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Motorola Completes Split, Mobility to Carry on DROID Brand

Motorola Mobility finalized it’s spin-off from Motorola Inc. today and will continue on by manufacturing all of the goodies that we care about, mobile products.  Nothing will change except for their logo which is now that snazzy new red “M” we’ve seen pop up over the last few weeks.  The split allows them to operate as an independently traded company, which again, changes nothing on our  side.

We are expecting this to be one heck of a year on the consumer side of things though with Moto’s release of the world’s first Honeycomb tablet, the DROID XOOM, plus at least 2 separate Tegra 2 Android-based smartphones (Etna and Olympus).  Last year they dominated with the original Droid and Droid X; this year they’ll dominate with their tablet and dual-core smartphones.

This is the year that “DROID does 4G” amongst other things.

More info on the split can be found here.

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  • Jawshua

    Yeah but is 4G widely available? Just cause you have a phone that runs 4G doesn’t mean you’ll get that signal everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe now they’ll give us the key to unlock our Droid X’s

  • droidrev71

    I’m gunna have to move so I can get 4g sooner..lol

  • Anonymous

    I give them 18 months before they tank or get bought. Their costs are just too high to compete with HTC, LG and Samsung,

    • Anonymous

      You’re right. They’ve gained no capital by selling some of the most popular smartphones over the last few year. And motorola is just going to split then off without the funds to manage the projects already under development. oh, and motorola is a much larger company with much more capital than HTC

    • Jamerson90

      What costs? Money? Because Samsung released the Epic 4g on sprint for 250, Lg is FINALLY getting a good android handset out there, and HTC prices their high end devices at the same price point as Motorola’s. Personally, I think Moto’s build quality trumps LG and Samsung. HTC has good built quality as well.

  • AppleFANBOY01

    Dominated…? OG Droid and X…? Nah-Ah I’d say IPHONE 4 YEAH!

    • Anonymous

      iph*ne = closed system = hates freedom = you’re a communist

    • http://www.droid-life.com Tim-o-tato

      You remind me of my ex girlfriend, except you’re most likely 300 pounds heavier and haven’t had a rational thought in your head since 2005. Oh wait, is that you Christina?!!?

      • http://twitter.com/mnkyhead mnkyhead

        bahahaha! Tato dated a troll!

        • Anonymous

          Everyone makes a mistake now and then lol Tato got rid of her so that made up for it :)

    • DBK

      How are these Steve Jobs Acolytes getting through the sophisticated Droid-Life filtering system?

      • tjhrulz

        well seeing as it is open source the community will fix it in no time

      • tjhrulz

        well seeing as it is open source the community will fix it in no time

    • Anonymous

      Dude get a real life and stay on your side of the fence, and stop trolling TROLL!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    the best cell phone hardware manufacturer out there…good luck Moto-Mo

  • http://twitter.com/mfg68 Matt Galo

    Ahh I am so excited for the Xoom! It can’t come out soon enough. I really hope it comes out soon, like February.

  • Anonymous

    BUY MSI!!!!!

    • sck226

      I’m at MSI, for the immediate future at least (going to NSN). Since I have MSI stocks, I say “buy MSI” too :)

  • http://twitter.com/Payaso_113 Freddy

    The M would look better if it was black and not white around the red.