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Motorola Emails Tablet Video to the World

The “Tablet Evolution” video that Motorola snuck onto Youtube the other day is now being pushed to customers via email.  If you are on any sort of Moto list, you should have received the picture above which redirects you to their ultimate CES teaser vid which might have just passed 1,000,000 views as you are reading this.  We’re fully expecting this tablet to be “DROID” branded and running Honeycomb, but Moto is expecting it to be one of the most amazing pieces of technology ever.  We’ll know in 2 weeks.

Check out the video one more time after the break.  

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  • Wait! Is Conan O'Brien apart of this tablet thing? That bee is telling us more than Honeycomb. Look at this pic:


    Looks like Conan's new logo…just sayin'… just sayin'

  • droidpro101


  • Droid-ice

    I can't wait untill they come out with the motorola droid 3 I bet it'll changed the game .

  • Erzsgh
  • What about the Dell Streak?

  • thedroidguy80

    Was going to buy a G-Tab and root it but, going to wait for this.

  • I lol'd at the mayan tab “rumored 2012 self-dstruct”

  • The350zWolf

    It looks like the tablet war is on! Everyone is coming out with one. I just read that Acer has a 7″ and a 10″ that will run honeycomb. This is good since it wol drive prices down

  • Lilbossponce4

    hahaha…..i guess it's up to motorola to set the standard. Lol Can't wait till I get to play with it….xD

  • Murphy

    “It's like a giant i*hone, but… it's like a giant i*hone.” 🙂

    Question… won't any Android tablet be like a big Android phone? Jus sayin'…

    • Not with Honey Comb it won't be, it changes the whole UI and experience in a way.

  • Jfh

    old news….

  • Guest

    Sorry for this irrelevant question..but which app could be used to root the og droid? Tried z4 but doesn't seem to work hmmm

    • Murphy

      SuperOneClick 🙂

      • Guest

        Thank you :>

        • I just did this the other night. SuperOnceClick works, but you need to have USB debugging on and the phone off. Start SuperOneClick and select root, then turn the phone on when it says waiting for device.

    • Falcon34

      EasyRoot works also

  • Brttwrd

    my heart was beating all fast and i was just like… ZOMG. i laughed when they got to the ipad haha. i hate moto, but this is still pretty awesome

  • dellbx

    Kudos to the Ad agency. Let's hope the product lives up to the hype


    Waiting for it, and for d-l mobile to be fixed.