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Become Friends with Droid Life on OpenFeint and Battle it Out for Prizes!

One of the great things about OpenFeint and their abundance of games, is the social aspect provided by their Feint platform.  Almost all of their games allow for some type of score uploading or achievement unlocking, but for me, that only becomes important when you have friends to battle it out with.  As I’ve been playing Jet Car Stunts like crazy over the last few days, I’ve also been checking on my friends’ scores to see how badly I’m destroying them (hah!).  , “We should build a community of friends and use it to run gaming contests in the future!”  And that’s exactly what we’ll do!

All you have to do is friend us through your Feint profile, we’ll accept and then it’ll be time to start handing out some prizes.  As popular games are added to the market or if we just feel like popping up an old classic one day, we’ll start spurt-of-the-moment contests that could last anywhere from an hour to a full day and at the end, we’ll hand out fabulous prizes.  Sound fun?

Our Feint name:  kellex

And feel free to drop your Feint name in the comments so you can build up a solid friends list to see where you stack up in your gaming ventures.

Also look for some new Feint features to be built into the app in the near future that will add to this fun community we are trying to build.

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  • DBK

    What’s with all the spam? You evil spammers are definitely not getting friended….

  • Jefry235

    faint dashboard won’t loung Droid incredible :/ any solutions?

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  • Fghgfj Fgj
  • Xfgfh Fgj


  • Drhtfg Fgj
  • cfhgj
  • Droidalicious

    blacksilvy08…..feel free to add

  • serrg
  • Dfhgfh Fcgh
  • rgrh88
  • Reytrut
  • Asdrsa5
  • 52gdfhfgdg
  • dfrank

    I'm dfrankzor if anyone wants to friend me

  • dirtybob13

    dirtybob13- lets jam!

  • Rhdz


  • Mine is awalkowski

  • CheeseMcGee

    CheesMcGeez = Me!

  • jiggaman508

    Jiggaman508 feel free to add me 🙂

  • bravoleader2


  • harrellj here

  • ssjnimmaX

    add it now!!! – ssjnimma

  • DeepCerulean

  • Tex


  • k1cks


  • Murphy


  • ToRemainUnknown

    Not too start trouble but androidandme just did the same exact thing with the same exact game like 3 days ago

    • Bubbasixx

      The more the merrier.


    • Those are the homeboys! 😛

    • kellex

      That's funny, but we're not running a contest like they were. We're building for the future. 😛

      • Dptku

        That's a great point. I like the distinction.

      • NovaeMeme

        What’s funnier is “spurt-of-the-moment.” Darlin’, it’s SPUR of the moment. Spurt just sounds kinda whacka-do nasty. lol

  • Cody


  • Michael Herman2

    Im liking this idea a lot.

    Add me: iAmMiak

  • Wing Droid Zero Custom

    My feint is W Gundam Mike

  • FogLock

    add foglock

  • Champlification


  • Uh oh, is this game like Trackmania for Android? That could be a lethal combination…

  • Tuna

    my name is nmtuna

  • jedijesus95

    Jedijesus95 feel free to add me. I have only one friend. ;( lol

    • TheDrizzle

      I've got zero, haha. I've never actually played around with Feint at all.

  • TheDrizzle

    Username: TheDrizzle484

    Hit it up.

    Great idea Kellex!

  • Oh what the heck, Bailers77

  • kellex

    I think we broke Feint…can't get anything to load now hah.

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  • Antroyd

    Can't believe I'm actually sharing this but.. MaverickRenegade. Also, Kellex, I challenge you to a Can Knockdown battle at the Pub! Your move…

  • Adding you now, Kellex!

  • First

    • g00ber

      thats a sweet Feint name.

      • tbaybe