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GameLoft Offers Hero of Sparta for FREE Today

Earlier this month GameLoft gave away Dungeon Hunter for free and decided to follow that up with a free offering of Hero of Sparta.  I’d try to offer up some sort of quick review, but is that really needed?  We know their games are of the highest quality, plus the word “free” should have the internet sprinting your way to the download link below.  As with any HD game, expect additional game data to be downloaded to your SD card.

Download here.

Cheers @bfuleky!

  • Nalpakj

    I've already uninstalled this game…but this is the crazy part. The only thing I did with my phone yesterday waas install this and then, mysteriously, both versions of Angry Birds (the regular one and Seasons) along with Paper Toss were removed from my phone. I am certain I didn't remove them. I'm not saying this application did it, I'm just saying…

  • Barlog

    I can't play the game for even a minute before it force closes on me. This sucks because the game looked pretty cool. Droid X

  • joe

    Game was pretty interesting, Little bro liked it but random force closes even when doing something else on my droid… LAME!!!

    • Silksmooth12

      Same thing for me. Random force closes during the game. Then random force closes of the game when I'm not even playing it. Uninstalled! You would think that if they wanted to get their foot in the door with freebies, that it would be high qual. Now I probably won't buy a game from them because I don't want random force closes when I'm doing something else. For those keeping score at home:
      OG Droid
      CM 6.1.2
      OC to 800mhz

  • John

    Sorry, but there are no available games for your mobile. OG Droid, LFY 1.95.. oh well lol

  • Djkoz78

    Just to give everyone a heads up if you're using a Droid Incredible. If you are also using another browser other than the stock browser that came with the phone it won't allow you to download the file. So if you're having trouble downloading the game change to the stock browser & try again.

  • “”We're sorry, there are no games available for your mobile.”… DInc, fail again.

  • liam

    Kept force closing on DX i let them know, 30seconds later they sent me a free copy of assassins creed.

    • joe oberster

      how did you contact them? Same thing happening on my DX.

    • GNO

      I got a ton of FCs too. I couldn't take it any more and removed the app and their bookmark do-hickey. Too bad, looked alright….

    • Barlog

      Same thing on my DX. I emailed them but they haven't got back to me 🙁 LUCKY I've been thinking of buying assassins creed.

  • I'm not one to complain about free items but I downloaded and installed just fine and keep getting force close warnings when not using the game. about every 5 minutes or so. unfortunately, I uninstalled.

    • Yeah, I'm also getting that lame bogus FC warning.

      Hopefully GameLoft knows about this and will address it soon.

  • Djyosnow

    Hmm wtf site sends me text but nothin avalible wtf

  • Sarrants

    Force Close every time I try to run it. #FAIL

  • Laz

    Running Droid OG with Charity ROM.

    So I started downloading the necessary file until I got a text message and the download failed. Then I opened it back up and it started loading up the game. Started game then FC. Had to pull my battery out since the FC message was not going away. After I rebooted, I am now able to play the game. Pretty awesome for free

  • Guest

    I tried to get this earlier today and it didn't work. I got the link from them, but it just took me to a page where I could BUY the game. I emailed them and they said they could not offer this free for the Galaxy Tab, even though the offer was on their official Galaxy Tab page!

    • Guest

      This is the page where I saw the offer and tried to get the game. This page is ONLY for the Tab and clearly says you can get the game free. It's a lie. Why have this on the Tab page at all if you can't really get it?


  • Ckeaton81

    Downloaded this game about an hour ago and it has forced closed on me about 5 or 6 time. Im running it on my droid x but it don't seem to run very good. I uninstalled. Can't believe they are trying to give away free games that don't even work right. Way to go Gameloft. Another crap download from you guys.

  • PSU_DI

    This game runs like a champ on my D_inc and downloading/installing was a breeze from the phone, yes I had to download the 100% HD games apk, but I didn't install it. Then the download link gave me the Sparta APK, and a couple minutes later I was playing the game. I know people have complained about gameloft but I have had 0 trouble. I got Dungeon Hunter for free from them earlier this month as it has a similar process but was it very easy to download and install on the D_inc.

  • r0landct

    What a crap company. I spent 5 minutes trying to get this downloaded, installed and running and am not even going to bother any more and the game is free. That says something.

  • Nospam

    I found that I could reduce, remove the FCs if I used task killer to kill most of the other running apps. It took a few tries but it got me to the point I could download the additional files from gameloft. FCs went away after that (Samsung Vibrant)

    • Cgmartin33

      Remove the task killer and watch how much faster your phone responds! Android OS is its own task killer and will kill open apps based on priority. If you are an ex Windows Mobile user or Blackberry user like myself and are a little OCD about running apps…then make a shortcut to Settings/Applications/Running Services. That is your stock “task killer.” Why have another one constantly running in the background? Do yourself and your battery a favor and remove it!

  • Paul

    Whats with the stupid run-around download process?

  • SuperDave

    Free?! This is madness!!

    • Drew_VA

      No…This. Is. SPARTA!

  • Nice…just downloaded Hero of Sparta about 10 minutes ago. Seemed to download fine..and installing now.

    This is awesome. Too bad GameLoft didn't offer every one of their Android games for free like they did with iPhone/iPad about a week ago. Would have been awesome, but there's still three days left so ya never know!

    NOTE: Download the game from your phone. Going directly to the site to download Hero of Sparta may or may not work as it's pretty buggy. Download from your phone should work.

    • Jager07

      Downloading directly to my phone did not work for me… FC'd twice in 10 minutes on OG Droid running Simply Stunning 4.9.1.

  • Got the same problem. Contacted Gameloft. They offered me any other game for free. I chose Uno HD and I am awaiting my new download link.

  • Originalme8

    I cannot download this game…I hate Gameloft for not using the Market. I cannot receive text messages from them so I cannot get any of their games!

    • Djkoz78

      Are you using the stock browser if you are not change to the stock browser.

    • Djkoz78

      Are you using the stock browser if you are not change to the stock browser.

    • Timoh

      You don't have to receive texts from them to download it. You never have had to, just use the stock browser in Android client mode.

      • Cgmartin33

        Care to elaborate? It seems as if this doesn't want to recognize wifi.

        • Cgmartin33

          Nevermind…I think you are speaking of desktop mode (type about:config or about:debug into the browser and open up settings and look in AU settings) This is the old Hulu trick that worked for about a day before their hatred of Android got really big 😉 Still no answer as to why it doesn't recognize wifi though. And this would be a brutal download over 3g.

          • Anonymous

            takes about 5 minutes to download over 3g. I meant to make sure it’s in android client mode, if you had been running it in desktop client it wouldn’t work/recognize your phone.

          • Cgmartin33

            Oh gotcha…thanks for the clarification. I’m going to give it a shot over 3g then (5 minutes isn’t bad…when I saw the file size I got worried). Then I can complain about FC issues like the rest of the DX owners. 😉

          • Cgmartin33

            Oh gotcha…thanks for the clarification. I’m going to give it a shot over 3g then (5 minutes isn’t bad…when I saw the file size I got worried). Then I can complain about FC issues like the rest of the DX owners. 😉

  • tehshift

    You are able to uninstall the 100% Free Games app. And you can also uninstall the Hero of Sparta app as soon as you realize its not that fun.

  • Is it any good?

  • JJQ224

    Installed it this morning before work. Had not even started the game and for the first half hour at my desk I kept getting “Hero of Sparta needs to force close” messages on my D2. Reset phone (just to see if it would clear up) and as soon as the phone came back on I got the force close message. Uninstalled.

    • Jager07

      I downloaded it and opened it. Within 5 seconds it FC'd. Opened again and started downloading the support files (66mb). No other FCs yet. Will update later…

      • Jager07

        It FC'd again before I could get through the download. Uninstalled. OG Droid on Simply Stunnin 4.9.1.

    • slackerjoe

      I had the exact same issue, uninstalled also. I hadn't even played it before it was forceclosing. =/

  • Yeah oddly I downloaded the game APK and somehow installed that bookmark instead! I just redownloaded the game, installed it, made sure it worked, and then deleted the bookmark. Worked just fine.

    • Same thing happened to me. The first download must be a gameloft specific installer or something and the second one is the actual game.

  • Looks like you have to install their “100% Free Games” app, which is just a bookmark, in order to get this. Here's hoping you can uninstall that and keep the game.

  • Jeremy Gentry