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And We’re Off to Vegas for CES 2011!

Yep, the entire Droid Life crew is off to CES for the rest of the week, bringing you an insane amount of Android tidbits, device hands-ons, photos, videos, silly stories, and anything else we stumble upon that might entertain you.  If you have no idea what CES is, please turn around and push that giant weight off your back, aka that rock.  It’s only the biggest electronics show in the universe and will feature so many amazing Android devices this year, that you’ll  wish you were there with us.  Don’t worry though, we’ll hopefully provide enough coverage to make you feel there, only you’ll get to skip out on the hour long waits for limited seats in conferences rooms, bad free media food, spotty wi-fi connections and 50+ cab rides in a 5 day span.

We’re already booked into events and meetings with companies like Verizon, Motorola, NVIDIA, LG, HTC, Qualcomm, Samsung, and Sony, so you can see that some amazing stuff is about to be reported on.  It’s going to be a wild ride and you’ll want to make sure to keep your phone, browser and non-Apple device tuned right here for all the fun.

To make sure you get every last ounce of coverage, here are some suggestions:


  • @droid_life – Tweets from me, plus every story posted here and on Android Life.
  • @timotato – Tato dropping everything he’s got from his new Nexus S.
  • @mrpicolas – Our tech-obsessed Dr. who’s looking for it all.



  • I doubt that every single video we take with our 8 cameras will make the front page of the site, so be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to get it all.


Android Life:

  • Don’t forget about our sub-site that covers the rest of the Android world not branded by DROID.

Is it possible that Vegas can handle the Droid Life community?  We’ll find out!

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  • Canada is cold and unforgiving. I wish you guys luck at CES!

  • Bqluong

    I’ll be at CES sporting my “outdated” Droid X.

  • Bigrob60

    You know it two days ’till CES and we still have not had a decent Moto Tegra 2 leak yet. That just baffles me. Way to keep it under wraps Moto. Maybe there gonna surprise us w/ some vanilla with our gingerbread. :]

  • Yreryrutrt


  • Ereg5tt


  • Cgmartin33

    You know that it is ritual to go to CES then go next door to AVN Adult Expo to get some autographs right?

  • Mr. Joe

    Please be safe.

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    wOw!!! DROID-LIFE is Ballin!!

    Damn! Should have applied for the moderator position when it was available.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? You’re bringing Tato along? Bad move..

    • Hah! Haters gon’ hate!!

      • Anonymous

        True.. <— never got the invite..

    • Brendan

      2 things, sticks and stones and haters ganna hate

  • Amiel

    Please gamble a lot, we need our roads paved 8)

  • Skyskioc

    alcohol, hookers and tablets ! My kind of fun. Woooooo hooooooo.

  • Rain_king46

    Vegas Baby!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome for so many reasons. Exciting to see Droid-Life become such a huge presence in the technoblog arena. Have fun guys, try to stay sober for the interviews!

  • Kevoskeet

    What happens in Vegas better not stay in Vegas!

  • Make sure to follow me @Timotato because I’ll be hanging with some of the coolest peeps in town and sharing everything from my flight to my inside look at the upcoming android greatness! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you mean some of the cool peeps have been granted some “Tato time?”

      I hope Vegas and CES are ready for the Droid Life invasion…

  • Dariusclark73

    Now lookey here droid-life crew. Don’t get caught up in the Vegas life and forget about us!!
    If it was me I sure would!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is going to be so god damn epic, I can’t wait!

  • tbaybe

    damn im not part of the “crew”

    • Anonymous

      Crewmmunity? 😛

      • tbaybe

        haha good one 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I say you need to start a Droid-life Southeast Department and let me head it up.