual core processors, you will never know the difference in speed because you will be only doing one thing at a time. This is NOT a PC or tablet; it’s a cellular phone lol. A rooted Droid X is more then sufficient for today’s tasks, and tomorrow’s for the matter. ” o-m-g….I need a dual core phone to make supper fast phone calls “. WTF, are you guys encoding movies with your cell phones? Years ago, folks said Quad Cores wouldn’t be enough to keep up with gaming and software of today and future proofing this and that blah blah blah, but yet, my Quad Core computer is collecting dust and the only ” speed ” I notice is in synthetic benchmarks I run to cure my inner geek OCD which yields nothing but useless numbers. If you need the latest and greatest, great! If not, chill out…it’s not the end of the world. Unless you start physically texting at the speed of Octal Core and physically talking at 20G LTE X Extreme speeds, find a phone that suites your life style and remember, over kill is every where these days. /end rant

    • Anonymous

      Nice… but I’m probably still going to get a dual core – mostly because by the time my contract is up I believe most of the “uber” phones will be running with them regardless.

  • Spyderman89460

    OMFG!!! I want this to replace my D1!! I was going to get a DX when they first came out but this looks much nicer and cleaner than that.

  • Sad Df


  • Amu1

    It is really amusing how people compare a rooted device with a custom kernel/rom vs a non-rooted device. Have you even thought of how fast the Bionic will be once rooted and flashed with a custom kernel/rom? Come back and compare apples vs apples once you have the Bionic on your hands and is flashed with a custom kernel/rom, then compare that to your DX, OG Droid, etc…

  • Tarsis Brito

    hello people i feel the bionic looks nice it is a little thicker but it has front facing camara and a nicer display than the droid LTE and duo core what else do you want. I have the droid x and i love it but they did not put hd display nor front facing camara on the droid x it is one of the other im buying the bionic as soon as it comes out

  • Anonymous

    The guy that was showing and talking about this phone was a dick.

  • Jawshua

    I came away disappointed with this video, especially with all those damn noisy people in the background. But they really didn’t show much about my new love, the Droid Bionic! It’s definitely the phone I’m getting next, wanting the front facing camera and I hope the speaker on the back doesn’t suck like my DROIDX.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That hardly looks blurry at all. The camera was obviously the blur one but they really changed everything up for the better it looks like.
    It did look like the transition animations were on slow or something though. Smooth, but slow.

  • Anonymous

    That hardly looks blurry at all. The camera was obviously the blur one but they really changed everything up for the better it looks like.
    It did look like the transition animations were on slow or something though. Smooth, but slow.

  • Anonymous

    If that’s the new face of Blur, maybe it’s not so objectionable now. Almost looks acceptable.

  • any phone with 4g will not have 3g cause one is gsm and the other is cdma so its either 3g and 1x or 4g and edge but theres not going to be a 4g and 3g sadly

    • Connor

      Not true. Verizon has integrated LTE and CDMA. check itm http://developer.motorola.com/products/droid-bionic/

    • DBK

      What Connor said. 4G devices will be capable of utilizing 3G, so no worries.

    • Anonymous

      Data will be 4G and voice 3G allowing the phone to run both simultaneously (Verizon)

      • Connor

        really? first time they’ve ever had a phone utilize 3G to make phone calls.

      • JohnPA2006

        You mean data will transmit over 3G or 4G , voice will transmit over 1x voice channels as all phones do.
        If the big draw for LTE networks is that now you can do voice and data at the same time, that would be awesome.

  • Scottholstein Sh

    I said a lot of the same things when the DROID X came out…not that much faster than my overclocked OG…etc…common response when new technology comes out to date your “old” device. Truth be known…all of these devices are excellent. Still have my OG…by choice…I am saving my upgrade until the 4G devices come out…that is one thing any of these devices will have over the DROID X or any other Android device out right now…LTE PEOPLE!

    • B…d droid

      This is true but unless you live where LTE is up and rolling there will be no advantage of having a LTE device.

      • Connor

        unless you like having a dual core phone?

    • Brendan

      dont forget dual core ssooo yaaa oh and a better screen

    • Jon

      Saving an upgrade? I think Verizon just did away with what we would call upgrades. Your now on your own with no new every two plan. I do think you can still get phones at the 2 year contract prices but no more new every two reduction in price.

      My next phone I may actually opt to purchase it outright. I’m also going to be doing warranties with Square Trade from now on. They are way cheaper over the lifetime of the phone and they will reimburse cash value of phone instead of giving you a crappy refurb and charging you $90 deductible. In one year, most phones kept in good condition can still be sold for $300 or so. So you would get half the value back out of the phone and be able to purchase the next latest and greatest.

  • Shawn

    to see how fast it really is i would have to use it alot. because in this video it looks no faster than a regular 1ghz phone. but im sure the 2 ghz will show with multitasking and heavy data apps. still waiting to see how expensive 4g is going to be and if there will be cap on data.. hopefully not i find unlimited data very necessary.

    • DBK

      It’s also only running Froyo. When it gets Gingerbread, this beast will fly.