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Hands-on with the DROID BIONIC by Motorola

We just left the Motorola event and had plenty of hands-on time with the new DROID BIONIC that is headed to Verizon as one of their premiere 4G LTE devices.  This newest family member will sport a 4.3″ qHD screen, 1GB RAM 512MB of RAM, a dual-core processor, front facing camera, 8MP back camera, 1080p HDMI out, and gaming awesomeness.

We have video on the way, so that you can all get a full look at this device and its new version of Blur which actually impressed us a little.  It has a few new tweaks to the UI that we haven’t seen on any Android device before, but only real hands-on time will prove if it’s worth keeping active.

Overall though, the device felt great in hand.  It doesn’t necessarily look or feel like any of the Droids we’ve seen in the past, but that’s not a bad thing in this case.  Now sporting some lovely curves and a qHD screen, this might be the phone to save your money for, only you won’t be able to grab one until the middle of this year.  The Tegra 2 processor is easily felt, you can fly through homescreens, you’ll never have any lag, and again, a couple of the tweaks in Blur that we noticed are acceptable.

Check out our glamour photos after the break. 

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  • tommytmt

    Its design is a little mundane looking … I don’t think its ugly like others on here but whatev, what I’m wondering about are the physical specs. More importantly what’s its thickness? In some views it looks thick and chunky and in others it looks very thin. I can’t find any of the physical specs on it anywhere…

  • Davidukfl

    hate verizon for announcing a tonne of sweet new phones…..as well as changing the update plans so I can’t get said new phones

  • DroidXer

    Lost me at the 512mb.

  • Misphit917

    All this hype over a phone that does not seem to have a front facing camera hmmm…it’s very funny how Verizon is planning to take away the every two knowing that they have all these new 4G devices coming out.

  • Misphit917

    All this hype over a phone that does not seem to have a front facing camera hmmm…it’s very funny how Verizon is planning to take away the every two knowing that they have all these new 4G devices coming out.

    • Justin

      They mentioned and its pictured that it does indeed have a front facing camera

  • Tabe

    You state it has the Tegra 2 processor above but the guy in the video you posted says it has a TI processor

  • Mike

    Wish this phone was out sooner. I have an upgrade available now but I want a worthy replacement for my OG Droid.

  • Dtd
  • Bigrob60

    I find it just too funny whenever a new phone comes out how people junp on it and say this will be there next phone. Two days later a new phone will be annouced & the same ppl jump on that phone now. If you sit back and look it is quite funny. I’ve done it myself so I can say that. :]

    • Tabe

      That’s technology in general… Everybody always wants the latest and greatest.

      • Bigrob60

        I know… Just after almost a year of perusing this site its just funny to see that happen over & over. Or have people really want it & then go the complete opposite direction. Like the R2D2 phone. Alas, such promise that phone had. :[

  • Buckgrad

    Take the X, add dual core processor and front cam, round the edges, and maybe make it thicker and you’ve got the Bionic. 512 RAM?? Meanwhile, AT&T gets the Atrix with the neat docking options and more RAM? Not sure if Motorola loses me of it Verizon does when my contact is up in a year and a half. Either way, will continue to enjoy my X until that time.

  • do

    Excuse me tegra processors

  • Rpolnett

    Has anyone confirm if its tetra processor s?

  • Northstar 69

    Nahhh.. Just gonna wait to see what HTC puts out. I hate BLUR.. I want HTC SENSE.

  • Anonymous

    Moto Bluuuurrrr! :(…why can’t we just have stock anymore?

  • Racingmaniac

    Lots of new phones coming, good news since I do feel the old-ness of my OG Droid, though I noticed the phone running better now with Saph 2.0.0….

  • Anonymous

    So is the screen the same dimensions as the Droid X screen or is it more of a box shape like the EVO screen?

    I like my DX screen damnit.

  • Love the phone, but don’t need 4G. Any top flight phones coming out that are not 4G?

    • Justin

      Wait you’ll you see 4g, its like dial up compared to dsl

  • Dshizzel

    That’s looking like a serious candidate for when I upgrade my Droid 2 via NE2 later this year.

  • Piper

    How much is verizon going to charge for this phone since they are getting rid of their NE2 plan?

    How much is verizon going to rape people that want to use their 4G as well?

  • Kdkinc1

    This is the phone best yet!
    Drooling over the specs and possible speed. Styling excellent.
    This is a gotta to have phone. I’ll sign up now to get this.
    Show me the contract so I can sign it!!!

    What? Did you say Motorola …..FAIL.

  • Anonymous

    dang i was all set to leave verizon too…after the report about them cutting the n2 and upgrades…. still might since this will have blur and i prefer stock…. gotta wait for what sprint has in store.

  • Dfgfd Fgh


  • Anonymous

    Love the specs but i dont like the design too much it doesnt feel “droidy”. I wish the x came out with those internals..

  • 1 gigabyte of ram I’ll buy one tomorrow. 512 megabytes I’ll wait for something better.

  • Michael

    I really wish the Bionic gets same hardware as the Atrix . The problem is that with the Xoom comming out, Verizon will want you to buy both so no docking.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that ATT is getting the awesome Atrix and we get THIS from Verizon? Maybe time to switch back (Atrix has the 1gb ram that Bionic should have and has awesome docks).