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EA Mobile Offering Up Catalog of Android Games for $.99

EA Mobile is currently offering up what appears to be their entire lineup of Android games for $.99 as a holiday celebration of sorts.  Even Need for Speed, which isn’t showing above, can be had for a single dollar.  Speaking of the holidays, there is something about Tetris that brings me back to X-mas morning when the Gameboy first came out and that was the game.  Memories.

Check your market now to grab some of this killer deals.

Cheers JoelSeph!

  • Barlog

    So EA games really screwed me. I bought NFS shift &Tetris when they were on sale when this article was posted and they were on my phone until I’m guessing the first I didn’t notice the exact day they were taken off my DX and now in the market or there site its asking me to buy them again for full price even though I already purchased them! So now they got my money and I’ve got no apps!!!!!!?

  • Dillo

    yea I got a 9.99 charge on my Verizon bill this month and they said it was related somehow to this NFS download I did

  • Dillo

    yea I got a 9.99 charge on my Verizon bill this month and they said it was related somehow to this NFS download I did

  • pikey78x

    cant find it on my android market

  • So a bit annoyed, that with my Droix X NFS: Shift was pre-installed as a demo, and to upgrade in-app was still $9.99. So I downloaded the $.99 version hoping that it would replace the pre-installed one, knowing it probably wouldn't And it didn't, so now I have identical icons in my app drawer. Oh well, worth it for $.99.

    • Brumby05

      Same thing happened to me, but I was able to uninstall the pre-installed one so you could try that. Now I'm back to only one icon in my app drawer.

    • Timoh

      Brumby is right. The pre installed NFS is uninstallable. It's bloatware, but not permanent bloatware.

  • Trfhxt
  • The350zWolf

    Best news of the week!

  • Mudfish

    Grrr no Madden 11

  • Alphabets13

    i want to buy fifa..and at $1 i prob just should…but it has such bad reviews bc i think after 2.2 i think it got messed up. theres no d-pad or anything. why wont they fix this??!!

  • Rodeojones000

    FIFa 10 doesn't appear in the market for me. Strange. For 99 cents I'd buy it even though I'm not much of a soccer fan.

  • Kellexeatsass

    Droids suck iphone for life

  • tg4u

    Exactly why I wont purchase apps but I will donate for apps.

    I bought an app for $5.99 week later its for .99 – Why are they doing this? No one is buying the apps so they need to recover the cost of development.

    • w00t w00t!

    • EA is a huge company, and they make very polished stuff.

    • I bought sims for 5.99 too, and then they reward me for supporting them and their 'new' games by putting them all on sale for 99 cents 3 days later? I'm annoyed, but at least more people will buy the game now and they'll continue to push stuff out for android when they see that they have lots of downloads.

      I'm tempted to just buy all the games, even the ones i don't want. Just in case. lol. I wish my milestone had 2.2 so i could keep all the games on the phone at the same time.

  • Higher_Ground

    on topic:

    I'd really like to try FIFA 10, but all the reviews (and I mean the first 20 or so) are 1-star saying it doesn't work or won't download, etc.

  • Higher_Ground

    ah tetris. Though for me it's Dr. Mario and Supermarioland 🙂

    • Dr. Mario is awesome! Yay Nesoid! : D

  • Nice try Steve…. You're saying it wrong….

  • Kellexeatsass

    Yo droid fag bois are off the hook lol…droid phones are choppy pieces of CRAP u need different launchers and roms(mui) to try and get half as mooth as an iphone lol and even with all the droid buy one get one offered the iphone is still NUMBER ONE SELLING SMART PHONE LOL…SUCKAS!

  • Wow…crazy deals!

    Everyone seems to be giving out great games for cheap. Sweet!

  • Mr. Steve

    I was just thinking about buying Need for Speed yesterday, glad I didn't. On my way to the market now!

    • Timoh

      I wasn't thinking about it, but for $1 and me planning on buying a tablet I couldn't pass up the deal.

  • picaso86

    Merry Christmas DROID LIFERS !

  • picaso86

    I GOT FIFA 10 ! :]


    Would love to have some feedback on which ones are must haves and must nots!

    • Crookedmarc

      I personally think need for speed is the best one they offer. I bought it from verizon for 10 bucks wiped my phone and now I have to buy it again….uuugggghhhhh

      • I wiped and even SBF’d and didn’t lose NFS. I think the required data for it to be “registered” is saved on the SD Card. Have you tried actually loading it again? Or did you wipe your SD too?

  • BULL3T

    second and fourth! suck it first!!! LOL

  • still not going to buy them but sweet! lol

  • BULL3T

    I love EA they made some great games back in the day and they are on there way back. i will be checking these out for sure.

  • Stevaroo01

    Awesome! On my way to the market now!