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LightGrid Live Wallpaper Updated, Includes Andy Theme and Shape

Light Grid live wallpaper is hands down my favorite of all time and I wasn’t sure it could get any better, and then today through a new update, it did.  You will find under themes and in shapes, our favorite robot to play with in any way you please.  You can see from my two screenies above that I went with the classic DroidLife pink and black, but know that you can make it any color scheme you like.

Seriously, if you don’t own Light Grid yet, you need to buy it now.  It’s $.99.  Oh, it looks like you may need the holiday pack as well to unlock the theme and icons and that will cost you another $.99.  Trust me, it’s so worth it.

Light Grid ProHoliday Icon Pack

Cheers @gobluefoot!

  • Anonymous

    @kellex what is the theme on your Beautiful Widgets?

  • kimir

    the eris “don't roll like that”
    i wish it did….

  • John

    How can I remove the candy cane icons ?

  • iHateRob

    whats the clock widget shown here? its sweet!

  • Slagg3r

    i bought this wallpaper i just wish i didnt have to buy the holiday theme just to use the new Andy shape

  • Ertyre
  • BigRed4X15

    Can you post your settings for the second screen? I can't figure out how to get just andy with no background.

  • how do i get the droid icons as posted above?

  • Hey, everyone talking about lag and battery usage, you can test drive the wallpaper with the free version, to see whether you'd be happy with the pay version. And with settings for frames per second and number of shapes draw on the screen, you can fiddle enough that you won't see any lag or battery loss.

    I'm the dev, I should know 🙂

    • Travillion

      I use this live wallpaper on my OG Droid (CM 6.1), 800mhz kernel, launcherpro plus, and have not noticed any negative impact on battery or smoothness. Very pleased.

    • Loskid

      Wasn't trying to down your product. I have just found that any wallpaper tends to slow down my phone and pretty much make it unusable. I went ahead and took the plunge with yours and you are right. It is much better than all of the others i have tried. There is a little bit of a slowness to it, but not nearly as bad as others i have tried. I will continue to tweek it to get the best. Thanks for responding, you get 69 cents out of me 🙂

  • Rodeojones000

    This is nice. I just downloaded it and I love the ability to customize colors and other things.

    Intersting that I do not get any lag when using live wallpapers since I began using UltimateDroid ROMs. I assume it has something to do with the ROM because I used to have the same issues with lag and redraws that others have already mentioned with past ROMs on my OG Droid. But now I get none of that and I'm only using the stock 800Mhz kernel. And I also use LauncherPro Plus with 5 screens and a total of 13 widgets. But even when running the wallpaper featured here (or my other wallpaper of choice – the paid version of Digital Wall) my phone runs as smoothly as ever.

  • Rtgytegrgdfvfr
  • Christmas Andy FTW!

  • No thanks, I'll stick with a static wallpaper. On my OG Droid these things don't run very smoothly and they suck down my battery.

    • Anonymous

      the eris “don’t roll like that”
      i wish it did….

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    Battery consumption is a little to high for me to use this on a regular basis. Its definitely nice to look at though.

  • Josh

    Awesome wallpaper.

    What is it with you guys and the minimalist clock themes? geez.

  • Everytime i use a live wallpaper, it slows my device down sufficiently and the app drawer is completely laggy. i will not purchase a live wallpaper until it does not do this. LauncherPro+, 4 homescreens, 5 widgets.

    • ive noticed that live wallpaper dont rub right with launcherpro.

  • Loskid

    I have an OG Droid Rooted with Sapphire 1.1.1 running a low voltage 1000 kernal. I thought this would be enough to maybe enjoy some live wall papers. I know it has a lot to do with widgets and number of screens. I use LP+ and have nothing but widgets with 6 screens. We are talking a total of 11 widgets. They are mostly widgets that take up a whole screen. Is it pretty much hopeless, or would a different Kernal work. I would love to buy this wall paper, but don't want to waste my money if it isn't going to work.


    • Towelie420

      It gets about twice as smooth when going to the droid x from the og droid. But don't feel bad, running a live wallpaper wont be completely seemless and perfectly smooth until the tegra 2 devices come out.

      • hummingbird in my SGS has never lagged any of my live wallpapers… but it doesnt make up for still being on eclair… or lagging everything else…

    • Nathanbull33

      Every single live wallpaper I have tried on my OG droid has made it run like crap and I always just find myself going back to a static wallpaper because the performance is so much better. If a lot of stuttering and lag and redraw dont bother you then I say go for it. They just didnt give the OG enough memory to run all this stuff smoothly 🙁

  • tbaybe

    ooohhh thats cute!!!