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Contest Winners: 5 NDrive Navigation Licenses!

Last week we launched a pre-X-mas NDrive license contest and it’s time to finally announce our 5 winners!  The contest was simple and in order to enter only asked that you follow us and @NDrive on Twitter, retweet a simple message and sit back and wait.  Four USA map licenses ($26 value each) and one North America map license ($52 value) were up for grabs, so let’s see who the lucky 5 were!

Congratulations go out to…


You will all be contacted on Twitter within the next hour, so be sure to check those DM inboxes to find out your next steps and to see which license you get to take home.  Congrats again!

And a big thanks to NDrive for putting up some great prizes!

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  • CapitalistChaos

    I haven't received it :/ eff it i'm using google maps.

  • Justin

    Darn, I didn't win… guess ill just have to continue to use free google navigation.

  • Kellexeatsass

    Sad sad droid fag bois…u try so hard to have ur device run like an iphone u need home replacements diff roms just to run as SMOOTH as an iphone lol…and btw kellex eats tom-o-gayos ass

    • Could at least get my name right, asshat. 😉

  • Nice time to unfollow now

  • i want free stuff too…i'll take an autographed Kellex bobblehead doll for my desk please.

  • Congrats to the winners. The last time I tried NDrive (several months ago) the UI needed some work to catch up to some of the competitors, but the maps were top notch. You can never go wrong with Navteq maps.

  • ghostrigger

    good job

  • tbaybe