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Sapphire 2.0.0 Released for DROID, DROID 2, DROID X, Incredible and EVO

After what feels like forever, we now have some beautiful Crystal Clear ROMs on our phones again! And this isn’t a baby update either. This is the official release for 5 devices: the OG Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, Droid Incredible, and even the HTC EVO. Talk about a lot of work from such a small team. I’ve had the privilege to be running Sapphire 2.0 for about 48 hours now and I am incredibly happy with this high performer.

Just a few months ago, Sapphire for the OG DROID was thee go to ROM of choice for most users. The reason being you can tell that a lot of time and energy was thrown into it and that is why it has most likely taken so long for the release. But alas, it’s great to have a developer stand by his work. If you’re new to the name, then just know that you can expect a few things when flashing their ROMs. Speed, stability, optimized performance, above par battery life, and a truly wonderful user support system based in their IRC channel #(cvpcs). You can find me in there trolling daily.

So take the time to flash one of these ROMs and I know if you love Vanilla Android at its finest, you will definitely find yourself smiling. And to the theme enthusiasts, don’t worry, themes are coming!

All releases can be found here: http://wiki.ccroms.net/ |  Change Log

Make sure to read and all the Wikis and info on each ROM before flashing.


A huge Droid-Life “You Rock” goes out to cvpcs and the all knowing Sniffle.


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  • fghjh
  • Anonymous


  • jason6g

    For those loving the galaxy s line of themes,


    Complete rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, White(gray-scale) – enjoy!

  • Anonymous

    Why is no one even mentioning Fission?
    I’m running Fission 2.4.3 on my Droid X, and it’s perfect. Fast, stable, great battery life.

  • Tnfan2k12

    So the “Know Bugs” for the Droid X says that video does not work, GPS does not pin point location, and the camera will not work. Is that still the case and if so why would I want to give up so many features. Does Launcher pro still work?

  • down with jobs

    Too buggy for me…apext just came out with a really good one. Lots of GB included ; ) just flashed it yesterday and its flawless so far for the DX and D2

    This link is for the D2

  • Anonymous

    i like it … could use a few options , would Killer to see a mix of this an Cyanogen.. the battery life is great .. like the lock screen .. would be nice to be able to change the leds an turn things blk massager, tool bar.. etc etc but all in all Nice job guys ..

  • Wilsodw

    Was running BB on rooted stock D1, Loaded Sapphire and never could get the market to work. Other apps would not respond either. Iam sure I did something wrong, however I need the diamond

  • Jsaboom

    Is there a reason there are no screen shots? I read 4 other posts that request them odd for such an acalimed ROM to roll out with no screen shots……

  • Craig B

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  • Poker4400

    The new bugless beast out performs this rom by far

  • james

    No video?

  • hey guys, I downloaded the sapphire 2.0 and loaded it from SD thru rom manager and installed successfully…now I can't get to the market…I've also downloaded the sapphire gapps, but dont how to install it without rom manger, which I would get through the market, but I dont have it 🙂 …any help will be appreciated!

    • in case any of you have a similar question, I did a but more digging and figured it out. I went (directly on my device to http://www.koushikdutta.com/20… and downloaded the rom mananger apk and installed it, then installed rom from SD thru rom manager and went to the gapps update.zip i previously downloaded and put on my sd. cheers

    • Have you ever been within your recovery?

  • Pacmannproductions

    i sumtimes flash over my roms if it the same developer without wiping and it works fine. I put on the new sapphire with the slow 7 slot 250-1000mhz runnin at 800 and its super smooth. lovin this. and my battery life last alot longer

  • Animatedragin

    Is the Droid 2 ROM also compatible with the Droid 2 Global phone? I have a whole new family of converts from blackberry to the Droid2G and i dont kno quite what to tell them when it comes to root, ROMs, other custom tweaks since I have the Droid1.

    can any D2G owners spread some light on this? Are all D2 software compatible w D2G as well?

    • kkjdroid

      At worst, it should break GSM connectivity, but I'm no expert.

  • Droid1294

    Cyanogen is the most popular rom and can do way more than sapphire. All the others roms just copied them because they were the original android rom. They'r very fast and have adw launcher built in which is now my 2nd favorite launcher after adw launcher ex which is way faster

    • Armyof2

      lol…funny adw is downloadable off the market…anyone can get it it's not a “feature” and doing more isn't the point of the GEM series…stability and speed and perfomance are the name of the game …if you want features then yeah this may not be your cup of tea

      • Warren Peace

        Buahahaha! Exactly! And rememeber when this used to be a place for friends to help each other rather than tear down someone's extremely hard work?

  • I really enjoy Saphire, but as with 1.1.1, and now 2.0.0, the one app I rely on most for work, I can't seem to use when flashing to either of them; and that is Car Home/Navigation. I absolutely love saphire ROMS over the others, but it really erks me that my navigation never seems to authorize the gps/location. Is it limited to just my phone I wonder? Saphire seems to be the only ROM that I have that issue.

  • CurrentWeb

    No love for the Droid 2 Global? Come on, a little more than a fission rom please!