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Motorola Milestone Froyo Update Pushed Back to Q1 2011

At this point, shouldn’t we just start to assume that Motorola has moved on from Milestone users and is instead focusing on new devices with newer versions of Android?  The phone is the exact same device as the original Droid who is now running 2.2.1, yet the carrier partners can’t figure out a way to get even 2.2 running on it?  Are they struggling with how pieces of bloatware to include?  There shouldn’t be a hold up.  I apologize for the rant, but this is one of the top selling devices of all time and there are thousands of users in dozens of countries that are stuck on an OS that is about to be 2 stages behind.  Unacceptable.

Via:  Motorola Europe

Cheers Eric!

  • The question is: who is going to buy motorola next year. Client frustration isn't good.

  • The question is: who is going to buy motorola next year. Client frustration isn’t good.

  • Govi

    Just release it already ! GodDamnIT!

    Droid was in the league of the first phones to get froyo! And milestone is taking more than a year !


  • Yurtesen

    It is Motorola's fault that they are not able to provide upgrade for Milestone and they have the boot loader locked so we cant do it ourselves either.

  • That's what you guys get for living in inferior countries. You are not a priority, unlike us important US citizens.

    • Fedup

      May be it's true; us citizens are more stupid than others…

  • I was so tired waiting that I installed the unofficial froyo from cyanogen my milestone at my own risk. Im pretty happy with the upgrade , and won't never install any official rom again. I feel that Motorola wanted for me , as the annoying upgrader customer that I am, just to disappear , or use unofficial rom's without warranty. This a clear case where technical limits are beyond consumer marketing , and carrier imposed limits.

  • Come on!

  • Tatsujin

    Never again moto, 'phone without compromise' pffft

  • Almi

    I could smash my 2.1 Milestone against a wall. I regret the purchase of a Motorola product … !

  • Epell

    how pieces of bloatware to include->what pieces of bloatware to include.
    I think.

  • Fedup

    I will never a motorola phone agane !

  • Hans

    Im a very angry Milestone owner, ill tell all my friends and family not ever to buy any Motorola gadget in the future. If it wasnt for the G.O.T team and developers like Kabaldan and others. Im running an leaked and modified 2.2.1 with Gingerbread team and Cyanogenmod 6


  • s2556

    fuckkkk. and not even a word on the canadian milestones. maybe i should just move back down to the US?

  • milestone_usr

    it has been q3/10 then q4/10 … now 1/11- thats a really really bad joke.. the milestone is the unloved stepchild of the droid.
    this will be the mayor reason for a lot of europeans not to buy anything from moto anymore. well played, well played

  • juan

    Shame on you Motorola !!! you've been saying Milestone would get froyo “really soon” since the Droid was updated. I have never seen a product so left behind without a reason. It is almost the same as in the droid. Thanks God my Milestone was stolen.

    • its ridiculous ! its the SAME device as the droid, it just have gsm bands instead of cdma :/

  • El El Kool J

    NET NEUTRALITY law gets voted on today by the FCC.. we dont want this people.. this will allow wireless companies like Verizon to block Google maps App on your phones and we will have to use VZ Nav.. If you blog/tweet or whatever make sure you express your opinion on this.

  • it was always q1 2011, for a bit it was q4 2010 but then moto changed to 2011 q1.

  • Droiddownfall

    That's what happens when u have a droid. Only nexus ones will get updated asap everyone else wait 6 months (at the minimum) iphones dont have this issue they're all on the latest iOS..sorry droid bois its true.

    • The350zWolf

      The biggest pests are rats, roaches, fleas, ticks and TROLLS

      • Droiddownfall

        Lol don't hate on truth droids r slow laggy pieces of shit..u need home replacements to stop the choppy ass scrolling….u never get updated until the os is outdated lol.
        C'mon it's om though Verizon will launch the iphone very soon and all u broke ass ppl here can beg mommy and daddy for the money lol…btw kellex ur LAME!

        • Gloom

          Go away $teve Jobs… the masses have seen the light with open source tech. Your outdated business model is on its way out.

          …And stop trolling Android blogs, it's embarrassing for a man of your stature.

        • Yawn. It's too bad that even your up to date iOS is still waaaaaaay more limited than even the Android phones that are two or three versions behind. I will take a home replacement over having to sync everything through iTunes any day.

  • Ive had it with motorola, were stuck on 2.1 and the original droid has had it for months! theyre almost identical devices what the hell! im running cyanmod which its light years better than any rom motorola has delivered but the battery drains like crazy and they cannot fix it until motorola releases the official froyo

  • EC8CH


  • You can install 2.2.1 on your Milestone from here guys: http://groupoften.wordpress.co…/

    I did it and it works flawlessly. Stupid Motorola…

    • The350zWolf

      This if great! I guess that the G.O.T. has all under control. Kudos to them.

  • Rudyt

    BAHAHAHAH! They would have had it almost a year ago if it was open! Go Locked Down Phones!!

  • I feel for the lads, hopefully they rooted that milestone and that eases the pain of waiting for a software update.

  • Vbhatt08

    It has said that 2.2 is coming for milestone in canada in Q1. That's bullshit

  • Theantt21


    • Theantt21

      Sike I have a milestone :/