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HTC Leaks Crafty Teaser Shots of Incredible HD

Could a planned leak get anymore obvious?  HTC clearly just sent out pictures of an upcoming device to a variety of blogs, that we’re assuming is the new Incredible HD.  Of course, we can’t actually tell, because the “anonymous tipster” managed to hide every piece of the phone that would give it away.  Silly HTC.

Two more shots after the break.  

Via:  SlashGear, Engadget, Android Central

  • Keilflex35

    plz let that be the nexus 2,,lol.

  • Trombone Dixie

    I'm legitimately excited about this phone.

  • ADroidX

    Data plan costs for 4g are ridiculous! I won't be getting any 4g device until the costs come back down to a more reasonable level…

    • NKTizzle

      How are they ridiculous? They're cheaper right now than the old 3G plans.

  • Droollllll….

  • Kiriuskris

    People, PEOPLE! Listen! Be honest and realistic here! When do you expect LTE to come to your city? By the time it does, there will be better phones to choose from. Plus the data rates for LTE make a 4G device for me not in the cards. Doesn't mean I don't want this phone or I don't care about new technology. I just don't understand people wanting LTE so bad, when many people probably won't be able to use it. Also, don't knock any device! Just because you like Motorola doesn't mean you have to come on a thread that's about a phone you don't like and post all sorts of negative crap about it. We are on the same team here! There, I said it. Whew! =)

    • tjpeco

      LTE is already in my city.

      +1 for me.

      • Tjpeco

        +1 for you…… as no one “Like” your comment

      • Kiriuskris

        Then you should buy this phone then.

    • Nolte09

      Just an FYI- Verizon hasn't released any data pricing for phones yet. Everything that is out there is just for mobile broadband.

  • chistian

    this looks really nice.. but if its going to be 4g then it might not come out so soon because verizon said motorola is going to be first 4g on verizon!!

  • DonnyD

    Does this run Iphone OS? If not and it runs android whats the point there are no applications!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • So you can't count is what your saying? OK just checking steve bjobs.

  • BAoxymoron

    If this is a metal bodied, ginger, powered by tegra 2(or maybe OMAP4440(plz)), lte and with an open BL then I won't care that it doesn't have a keyboard I WILL WANT

  • Dpu328


    • NKTizzle

      It's not dual core. Just a regular 8655.

      • He knows, he's just being a dual core fanboi.

  • palomosan

    My next phone, it looking better and better and polished.

  • bravoleader2


  • am79


    • Jstein076

      How about no BLOATWARE VERIZON!!!

      • same thing basically since bing doesnt belong on a google phone in the first place.

  • 1bad69z28

    Looks pretty solid from the pic, but will wait and see after the CES for the other 4lte phones.

  • BigFonz

    Me want.

  • PAKmann2k

    I may be wrong but I think we are all sure that htc is the only company with a phone utilizing the “fingernail” hole to remove the backplate. Aside from the fact that they are we using the same camera from tue og inc.

  • Jhnegbrt

    why no ffc?

  • Cgmartin33

    I dated a “crafty teaser” once…her stage name was Brooke 😉

  • This is what I might switch to when I get my money. Hopefully the bootloader isnt locked cuz its really starting to annoy me on my droid2 now that gingerbread is out and i have to wait for moto when i could be installing a custom rom!

  • got the incredible this summer. Should i switch?

  • kimir

    is that hdmi or usb?

    • Higher_Ground

      looks like usb to me. can't say for sure though.

  • Waiting for Dual Core.

    • Do you guys have to say that in every article about upcoming phones? We get it now shutty!

      • FruitLoopSalad

        go outside and get some fresh air

        • Already did. It was pretty cold. Now I'm eating some frootloop salad.

      • cobrakid

        do like what you read shut it.

    • kimir

      is it not?


    • Anonymous

      Agreed. My wife may steal my upgrade in January. So if a dual core phone comes out early next year I might have to wait until September to upgrade.

    • lol how fast do you actually need your phone? The only part where I wish it had dual core is when it crashes…wait…that wouldn’t help? >.<

  • Droid Dizzy

    My NewEveryTwo is not do till July but I can still do an early upgrade as i have the OG Droid should i jump on the first LTE phone I like or wait for the second batch of LTE phones and use my NewEveryTwo? any opinons? yes, I'm a lucky guy.

    • Anonymous

      well if you wait, you could still go for the first generation – you’d have the option of choosing either one and you’d have the benefit of several months worth of feedback.

  • zepfloyd

    I don't want to be a negative Nancy, but color me unimpressed, why exactly is everyone falling all over it? By the time it comes out it will feel old with a single core Snapdragon. All these dual core Tegra 2 phones/tablets are expected at CES and to be the driving platform behind Honeycomb. Short of Sense, all future phones will have LTE, and probably a front facing camera. So what's left? History already shows HTC and Verizon have an awkward cousin relationship with Android through the Eris and Incredible and no one STILL quite knows what happened to the Merge. It always seems like HTC is a day late or a dollar short. By the time Moto comes out with an LTE ff camera version of the X (Olympus based?) , this will lost in the shuffle. I'm no fan of any one manufacturer, but certainly food for thought. I'd hate to say I told you so by June 😉

    • Anonymous

      from the rumors i have heard about it is supposed to have a dual core 1.5 ghz processor (3rd gen qualcom), not a 1 ghz single core snapdragon. just saying

  • August 2011, thats when im getting this phone. (thats when i have my next upgrade :p)

  • tjhrulz

    it looks like the incredible in some way, the biggest one was look at the camera placement that alone gives it away

  • CurtisNic

    idk…im in love with my free incredible that i got during free phone friday…i only need the most current anddroid build and im set. i could care less about lte. plus the power buttons on the wrong side ;P

  • kimir

    thanks for the spam.

  • if it's got lte, totally getting it and dropping my x

    • I can’t believe how quickly people will just jump off of a perfectly good phone. I’m still rocking my D1, and told myself to hold out until a phone is available with LTE, Dual Core, Hardware Keyboard, Front Facing Camera, NFC, etc, etc, etc. These damn devices develop so quickly people seem to forget that they don’t need to bother with every new generation, because it will be out of date in 6-8 months anyway. My advice: Save your money, skip a generation, and hack your DX with awesomesauce.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I totally agree. While all these phones look very good, I’ll probably hold on to my Droid X at least for another 2-4 years. Even if the time when I don’t get official software updates comes, I can rely on the huge developer community that has formed. 🙂

      • MikeC

        Still rockin the D1 also, and have the exact same view. Tho tempting, i want a dual core,with front facing camera…

      • MikeC

        Still rockin the D1 also, and have the exact same view. Tho tempting, i want a dual core,with front facing camera…

  • Dhftht
  • Drudometkin

    Looks nice. Patiently waiting for motos new phones though.

    • kimir


      • Anonymous

        That’s exactly how I feel about HTC.

    • Anonymous

      i loved the og droid and i am enjoying my droid x butim sick of moto to be honest. had my first og for almost a year and then its keyboard started coming off. went through 5 refurbishes in a few months (all of them bad the moment i opened but had to wait for the previous to be recieved before i could go back in) then got my early upgrade to a droid x. had the first one for less than a week before its speaker started messing up. im on my second NEW DX and today had to go in because its back button had “sank”. they fixed it in the store but not before putting a chip in my phone and a dent on my button. only have a couple weeks left before my exchange date is past and im wondering if i should downgrade to the incredible or fascinate. would switch to the r2d2 but its still motorola, and as my story depicts quite well, my experience with motorola has been less than satisfactory.

      • Anonymous

        need to change your screen name to “Droid Killer” 😛

  • Will this be 3g or 4g?

  • kimir

    at least we know it is official….

  • kimir

    nice. GIMMIE

  • sylent101

    As much as id love this phone to replace my incredible, im going to have to skip it 🙁 contracts ends in july and I know something better will be out by then.

  • tinycouch

    I hope they start embedding exposure data in their exifs!

    • kimir


      • Changjoe

        when you take photos with HTC phones, the photo doesn't contain exif data.

        • Changjoe

          I meant the exif data doesn't include exposure.

  • EC8CH

    Please allow for some kind of dock this time…

    Placing volume rocker on same side as the usb port was just stupid.

  • Michael_NM

    This device could change my vote in the poll from earlier today…

    • Ferg40

      Same here bro…

  • Johnny

    Ok so I got the original inc and I love it to death.and my upgrade isn't until june of 2012. One month after the end of the world -_- so my question is…so my last moments on earth are held with an lte phone in my hands. Is there anyway I could pull some sneaky stuff and upgrade early?

    • Jamerson90

      Dude… end of the world is in december 2012. You're golden. Lol

      • Johnny

        ahh but that's what they want you to think so that when the real date comes on may 21st nobody will be prepared haha

        • Anonymous

          how do you prepare for the end of the world?

          • Anonymous

            involves lots of booze and lots of fireworks. I’m stockpiling as we speak 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Hey May 21st is my buh-buh-buh-birthday.

    • J_McClane

      I've found threatening to cancel and move to a competitor usually gets them going and dealing.

      • Anonymous

        Went from a d1 and eris last december to an dinc and dx this summer, using that very method. Aside from being picky, I have also gotten several free replacements and sd cards demanding better products. Not planning on anything new soon, although I also have a note in my account allowing another free upgrade out of contract when I choose another phone. Took tens of hours to get where I am, calling back several times. Thank god for bluetooth, I would have a tumor just from the time spent talking to vzw.

      • Ferg40

        Wrong, doesn't work on us anymore. Lol

      • Johnny

        Mmmmmmm I like that style I think I must use this

    • actually 6 months before the end of the world.

    • Jake

      On the final day all of the Droid’s will work together and stop the world from ending.

    • Anonymous

      You can upgrade any line 49.99 and higher once every 12 months. Otherwise, you can add a line for 9.99 and then move the phone to the number you want and put an old crappy phone on the new line. Then, that line can upgrade every 20 months, in this way you get one a year for the primary and every 2nd year you can upgrade twice! Granted, over 24month contract you will pay 240 for the secondary line, but thhe other choice is 500+ up front for full retail. So in the end youndo pay 440 for the phone, but it is spaced out over 2years…and you have an extra line, port your home number (if you have one still)

  • EggoEspada

    One more from AndroidCentral. Defiantly is the Mecha/IncHD/Scorpion/JesusPhone. ;P


    • kellex


      Hah “JesusPhone” part made me laugh.

  • ct

    please tell me that charge port is not on the side. Why do they do that????

    • EC8CH

      I like the side charging port for horizontal docks. They just need to make sure the ports are the only thing on that side (move volume rocker to the other).

  • Do we think Dual-core if it's the Meca?

    • Anonymous

      i swear to god if it isn’t

  • mgavina23

    i have the original inc. now im waiting for this bad boy to be released!!

    • kellex

      It will definitely be worth the wait.

      • Mgavina23


        • EC8CH

          WOW… you got so excited your “M” grew 😛

          • Anon


        • kellex

          Wow your M did grow. 😛

          • Drummer62

            Could have done without seeing his “M” grow. Now to shake this mental image 😛

        • why do people do that?

  • S9779

    i want it.