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DROID X Does Lunar Eclipse Photos

How beautiful and impressive is that?  Would you be even more impressed if we told you it was taken with a Droid X?  Well, according to one of our readers who snapped the shot, it was done using just that plus a telescope.  Amazing.

Cheers @freshgeardude!

  • Jason speratos

    I would love to to share my Droided out Moon pics, how do i do it?


    I use the camera on my DX for my job almost daily. The pics always come out perfect.

  • i have a droid x and at 230 i saw it starting to eclipse then stupid clouds all night i was pissed

  • Kelly

    Perfectly clear here in PA. Took these with my Canon 7d, wish I would have had a bigger lens and a nice tripod. These are freehanded and I cropped them. http://outdoors.webshots.com/a

  • Marcoaquezada

    You can get the same kind of phots using a DROID and DROID 2 using a pair of binoculars. align the binoculars with the lense on the phone,bring it into focus and snap the picture. The pictures come real good if you have a steady hand.

  • Greenday

    droid x camera sucks its auto focus makes the pictures more blurry , I'm surprised how nice that shot came out

  • Rain_king46

    Good picture. I would say that camera is one of the DX's worst features.

  • Dman27

    Yeah I tried taking pictures with my DX last night and they came out like total crap… 🙁

  • I took pictures of the moon last night with my Droid X, but using a pair of binoculars and the Vignette program. The moon was too bright and I couldn't get much detail out of it. The stock camera program did better with the lighting, but I didn't even think of using the binoculars to take a pic using the stock camera software. Oh well.

  • Modawg2k

    I never even bother to bust out my DX at night for it's camera because the pictures always turn out so horrible. Am I just doing it wrong?? Or does this phone (and all phones for that matter) generally take poor dark pictures?

  • Towelie420

    I really wanted to see this. But I had to work early as heck this morning.

  • Higher_Ground

    I couldn't get up at 3 am just to take a peak but from what I've heard it was cloudy here too.

    Oh well, they come around every few years so no big loss 🙂

  • EC8CH

    mmmmmm… sacrilegious.

    *in the voice of Homer eating his soul doughnut*

  • The clouds with three inches of snow in them kinda prevented me from seeing the eclipse. Glad there are some good photos out there. I just got my X after being a faithful OG member since a few days after launch. Good to know all of the things I am able to do with this beast.

  • jxcgunrunna

    Stupid Droid/Droid 2 cameras.

    • Frencha

      I know the OG has the worst camera I've ever seen. 8(

      I hope the Etna/Olympus is better

  • Thats just freaking sweet…..Droid X in the spot light again.

    • lulz

      What spotlight? It took a picture through a telescope.

  • Russ

    Where I live the moon was completely eclipsed by rain clouds 🙁

  • Russ

    Where I live the moon was completely eclipsed by rain clouds 🙁

    • Bummer

      • Lakerzz

        Same here. So cal is reminding me of Portland as of late. :/

    • theineffablebob

      I couldn't even find the moon in the sky

      • Fawzi94

        I couldn't find it either…but then I busted out my Droid and Google Sky Map 🙂

    • kellex

      I'm with ya.

  • jiggaman508

    Technology never ceases to amaze me I'm telling you android is taking over the world!

    Oh and first 🙂

    • pny0985

      Jesus is back! In the form of an android!

      • EC8CH

        mmmmmm… sacrilegious.

        *in the voice of Homer eating his soul doughnut*