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Sapphire 2.0.0 Released for DROID, DROID 2, DROID X, Incredible and EVO

After what feels like forever, we now have some beautiful Crystal Clear ROMs on our phones again! And this isn’t a baby update either. This is the official release for 5 devices: the OG Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, Droid Incredible, and even the HTC EVO. Talk about a lot of work from such a small team. I’ve had the privilege to be running Sapphire 2.0 for about 48 hours now and I am incredibly happy with this high performer.

Just a few months ago, Sapphire for the OG DROID was thee go to ROM of choice for most users. The reason being you can tell that a lot of time and energy was thrown into it and that is why it has most likely taken so long for the release. But alas, it’s great to have a developer stand by his work. If you’re new to the name, then just know that you can expect a few things when flashing their ROMs. Speed, stability, optimized performance, above par battery life, and a truly wonderful user support system based in their IRC channel #(cvpcs). You can find me in there trolling daily.

So take the time to flash one of these ROMs and I know if you love Vanilla Android at its finest, you will definitely find yourself smiling. And to the theme enthusiasts, don’t worry, themes are coming!

All releases can be found here: http://wiki.ccroms.net/ |  Change Log

Make sure to read and all the Wikis and info on each ROM before flashing.


A huge Droid-Life “You Rock” goes out to cvpcs and the all knowing Sniffle.


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  • fghjh
  • Anonymous


  • jason6g

    For those loving the galaxy s line of themes,


    Complete rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, White(gray-scale) – enjoy!

  • Anonymous

    Why is no one even mentioning Fission?
    I’m running Fission 2.4.3 on my Droid X, and it’s perfect. Fast, stable, great battery life.

  • Tnfan2k12

    So the “Know Bugs” for the Droid X says that video does not work, GPS does not pin point location, and the camera will not work. Is that still the case and if so why would I want to give up so many features. Does Launcher pro still work?

  • down with jobs

    Too buggy for me…apext just came out with a really good one. Lots of GB included ; ) just flashed it yesterday and its flawless so far for the DX and D2

    This link is for the D2

  • Anonymous

    i like it … could use a few options , would Killer to see a mix of this an Cyanogen.. the battery life is great .. like the lock screen .. would be nice to be able to change the leds an turn things blk massager, tool bar.. etc etc but all in all Nice job guys ..

  • Wilsodw

    Was running BB on rooted stock D1, Loaded Sapphire and never could get the market to work. Other apps would not respond either. Iam sure I did something wrong, however I need the diamond

  • Jsaboom

    Is there a reason there are no screen shots? I read 4 other posts that request them odd for such an acalimed ROM to roll out with no screen shots……

  • Craig B

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  • Poker4400

    The new bugless beast out performs this rom by far

  • james

    No video?

  • hey guys, I downloaded the sapphire 2.0 and loaded it from SD thru rom manager and installed successfully…now I can't get to the market…I've also downloaded the sapphire gapps, but dont how to install it without rom manger, which I would get through the market, but I dont have it 🙂 …any help will be appreciated!

    • in case any of you have a similar question, I did a but more digging and figured it out. I went (directly on my device to http://www.koushikdutta.com/20… and downloaded the rom mananger apk and installed it, then installed rom from SD thru rom manager and went to the gapps update.zip i previously downloaded and put on my sd. cheers

    • Have you ever been within your recovery?

  • Pacmannproductions

    i sumtimes flash over my roms if it the same developer without wiping and it works fine. I put on the new sapphire with the slow 7 slot 250-1000mhz runnin at 800 and its super smooth. lovin this. and my battery life last alot longer

  • Animatedragin

    Is the Droid 2 ROM also compatible with the Droid 2 Global phone? I have a whole new family of converts from blackberry to the Droid2G and i dont kno quite what to tell them when it comes to root, ROMs, other custom tweaks since I have the Droid1.

    can any D2G owners spread some light on this? Are all D2 software compatible w D2G as well?

    • kkjdroid

      At worst, it should break GSM connectivity, but I'm no expert.

  • Droid1294

    Cyanogen is the most popular rom and can do way more than sapphire. All the others roms just copied them because they were the original android rom. They'r very fast and have adw launcher built in which is now my 2nd favorite launcher after adw launcher ex which is way faster

    • Armyof2

      lol…funny adw is downloadable off the market…anyone can get it it's not a “feature” and doing more isn't the point of the GEM series…stability and speed and perfomance are the name of the game …if you want features then yeah this may not be your cup of tea

      • Warren Peace

        Buahahaha! Exactly! And rememeber when this used to be a place for friends to help each other rather than tear down someone's extremely hard work?

  • I really enjoy Saphire, but as with 1.1.1, and now 2.0.0, the one app I rely on most for work, I can't seem to use when flashing to either of them; and that is Car Home/Navigation. I absolutely love saphire ROMS over the others, but it really erks me that my navigation never seems to authorize the gps/location. Is it limited to just my phone I wonder? Saphire seems to be the only ROM that I have that issue.

  • CurrentWeb

    No love for the Droid 2 Global? Come on, a little more than a fission rom please!

  • Rome0061

    Used to be a sapphire fan, switched to bugless beast 6.1, tried sapphire 2.0… I must say bb 6.1 is way faster, prettier, and more functional.

  • Kellex, need to change title. Sapphire is only for the Droid, but you probably just made a mistake.

    • kkjdroid

      Good point, I was about to make it. The set of ROMs is called GEM, and includes Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Obsidian, Tanzanite, and I think a couple more.

  • Christopherdjames

    Ok, I need help… I guess I am dumb. This release does not include android market. Exactly what and where do I need to go and download to reinstall? I know people have to install gapps.zip with cyanogen what do I need to do?

  • Ok, so I don't understand. I loaded it up and it is just stock Froyo with a few extra settings. Why would I use this INSTEAD of Cyanogen? I understand and LIKE that there are multiple AOSP roms, but this doesn't seem to do anything CM can't do.

    • Anonymous

      This one is for speed and stability, other ROMs such as BB, UD, and CM add other features. If you use it extensively you’ll notice that it’s faster and more stable, but you do of course miss out on a lot of features.

      • If anyone would actually look at the changelog, there is so much more under the hood than just flashy features.
        The multi-touch fix that some gave cyanogen recently? Was in the ccroms build months ago. Stability is not flashy and “pretty.”
        (this isn’t meant toward you, kkjdroid)

  • billy

    this rom is fast! definitely a stripped down rom with a few features you can play with. First thing I noticed was the camera seemed to work a lot faster and focus quicker on my dinc.
    Couldn't find an option to mute camera sound.
    Can't turn on 720 video recording.
    Love the Exchange sync option. On my previous rom (virtuous) i didn't like the exchange look/options. this rom has it right.

  • axxis

    It has definitely been hard for me to make switch back to stock roms or similar since running miui.. i love being able to change themes whenever i want..

  • Jammin4jc

    How do you install the aps .apk file? When you load the rom I have no idea how do install that. From the boot loader?

  • billy

    k i'm stupid. where is the market?

    • billy

      oh you have to install the google add on thing.

  • Jonathan

    I tried this and didn't like it at all. I went back to my backup of BB v.0.6.1 I just hope he fixes the car home feature soon. There are some bugs but it runs smoother than the new saphire. I will wait for themes on this.

  • Jon

    Stop spamming the comments with your links. Reported your comments twice already.

  • Jon

    still waiting for a legit 2.3 Rom to come to the droid

  • M1ghtysauc3

    Why did they even bother releasing this for D2? Its not even close to being functional. Nothing works. You can't even boot into recovery while running this rom! This release has sbf written all over it. I will wait and just continue using my GummyJar.

  • M1ghtysauc3

    I'm running GummyJar on my D2. Is this worth the change?

  • Beng8686

    Never did like Sapphire rom… was too buggy and sluggish on my OG Droid. LFY is one of the cleanest roms I have found… that and of course SS4.9. IMO.

  • fgonzo98

    Awesome news! Though I'm waiting for some themes…I can't go back to a gray notification bar…I can…I WON'T!

  • Shakazulu

    Sapphire 2 v. BB v.0.6.1 v Cyanogen 6.1.2 which is the best (fastest and most stable) and why (on Droid 1)? Just curious what you guys think?

  • okland272012

    Gingerbread theme?

  • Darkpath323

    this is a newbie question but how do you know which kernel to choose? i'm running an OG droid

  • swapngreen

    It doesn't have the black status bar or the launcher with talk and mail on it. It is a stock froyo rom with root access. At least as far as I can tell, well I just sold my phone to http://www.swapngreen.com and made some extra cash might as well have right?

  • Inquizitor

    meh. never been impressed by sapphire enough to abandon CM. if it's not CM, then i'd use miui, but my podcast refuses to play nice w/ miui so i can't keep it.

  • Steve H

    Just installed sapphire 2.0.0 on my og droid and it hangs on the spinning gem. any ideas? Installed from Rom manager.

    • Steve H

      I'm currently running sapphire 1.1.1 and i have wiped and cleared data.

    • Romma1

      Sounds like you are stuck in a bootloop like I was when I tried to download Sapphire from romm manager. Boot into recovery, and install a different rom. The rom manager link sounds defective. That's how I got out of bootloop when it happened to me.

    • Mlwinans

      Make sure you wipe and clear data. go into recovery – wipe data/cache – reinstall old backup – download sapphire again and install from Rom Manager (Once again make sure to wipe data and cache)

  • swapngreen

    Well I heard that the HTC market has double to 200k but oh well, I just sold my phone to http://www.swapngreen.com and just made the extra cash might as well have right.

  • GJ

    No video playback, no gps, no camera on DX. Thanks but I'll wait until that stuff is sorted out. Still running TranQ FTW.

  • screenshots?

    • Denise

      I'd like to see some screenshots of Obsidian as well. TIA.

  • Loskid

    Does anyone know if you have to do a full wipe to install this? i am running version 1.1.1 and hate setting all of that back up. Also, if i use Titanium, will that restore everything? if not, what does it not restore?


    • Jesse

      Titanium Backup will backup and restore all of your apps, including all data for those apps, like for example all log-in information for your mail application.

      It will not backup and restore your SMS, MMS, and Call Logs. I use RerWare’s MyBackup Pro to backup those three things. Titanium for all my apps.

      One question for everyone else, when I flash a new ROM, I wipe data and cache per usual instructions, but I also wipe System. Hasn’t cause a problem for me yet, but is that correct protocol? Also, I have yet to wipe Boot. Will wiping book cause any issues?

    • Yes, do a full wipe. Also, titanium will back-up and restore whatever you choose it to do (data, just the app, etc).

  • Randallwelcome1985

    Do I have to be at a computer to root my droid x?..

  • swapngreen

    Well that will be nice if the adroid gets 3.0, but I also heard that the HTC sales have double to 200k in a couple months so wow there growing quick, but you know what I would still stick with the iPhone and I just sold my other phones to this website I think it was http://www.swapngreen.com I just made extra cash because I don't know if I am going to go get the nexus s or the iPhone 4 well let me know thanks.

  • Ryan

    Where's the Droid X download link?

  • Josh

    How does this thing compare to CyanogenMod 6.1.2 on OG Droid?

    • Anonymous

      It’s like CM, but faster, better battery, more stable, and less features. I loved CM for a time until I figured out that I didn’t use any of its enhanced functionality. Since then, I’ve gone Sapphire and haven’t looked back.

      Both are great ROMs; just depends on what you’re looking for.

      • EC8CH

        Well put, my only problem with Sapphire is that it hasn’t been supported as much by themers recently. I haven’t been able to find ports of Nextheme or rEVOlution for the lastest versions for example.

        • It’s odd for themers not to swarm around a rom that cross-themes between versions. But hey, we did get love from avalon and many more in 1.1.1. It’s only been a day since release; many will come.

          • Armyof2

            Roms are being ported and will be coming along..and remember…if someone makes a theme for one of the GEM roms..it works for them all..Bgill is working on linear for obsidian..so it should work for all of them…as for GB..it’s next on the list after 2.0 is ready to rock. That means you will see a build from scratch GB build that should be as fast and stable as the roms the CCROMS group has put out!

        • Flyinion

          Probably because Sapphire hasn’t seen an official update since September. With them back in action I’m sure we’ll see more themes again.

    • It is like Cyanogen-lite. Similar with less features.

    • Cyanogen has more features, Sapphire is more stable. Cyanogen is definitely rock solid too. If you are up to it, make a back-up and give Sapphire a go, if you don't enjoy it as much, restore your back-up of cyanogen.

      • Jayrsherman

        I came over from CM6.1.2 and really like sapphire 2.0. Very stable and very fast. CM is fast and stable also with more bells and whistles. I will probably go back to CM6 but going to enjoy this ride for a while.

      • Just curious but what is not stable for you on CM?

        • DigiK

          Cyanogen for OG Droid, though quite good, suffers from some unresolved memory leaks which really diminish enjoyability. The system starts off fast but becomes slow as molasses at around 42-48 hours, requiring reboot.

          Sapphire has been great so far. Looking forward to notification power widget development to make thus ROM the perfect blend of features, speed, & stability.

  • Reginald Owens

    Unfortunately for me, three of the known issues are things that I use all of the time:

    Pin-point GPS

    Once those items are resolved, I'm sold. Until then, I'll stick to my stock (yet rooted) DX.

  • mo

    i thought it was 1.2 dc?

  • Heien

    anyone know if there's a reliable way to even root the og droid since after the 2.2 update?

    • Murphy


  • EC8CH

    “themes are coming”…

    could I pretty please get a rEVOlution theme for this latest version of Sapphire?

  • 11knives

    Idk guys… when I was using windows mobile before I had my DX I would flash ROMs constantly searching and searching for better performance, but honestly speaking I really have no need for that now. A simple launcher download to mix things up from time to time is all I need! Thanks Android.

    • I flashed several roms on my Touch Pro2, but they were always really buggy. I’ve enjoyed running Fission on my D2. I like having a stock experience much more than MotoBlur.

  • downloading now! 🙂

  • ilikebikes

    how does this compare to bugless beast v0.6.1? i love the gingerbread bits of bb. does the new sapphire have the same?

    • Motohawk

      Good question I'm running Bugless too, what's the difference?

      • Rome0061

        I’ve been flashing both back and forth because I am a CCROMs fanboy… I must say… BB 6.1 feels much faster.

    • Gothamsghost

      It doesn't have the black status bar or the launcher with talk and mail on it. It is a stock froyo rom with root access. At least as far as I can tell.

      • It is far from stock and leans toward stability. Check out the changelog.

    • Anonymous

      cool, i’m loving bbv0.6.1 too much to change right now.

  • asdafaf

  • MikeB

    I used to change roms a few times a week since Sapphire 1.0 I have only updated to the newer versions. Excellent product guys, can't wait to see the next one.

  • Mrichards86

    Worth flashing on Droid X or should I wait for bugs to be hammered out?

    • If the current bugs listed on the wiki don't affect you, then I would say go for it. If they do, then it's really up to you if you don't mind the bug for a little.

    • I love the rom and live with the few bugs, if/when the battery gets fixed, it will be more easier to live with the remaining bugs.

  • Just so people know, obsidian will be receiving an update that fixes the battery/performance problems in about an hour.

    Tanzanite links are purposefully down at the moment. I will be working with some people to fix a glaring recovery bug before putting them back up (hopefully) tonight.

    • RW-1

      Good going cvpcs! I told everyone you and your team would knock that batt drain issue outta there!

    • jxcgunrunna

      Thanks a lot to you and your team. Do you have the power widgets in the notification bar? I used sapphire for a brief time and loved it but the ability to turn on and off my wifi/flashlight from anywhere keeps me going back to UD. I would prefer your speed and stability tho.

      • Ha, team, cvpcs is basically the only one, but, no it does not. It might be included in the future, but the main goal was producing stable roms, especially for the DX and D2, which still has a few bugs to kink out.

  • Gothamsghost

    I am currently running Bugless Beast V0.5 how does this compare? I want a stock android feel, fast, efficient and light.

    • I would say thay that you would absolutely love Sapphire 2.0.0 if you were to flash it.

      • Mlwinans

        You would love Saph 2.0.0 but atleast upgrade to BB 0.6.1

        • Gothamsghost

          Ha, yea I noticed that and upgraded first to check it out and then installed Sapphire and decided to stick with BB 0.6.1.

  • Pacificoisland

    Do u have to be rooted?

    • Yes. You need to be rooted and you need to have Koush's Bootstrap Recovery.

      • Pacificoisland

        Ok. Thanks.

        • By the way, you only need Koush's Bootstrap Recovery on the DX and D2.

  • Rockrdr

    Links broken for the Droid 2

  • Johngi

    Hey I just rooted my d2, with the easy root way, Z4root thing,
    And saved the backup with the bootstrap recovery, but idk how to flash roms, or anything else?, I have a computer but with no int?,
    Can anyone tell me what steps I need to do since I don't really havecomp acess ?

    • You need to download a rom and then flash it. The links for this one are down because of some error (and the D2 is still in beta). If you're looking for a stable rom for the D2, check out Fission: http://www.teamdefuse.com/ They have the roms that you can download onto your phone and instructions for what to do. You can also download Fission Rom Manager from the website, which does all the work for you. Just make sure you read the instructions.

      • Johngi

        Thanks very helpful, I had a question, it said to do a factory reset right when your on the recovory mode right?, does that mean ima lose my apps nd contacts?

        • Yeah. Your apps will re-download if they were from the Market and your contacts that are synced with Google Contacts will be restored once you sign in.

  • Tex

    The DX known bug list is pretty extensive at this point, think I'll wait for a more stable release..Loved their ROM for the OG so I hope they correct the bugs soon.

    • You should have seen how much work has been put into the bugs currently not listed. Moto is a bitch.

  • tbaybe

    this is some exciting news!

  • BKTee

    Waiting for Incognito.

  • RealGame22

    Been running it since yesterday, so far so good. Getting good battery life as well.Sapphire Baby!!!!

  • On Obsidian for X, and this rom is blazing fast, no joke. What this team has done is amazing. Once the bugs get fixed, this will be the rom of choosing for the X. Your gonna like the way your X runs. I guarantee it.

    • Lakerzz

      Just had a sudden urge to go buy a suit from Mens Wharehouse…”you’re gonna love the way you look, I guarantee it…”

  • Lildabo