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ADW Launcher EX Released with Window Animations, New Drawers, Tons of Enhancements

There are some other players in the launcher game these days, but when it all comes down to it, ADW Launcher and LauncherPro are still my first two choices.  And  guess what?  ADW just went “pro” with an EX version that in my opinion, brings it right up there with LP.  In this new EX, you’ll find a ton of enhancements, features and even some stuff that most of you have never seen before.  It will cost you $3.43, but you won’t be disappointed.  

Here is a list of new features:

  • 5 different app drawer styles/behaviors:  3D Nexus One like applications drawer, 2 different plain vertical applications drawers styles, 2 different Iphone-like horizontal applications drawers
  • Different desktop transitions (8 at the moment): new animations while navigating through your desktop screens. Try them all, they’re crazy!
  • New Icons configurations/look and feel: Tweak your desktop icons, change its sizes, add coloured backgrounds, change font size, color, etc!
  • New fast presets mode: Quickly change the whole desktop configuration by 1 click!
  • Editable desktop icons for applications, shortcuts and folders!
  • Lots of code improvements

And a video of the new stuff in action:


Download Link

More info can be found here.

Cheers matrix2004!

  • Selexan

    I’d like to finish watching the video on this but I can’t handle the annoying background music. Thanks for giving me a headache.

  • Tareq Alsamman

    I love the new ADW EX still I think the logo is bad and need another one. still sweeterhome lover ftw

  • Rolo72

    ADW EX IS CRAPTASTIC!! – Launcher Pro is way more functional but I guess that's because they didn't spend all their time making 9 transitional effects for the screen change.

  • SecurityNick

    Purchased this yesterday and loving it. I've been an ADW fan and have pretty much been exclusively using it for the past several ROM updates for CM6. Loving some of the animations and tweaks. For those who ever have issues with the screen re-drawing when going back to home (and this should be for any home app), I found this nifty little code to enter into Terminal Emulator that solved the problem for me. I think that you should do this anytime you change to a new home app, doesn't do anything if you're using the same home app and are just upgrading your ROM to a new version.

    Go to Terminal Emulator (obviously must be rooted to do this) and type:
    su (enter)
    echo ro.HOME_APP_ADJ=1 >> /data/local.prop (enter)
    reboot (enter)

  • Ftuytu Fgj
  • Ryssatswss
  • Billyheshn

    Just switched from Launcherpro to ADW ex. Love it. Didnt think there would be a launcher any time soon that would be worthy of a switch til this came out. LOVE IT> Evo

  • Rioman9

    You won't be disappointed is right! Very happy with its performance. I'm a visual guy… color, no lack of it here. Plenty of awesome scenes to choose from. Fast on my DX. And I paid under $3.00 for mine Christmas Day.

  • Randy Khoo

    Can't buy this… No app purchases in my country yet…

  • Awesome improvement over the original ADW, could just be my phone but has anyone run a linpack or quadrant score on ADW then again on ADW EX?? my scores in EX have gone up substantially over the original ADW.. (CM 6.1-stable, stock cpu speed – 998mHz, droid incredible)

  • yhfgjhgj
  • 2sshafer5

    Where can I get that wallpaper???

    • BigRed4X15

      That is the light grid pro live wallpaper, and its awsome!

  • Love it, and love to support AndersWeb, but I'm not fond of EX. PayDW would have been the name I'd have given it.

  • Eseyfried79

    This is pretty awesome, and this is coming from a LPP fan. i love how you can resize icons. it solves my miui launcher dillema.. i love the look of miui, with its bigger icons, but LPP was much faster than miui stock launcher.. now i have the speed and looks together as one with some sweet transitions to boot. looking forward to fede's answer. well worth the money

  • Mike

    ADW Launcher EX is nice. It's fast, and the transitions are really smooth on my Droid. I do miss the widgets in LPP, but there are free market equivalents for most of them. I use Facez for my facebook widget, Plume for my twitter widget, and Photo Contacts for my contacts widget. I haven't been able to find a free scrolling SMS widget, so you may have to use Pure Messenger instead.

  • Eyerppbone

    I've been a long time LPP user and I bought this app too just because I couldn't resist…I have both apps set up to the perfect settings, and I just use home switcher to go back and forth whenever I feel like using one app over the other.

  • okland272012

    launcher pro plus > adw launcher ex

  • Guessa

    I think Federico and Anderweb should collaborate. How epic would ADWLauncherPRO be?!

  • skltr21

    well worth the money.

  • sheldawg

    Sup Droid peeps? I think I'll give it a try, why not. I think another launcher that is really good ans has been slept on is Go Launcher. The little bit I have seen here you are also able to do with Go Launcher, but I'll give ADW a try.

  • Alphabets13

    how is it speed wise compared to llp?? i want to get it but dont know if 15 mins is enough time to set it up the way i want and test it out. lpp isnt laggy at all on my DX.

  • Smbalsa


  • AnDroidSepTIX

    ADW is always seems slow compared to LP

    I try it out and start thinking why the hell do people like this

    • JL

      Agreed…especially on my OG droid running CM 6.1

  • mistervertigo


  • Ted

    I downloaded this, and even bought it, on accident, due to the new 15 minute window. There were a lot of annoyances, coming from LPP. The hideous app drawer icon that can't be permanently changed (I would select a custom icon, and it would revert back whenever the orientation changed), how it only has one fixed row of dock icons (I use all three in LPP for a clean homescreen). The list goes on. I know it has neat kitchy features, like transitions, but these are eye candy at best, and will ultimately slow down the phone.

    • If you swipe up and reveal the dockbar, it offers space beyond what the action bar offers. Including the ability to scroll between 'rows' of icons… altho its one long row.

  • snuggles

    running apex 1.3.1 on my dx, is it possible to upgrade to this since ADW is built in?

    • Mattg67

      Yea you can just delete the old ADW in /system after you get ADWex

  • Mattg67

    I have to say I love LPP but ADWex is damn sexy can't wait for the LPP rewrite tho, BTW does anyone know where I can get that wallpaper in the video? I can't find it ><

    • Timoh

      Check the wallpaper thread on XDA in the android themes subforum. It was posted a few days ago.

    • its part of “light Grid” (paid version, i believe….)

    • If you are talking about the promotional video, you'll find that wallpaper in my 'Eyefold' theme for ADW that's available on the market. 😛

      • Mattg67

        That would be it thanks kov!

  • CurrentWeb

    Wow, not bad!
    I bought it, missed the 15 minute return (dangit!)
    Oh well, it was only $3, and now I'll be able to see it get better. I love ADW way more LP, but it's the LP+ widgets that I just can't leave. They are really the only widgets that I actually use. Maybe once Fede and Anderwebs work out a deal for the widgets to work in ADW, I'll make the switch.

  • EC8CH

    Sweet… competition!

    Looks like are Home Replacement Apps aren't done increasing in awesomeness yet 🙂

  • Wglisso1

    I want the new cynagon rom, with the adw ex launcher but lost my root when i upgraded my Droid 1 to 2.2.1!!!! Is there a way to 1 click root on this build without having to do it the long way?? Please HELP ME!!!!!!!

    • andrew8806


      root at your own risk!

    • Timoh

      Why don't you just download a root application like z4 root and try? It wont hurt anything if it doesn't work.

  • 11knives

    Looks good time to give these guys a second try.


    • Guest

      yeah, sucks waiting for the full site to load on my phone…

      • Doug

        I agree, I don’t like the droid-life app so without the mobile view I only view the site on my PC otherwise it’s too much of a pain

    • Pete

      +1, driving me nuts

  • Sfnhghhju
  • GJ

    The lack of updates and bug fixing/support by LPP are making a switch to ADW seem pretty tempting.

    • Ted

      What bugs are you experiencing? I have used LPP on my D1 and now D2G, and I don't ever experience anything I would call a 'bug.' If it's working well, and is feature complete, which Fede indicated, then why would a 'bug fix' be needed? He's working hard on the rewrite, I am sure. I think the app store and Android market make us think that constant updates are a good thing, but it's possible that sometimes it's just finished. 🙂

  • sc4fpse

    This looks very nice, but even the demo video makes it look horribly laggy. Did you see that transition they demoed? LOL.

    Definitely getting better, but LauncherPro is still the target in terms of speed.

    • 1fffffdd

      it is the screen capture that is laggy, it is smooth as can be on my droid 1 with live wallpaper and cyanogen 6.1

      • It’s laggy for two reasons: I was using the Android emulator when I made the video and secondly, I was capturing the screen at the same time.

        Using the emulator was by choice to offer clearer, stable images with the side effect of lag.

      • It’s laggy for two reasons: I was using the Android emulator when I made the video and secondly, I was capturing the screen at the same time.

        Using the emulator was by choice to offer clearer, stable images with the side effect of lag.

      • It’s laggy for two reasons: I was using the Android emulator when I made the video and secondly, I was capturing the screen at the same time.

        Using the emulator was by choice to offer clearer, stable images with the side effect of lag.

    • I don't think that's true anymore. ADW and Launcher Pro have added so many features that it affects speed. I've switched to Zeam Launcher. It's a lightweight launcher with all the basic features you need and truly runs fast without launcher refresh issues.

    • feztheforeigner

      It looks like it was done in some kind of android emulator, giving it that lag.

  • uncle paul

    I alwaus thoughti would always stay with launcher pro plus,…i hate regular adw…

    But adw ex changed it all, adw ex is friggin amazing, runs much much faster than
    Adw and lpp, even with all the mindblowing eyecandy.

    Bubeye launcher pro plus. You gotta try this.

  • Michael_NM

    Welcome back Dr. Droid! I was beginning to worry that you'd been the victim of Christmas kidnapping by St*ve J*bs.

    It's nice to see ADW has gone pro, but the “real” pro still begins with “Launcher” and ends with “Plus.” 🙂

  • the only thing it needs is contact, calendar and bookmark widgets.

    • Anonymous

      And Twitter/Facebook.

    • Anonymous

      And Twitter/Facebook.

    • Anonymous

      And Twitter/Facebook.

  • Guessa

    Looks sweet… oh and 1st 😉

    • wiz

      Boo. I thought I had my first first. =P

      • Guessa

        You did.. I failed 🙁 lol

  • iamthewalrus2211

    First? Yea!! welcome back Droid-Life

  • wiz


    I think I will be staying with Launcher Pro however this looks like some great improvements!