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Motorola Tablet Teaser Site and Countdown Go Live

Yesterday, Motorola teased the world with their tablet evolution video, and today they’ve started the official countdown to its unveiling.  We are fully expecting this tablet to be “DROID” branded, has been hiding under the codename Everest, and will run Honeycomb, but the official name has been locked up behind the tightest NDAs ever.  You can see it in action at this video, high-res pictures of it here, and some unofficial specs here.  It’s going to be amazing.  

And how about another look at that teaser video?


Visit the countdown site here and sign up to be notified.

  • ckeegan

    I was thinking about this tablet (again) this morning, and I hope Moto has some accessories (docking station, etc) to show off at CES.

  • Sputnick

    Wish I had a use for these niche devices. But then again its a gadget….why not waste the money.

    Go Bears!

  • awesome info thanks

  • Wow that phone is sick thanks for the info

  • Fajnor92

    I liked the metaphorical hint that it would be running Honeycomb with the little bee that was flying around at the end. Can't wait until this comes out!

  • Fdgds
  • such a tease!!!!!!!!! can't freakin wait

  • As far as the branding goes since Google is working closely with Moto this may be a Nexus device if they stick with that. Then again Droid Tab sounds good or even simply the Droid T. I am hoping Verizon doesn't screw the pooch on pricing on this though.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen I am sure this device will be locked down and full of bloatware of apps you will never use and will take up space on the device. I'm sure the price will be outrageous. I'm hoping it wont be true and I have from now until release to decide if its worth me buying a tablet or not. And then again give it a year and it will be half the price and there will be tablets out 3x as better then this one. :/

    • Sputnick

      You are probably right and it would be depressing. However if ROMs come out for it that will make it interesting and enticing. Only time will tell and we'll have to sit and wait.

      Until then, I will root on my Bears!!


    Dear Motorola,
    I am very excited about your upcoming game changing tablet.
    I can't wait to buy one, maybe two.
    But if you lock it down in any way, I wont buy it,
    I swear I will break into your executive mobile offices and beat you all down with a baseball bat.
    If I want a locked device, I will buy Apples…Get it?
    There are more of us that you've pissed off with encrypting bootloaders, waaay more than you think…TRUST ME.
    Don't ruin a good thing,
    Do the right thing, don't lock anything down.
    Did I mention the global Droid community does not want a locked down device on an Open Source Mobile Operating System?…you know the community that makes you millions upon gazillions of dollars.
    Do you realize how ridiculous your company looks by locking down Android devices? Your competitors have realized it and have taken note, and are now stealing your what could be higher sales.
    Take notes or get left in the dust.
    I don't care how great you make your commercials or how many millions you spend on advertising.
    Locking an Android device should be added to the list of Ten Commandments of thou shalt nots…
    I apologize for threatening to beat down your Mobile Division. That was wrong, its the holidays.

    Thank You
    Happy Holidays!!!

    • EC8CH

      Agreed, if it's locked down… pass.

      Better to wait for a “Nexus” tablet from Google 🙂

    • feztheforeigner

      It's supposed to be like a Nexus device in that Google has been developing honeycomb specifically for this device and it will be stock android. The updates probably won't be as fast as a Nexus, but it's vanilla android (with Honeycomb)!!! They will almost certainly not lock it down due to Google commandments because they are developing Honeycomb specifically for this device every day (just watch Andy Rubin's D:Now interview, he talked about all of this).

    • Does anyone know why Motorola encrypted their bootloaders on the X and 2? And you're right. I will not buy an Android tablet that is locked down…. I currently don't own a tablet computer, and I am planning to buy one in the near future. Lets pray that Motorola learns to not lock down their devices.

  • picaso86

    I want it NOW! :]

  • Mrpicolas

    hmmm… Locked down and overpriced by vzw??? Heres hoping not but I have a feeling santa wont grant this christmas wish SanJ please dont become the Steve jobs of Moto.. You just got back into the game nows not the time to turn all *pple on us.

  • Bryannichelson

    Funny, ten commandments thing was pushing it a bit, may offend some but the rest was funny especially the ipad part. Interested to see what it looks like.

    • Mechagodzilla

      As a devout Christian, I found the Ten Commandments thing pretty funny. What Christian/Jew wouldn't? It's not as if they are flexible, theologically.

      Unfortunately, Bryan, I bet you're right; I bet some people were actually offended. People in our society need to lighten up.

    • Username

      I'm a christian and I think the Ten commandments thing was hilarious. “But Can't Edit”, personally my favorite part of the commercial.

  • Meister_Li

    After experiencing the terrible terrible support from Motorola in Europe, I will avoid this thing like the plague.

    • ckeegan

      Last time I checked, Europe isn't very good at avoiding the plague.

  • So this countdown is most likely to it's revealing at CES and NOT to it's release. That would be very nice, though 🙂

    • kellex


      • ckeegan

        Oddly enough, it's actually counting down to 7:15pm the night before CES, so that's kinda strange. Wonder what's happening then?

  • That's hilarious. Very creative. Its hard to swallow that any tablet released now is really innovative, but still funny.

  • Billzilla15

    it's like a giant ihone

    BUT…it's like a giant ihone haha

  • 1bad69z28

    Well I guess we clicked at the same time lol

  • Gemnsitone

    First. Cant wait for the moto tab.

  • 1bad69z28

    IT's THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!!!! Brought me back to my Late 80's Rocker days 😛 Oh First

    • Mechagodzilla

      And now . . . a magician called GOB!

      < cue Final Countdown >