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DROID XOOM Will See 4G LTE Through Optional Modem

Yesterday we received word that the Motorola tablet headed for a CES unveiling would be known as the DROID XOOM on Verizon and would of course be running Honeycomb.  We also found out that it wouldn’t be a 4G LTE device, but hoped for some sort of an option to give us those speeds should we live in an active LTE market.  Sure enough, it sounds like that’s exactly what we can expect. Android and Me is reporting that there will be an optional LTE modem which can be purchased and will plug into a PCI Express expansion slot on the device.  Since the XOOM is expected to be massively consumed, it makes sense at this point to just got with 3G (4G is only in 40 or so cities) and have an add-on to get higher speeds should the consumer want that.

Feeling better now?

Source:  Android and Me

  • Csyriejr

    i have the Xoom, and it will be upgraded at verizons expenseThe Xoom sucks right now because there is no TEXT TO PHONE ability, and no flash. you cant even go to motorola and look at the advertisment for the zoom due to the LACK OF FLASH. should have loaded an older flash until the new on is avalible. WOULD MUCH RATHER SOMETHING THAT WORKS HALF A55ed FOR A SHORT TIME THAN SOMETHING THAT dont WORK AT ALL. Half the apps in the market cant be used with the xoom, i would have thought it the other way, i would have thought that the pads would have apps that u couldnt use on a smart phone, BUT HERE THE TRUTH COMES OUT. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD GENTELMAN

  • What’s the big deal? Can’t you just wireless tether from your T-Bolt or D-Bio? {{-_-}}

  • thecrazing

    Just how big do you think a PCI slot card is gonna be? And would you really rather have the tablet cost $50-$100 more for an included 4g modem, if you happened to be in a city without 4g coverage?

  • James Murphy

    XOOM? That’s the worst name I’ve ever heard of for a product.

  • jason w.s.


  • Anonymous

    I’m more worried about 4g/LTE in my phone vs a tablet. I would use the tablet more at home on wifi and the phone would be more mobile.

  • Anonymous

    No, sorry, doesn’t make sense! Add in 4G from the beginning!

    Not that I like the $10 Sprint charge for 4G, you could make that fee a requirement if you want 4G access enabled on the XOOM.

  • Philip Van Luke

    not sold. i was totaly going to buy this too if it was 4g. come on big red announce a 4G iphone and ipad soon so we can all jump off this train.

    • jason w.s.


      • Philip Van Luke

        Jut saying… 90% of people I know with droid like/love it (me included) but use it because we want verizon and iphone isnt an option for us. if VZW comes with an iphone 4G and a 4G ipad2 with front camera and 4G video chat ill ebay my droidx soooooooo fast. and so will most other people using droids on VZW.

  • Jbona3

    This is a little off topic but still “Xoom” related: has there been any indication whether the Xoom will come with Blur (hopefully not) and will it have a locked boot loader (again, hopefully not)? I want the “Xoom”, and the ability to run custom ROMs.

  • saimin

    I would feel better if the device was available at a reasonable price without a mandatory monthly fee.

  • Now THIS is the Droid I've been looking for! Gimme some sweet sweet XOOM!

  • Towelie420

    No, what would make sense is to have both 3g and 4g radios built in to the device so one doesn't have to lug aroud a plug in modem making the device look like its on life support. Yet another missed opportunity by moto.

    • thecrazing

      Just how big do you think a PCI slot card is gonna be? And would you really rather have the tablet cost $50-$100 more for an included 4g modem, if you happened to be in a city without 4g coverage?

  • Zexepyon

    VZW 4g is available in 35 cities nationwide as well as an additional 60 airports. IE portland isn't covered…but PDX is. Still an awsome option for those frequent fliers 🙂

    Oh…and unlike Sprint who charges their customers an additional $10 on 4g phones in areas where there's no 4g service…VZW 3g and 4g data plans are priced identically across the board regardless.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, Verizon’s 4G pricing on modem plans are $10 less than the 3G plans were for the same data tiers.

  • Mechagodzilla

    So, basically, as 4G as if I got an Archos/Notion Ink/OG Droid with a 4G MiFi.

  • isn't honeycomb out yet??

  • BigRed4X15

    Ahh coming to the sudden realization that maybe Jobs vision of locked down, non customizable, bullsh*t isn't the best thing out there? BTW lame screen name, exactly what I would expect from some uneducated apple user!

  • Kellexeatsass

    Droid again tryin to copy all mighty apple it will never be as good as the ipad

  • Kellexeatsass

    Kellex eats aas

  • ckeegan

    Still not happy. They should have iincorporated 3G and 4G radios from the beginning. Now if this modem is somehow internal or sits flush the casing, I guess I'll be fine with that.

  • Mike

    What's more exciting is that this thing has a pci express slot!

    With rooted Android, I'm betting that all sorts of neat hacks come out. Yay expansion slots!

    • EC8CH

      and a non proprietary one at that!

  • So if this is being unveiled next week at CES, won't that sort of mean Honeycomb is getting unveiled? Or are they going to just show us the hardware and then say it's coming out in, like, February or March? I would expect Andy Rubin to be there or Vic Gundotra to be there to unveil it with Moto, right?!?

    • Guest

      Yeah. Seems kinda strange Motorola would unveil a Honeycomb tablet, but not announce Honeycomb as well.

  • rockymtnhigh

    I'd really like to see a poll on DL for current TABLET owners as to whether they are using 3G or not (including the magical one too from St. Jobs).

    All this concern about 4GLTE is silly; considering that they are going to charge people out the ying-yang for it. Plus I would be surprised if most people are using 3G with tablets as it is.

    Maybe I am wrong, but I am totally happy with using Wi-Fi, and NOT spending $30 per month – or being concerned about going over a data limit.

    • jason6g

      I own an ip*d. kid uses it the most (7y/o) but it is neat to surf the net while being lazy on the couch. i for one would prolly never get a data plan on one, especially since i can tether my phone. i would rather have a faster more polished and capable tablet than a seemingly unfinished lte model. add usb and a fast processor and hold off on all the bloatware.

      • Anonymous

        Alas, as long as Verizon sells it, I fear bloatwware will always be there. 🙁 We were spoiled with the OG Droid.

  • JG

    dam that sounds about right. I live on the jersey shore and i seem to be surrounded by lte in trenton and nyc..but none of it reaches me here, so its nice to know i can upgrade later on.

    Although i fancy more of the tether my 4g phone to my tablet idea, especially with all the asus tablets leaking… keyboard would be FANTASTIC

    • EC8CH

      insert jersey shore jokes here…

      • Cgmartin33

        Get outa hea wit dat fricken garbage…dis tings gonna be wicked fast son! Alright thats all I've got. Oh wait…shout out to my peeps in Joyzee and Brooklyn.

  • Chris Jones

    Feel better? I guess that depends on the cost of the adapter and how obtrusive it is to the design.

    • Anonymous

      And the additional cost for 4G service!

  • BigFonz