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DROID Eris Running Gingerbread, I’m Officially Stunned

I know, I know, we shouldn’t be surprised at the fact that someone is porting Android 2.3 to the Droid Eris, but since it’s actually at an almost working state, it needs to be talked about.  XDA member punk.kaos is leading a charge to bring a stable version of the newest Android OS to a phone long past its prime, a task that HTC seems incapable of completing.  They missed Froyo (Android 2.2) and will likely not even consider Gingerbread, but who needs them to when you have a developer community willing to do the dirty work.  The current build is up to version 6, has Google apps, working wi-fi/bluetooth, OpenGL, audio and is seriously inching closer to a prime time release.  Nuts, right?

Follow all of pk’s progress at this dedicated XDA thread.

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  • Jlb_matekoni

    I own an eris. Yeah its not powerful like the incredible or the droid x..BUT it is way smaller in size then either and had pinch zoom way before any non iphone device had when it came out. Anyway, they (HTC) screwed the Eris up with 2.1 release. So a stable 2.3 might be a reason for me to finally root. I take it that it won’t run flash since HTC has prevented this somehow on the Eris.

  • Jlb_matekoni

    I own an eris. Yeah its not powerful like the incredible or the droid x..BUT it is way smaller in size then either and had pinch zoom way before any non iphone device had when it came out. Anyway, they (HTC) screwed the Eris up with 2.1 release. So a stable 2.3 might be a reason for me to finally root. I take it that it won’t run flash since HTC has prevented this somehow on the Eris.

  • My question is, does gingerbread fix the stupid silence problem that 2.2 brought to the droids?

  • How about a working port to a phone people actually use?

  • toner

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  • pyr0pr00b

    shouldn't you be unofficially stunned?

  • sslayer22

    This is like some kind of weird phone voodoo to bring back the Eris from the dead.
    I've seen horror movies that start out like this. Cell phone cemetery. Watch, its gonna be evil or something.

  • cfhgj
  • nice gorilla game on the ad. above lol..

  • Stephen D

    Kaos is an amazing dev. He has the RIL cracked. Not only did he do all of this for the Eris, he was donated a Fascinate, and had it running Froyo.

    • Brad

      Well, if by “running” you mean a bootable but barely functional version of Froyo, then sure. I'm not knocking him, just pointing out that he didn't have a chance to do much with it before the device literally went up in smoke (defective hardware). There's another one on the way to him now, so hopefully once the nasty RIL issues are sorted out for the Fascinate, that will be the next phone to see a Gingerbread ROM. Should actually be pretty easy, since aside from the radio, the Nexus S is almost the exact same hardware underneath.

      • Stephen D

        Yeah. I'm glad that someone is donating him another. The current devs are awesome, but I can't wait to see what kaos can do. The Eris doesn't have a 2.2 or 2.3 RIL either, so kaos has to know something about it other devs don't. I have a feeling he'll have us running Froyo before Verizon releases an official update.

  • Jason of Gallifrey

    I have a Droid X and I don't normally post comments on the web, but my hats off to you sir. There is just something about a community that pushes old tech to new limits.

  • jason w.s.

    I just sent my girl's old Eris in to Verizon as a part of their little “trade in your old phones” deal. Theyre giving me 132 bucks for it (vzw credit) Really it surprised me to get so much. They only appraised my X at 124 bucks…it just doesnt make sense 😛

    • Jonathon_flores

      They wanted to give me $8 for my BB Storm hahaha I just kept it. Came in handy when my pattern locked DX got stolen from work.

    • jiggaman508

      I just did the same thing…i didn't understand the value being that high either but I didn't argue lol

  • KleenDroid

    That makes the Eris far ahead of the Fascinate. … along with every other phone!

    • jason w.s.

      HA! i know, right?

    • PizzaGuyInErie

      I'm a Fascinate owner, and everything is getting far ahead of it!

  • r0landct

    If this gets done “completely” and has reasonable performance I'm going to pick one up for the wife. Now to start searching ebay…

  • zepfloyd

    DROID DOES…live on!

  • Fri13a

    I have been debating finally rooting my Droid Eris, but have been stuck on which ROM to pick to use. I think I have just found it!

  • Theantt21

    Can't wait till it get ported over to OG droid!!!

  • Nathanbull33

    lol guess that poll that ran the other day about which phone would get gingerbread first should have included the Eris! haha

  • james

    What the heck is a droid eris lol droid x is what the cool kids use 🙂

    • Jay

      Hollerback man, X all the way

  • Mghill77

    My Eris is just collecting dust and my Mother-In-Law really wants to ditch the Palm Pre Plus but I have held her from it because of stability and dialing issues. This may just tempt me to figure this one out and give it to her. I've never rooted but this looks like a great opportunity. HOW EASY IS THIS TO DO?

    • Adecker246

      If you know how to read you can do it pretty easily.

    • jason w.s.

      Bruh, send it in to VZW for credit like i did…I upgraded my girl to an Incredible for FREE from Best Buy, then sent in her old Eris and got $132! Really, its a pretty sweet deal.

    • Wingman520

      it's so easy to do… i've swapped 7 repeat SEVEN droid eris's for numerous issues from the scrolling to the service dropping off the map and all have been rooted… they have a one click eris root on the xda forums

      • PAKmann2k

        After a third eris from vzw, I threatened to cancel. They then ponied up and gave me a refurb Incredible to stay.

    • Mghill77

      Thanks for the info guys, I’m gonna give it a shot

  • Rick00770

    I had eris before I switched to orig droid, I thought it was a great little phone, id like to have another, just wish they would have given updates to it like others, good for them with the gingerbread.

  • I installed Kaos' Froyo build onto my Dad's Eris a few months ago and it is awesome. Punk.Kaos is the man! Can't wait till I can update my Dad's phone to Gingerbread Kaos. Just waiting for a more finalized build.

  • I dont understand why this is a big deal…the Eris has better specs than the Droid doesn't it? It has slightly more RAM and a similar clock speed. If 2.3 will run on a Droid why wouldn't it run on an Eris?

    • Brad

      Um, no. First of all, I could be wrong, but I was pretty sure the Eris has less RAM than the Droid. Also, the clock speeds mean nothing, whereas architecture means everything. The Eris has an old 528MHz ARM v6 CPU in it. The Droid, on the other hand, has a Cortex ARM A8 processor running at 550MHz. Though the clock speeds are similar, the architectures are vastly different. Long story short, the CPU in the Droid do a LOT more operations per clock cycle than the one in the Eris. Having a slightly faster clock speed is merely a bonus.

      Fortunately, the CPU in the Eris is quite friendly to overclocking, and Kaos's ROMs run at 710MHz standard, which seems very stable on almost all Eris's, and some can actually go as high as 864MHz and still run stable, though those are few and far between. Mine never seemed to respond well to anything over 710, but even that gave a solid boost in performance, and Kaos did a lot of work to improve performance in other areas as well. Plus, with all the optimizations Kaos has loaded into KaosFroyo, the Eris now has the most epic battery life I've ever seen with a stock battery. Some are getting 3+ days out of a single charge, and I usually had no problem getting at least 2. I think it goes without saying that Kaos does some of the best work on XDA, and the OEMs should be jealous that he doesn't work for them.

      Even though I have moved on to the Fascinate, I still have a soft spot for the Eris, and can't wait to see what he can do with Gingerbread. I have v6 on my deactivated Eris, and with just a few simple tweaks, it's now running about as good (if not better) than most OEM stock ROMs on similar hardware. And Kaos is just getting warmed up. =)

      • Malcomia

        PK ‘s Froyo build, now at v39, has lots of help from the dev community (almost 17,000 postings on his xda forum), but he is extremely talented. I run his Froyo daily and it is very reliable. Played with GB, but he stresses it is alpha..which should expire very soon at the rate his moving with GB. Very responsive to his following.

  • AndroidLUV

    Kaos is probably one of the most talented DEVS out there. I remember having an Eris and getting a leaked build of Froyo before any other developer or phone was able to get it. He's really talented!

  • Doug Ivks

    Great to hear. Picked up a droid eris for nothing just to play with. Gonna keep an eye on this.

  • eddieonofre

    kellex what about a Gingerbread ROM for the original Droid??? have you heard anything about??

    • Running a themed Gingerbread Cyanogenmod (“Cyanobread” is what I like to call it) right now. Actual Gingerbread Cyanogenmod will be out soon enough.

  • wow, how did the eris get this first when the og droid is capable of more?! seriously where's a almost fully functional gingerbread rom for the og droid? I know that some roms r functional, but gps, browser unless on wifi and usb mass storage dont work, and most of them don't have gapps.

    • bravoleader2

      Maybe developers who bought the Droid for it's power have upgraded and the ones who bought Eris for price are too cheap to upgrade? Not sure, just a thought.

      I'm sure it will be around soon enough. It's not like everyone is already upgraded to Gingerbread and the Droid is the only one left out.

  • I've been following this since about V2 was released. I don't even own an Eris but it's really cool to see the progress that is being made. Heres hoping the Droid 1 gets a stable release here eventually so I can try it on my wife's phone.

  • PizzaGuyInErie

    Awesome! We use the Eris around here as an alarm clock, among other things. This will be fun to play with.

    • StephanC

      We use ours as a coaster for drinks… lol