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Swype Beta Re-opens to the Public for the Holidays

Good news for those of you who missed out on the last opening of the Swype beta!  Starting today, anyone with an Android phone can head over to beta.swype.com and register for the beta program.  They are calling this a “limited time” offer, so be sure to get over there now.  Oh, and there is a new version for those of you already dominating some Swype.

New Changelog | Announcement

  • Rap777

    Tried to download it from the link they sent with the email to my phone and got a message that my Droid Incredible is not an Android phone. Really?

    I'll take the Gingerbread keyboard, please.

    Thank you.

  • Justin

    Glad I found this today, not to savvy on these paramarket downloads yet and my phone told me today that Swype trial ran out … I was pissed … now I have it again and all is right in the world … I will miss my red theme though.

  • The_Other_Ray

    I'm getting an error saying that my swype is already associated with another account. I previously had a d1 and just recently upgraded to the incredible. How do i fix this?

  • Dfva
  • BigFonz

    Thank you droid-life! I finally got swype back.

  • Jawshua

    I actually signed up a while ago and received an invite to the last update, but for some reason if your phone came with Swype, like my DROIDX, they won't let you update to the new beta. Not sure why, but I do know that that sucks a fat one. But I'll just keep using ShapeWriter, and hopefully one day the stupid company that bought them out will put ShapeWriter back on the Market.

  • when they are they going to stop opening/reopening this stupid swype beta and stop wasting peoples time and just release the full version already.

  • St_been

    how long is this going to be in beta? I mean, come on already developers!

  • Barlog

    Will this work with the DX since it has Swype installed stock? I would love to bring my stock Swype keyboard up to date with the new version.

    • rebelz13

      Were you able to update? With my latest Evo update it forced a swype install and it sucks compared to the beta.

      • Barlog

        After I wrote my comment I read down further in the comments and saw someone posted the way to get it being Rooted. I haven't tried it yet but I'm assuming there must be a way to do it with the Evo being Rooted.

        • rebelz13

          Yep, if you're rooted its no problem. I went back to stock because mine was acting up after a while for some strange reason… This Swype I'm using completely sucks!

  • FAIL on the Samsung Intercept (M910). “Size not supported.” Huh?

    • Martin

      Yeah I have the same problem, does anyone know how to get around this or a versioni that we can use??? Thanks

  • Thtr
  • Johnny

    Yay finally got my dinc running swype. So far I like it better than shape writer. But only time will tell I guess

    • Jawshua


  • CivilDroid

    can anyone theme a gingerbread swype?! that would be BOSS. Please…somebody 🙂

  • 1T2dirtnap

    If you already have swype beta installed… delete swype application, run swype installer… it will update automatically, and install latest swype beta. Select English/Spanish ver. only 2MB or select other ver. 10MB with more languages.

  • The350zWolf

    Oh on an unrelated subject, Pete just released bugless beast v0.6 :^)

  • swiftkey > swype

    • jeesung

      i thought so too, but i'm getting the hang of Swype. the new Gingerbread keyboard is pretty good too.

      • NorCalGuy

        Agreed the gingerbread keyboard might be the best one yet… especially on one of these new gingerbread roms with new txt selection as well as txt editing. Only problem so far is auto puncuate seems to be off or just not working, this could be because i am running a beta gingerbread rom.

    • Jager07

      I have tried several versions of swype and have always been disappointed = revert back to swiftkey after a day or two of utter frustration. However, I've been really impressed with this latest beta of swype (admittedly, I've only used it for a day, but it's lasted longer than any other attempts I've made with it!)


  • Alconguy

    I cant get Swype to work with MIUI rom, can someone help…..

  • vonny571

    Nice! Thanks for the heads up.

  • James_Murphy

    Haven't been able to get Swype working properly since I flashed my phone a while ago.

  • Amiel

    Sticking to 1.6 until they remove the teenspeak dictionary from their word database in their newer releases… “2mr”…seriously?

    • You can delete words from the dictionary.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve deleted the same word over and over. It keeps coming back…

  • FIRST BITCHES I AM A 1337 HAXO7 WTFBBQSAUZe!!!!!111!!!1111111

  • Greg

    HEY… Can Droid-Life do a tutorial on actually installing these updates to SWYPE to our Droid X's. I feel out of date with my own personally. Thanks
    I Hate when people say “first”.

    • Hate is a strong word coming from someone asking us to do work 😉

      Hah, just messin!

    • DBK

      Seeing as it is my first “first”, I am obliged, as per the rules, to acknowledge it. 😛

    • The350zWolf

      The “first” game can come as childish at the beginning but it kinda grows on you and it is actually fun when you try it. To answer your question there is already a tutorial at the swype site blog. Do a search on installing swype on droid x. Works for droid 2 as well and btw you have to have your phone rooted.

    • Mrwolf


      Uninstall Swype.

      Install Swype beta.

      • theineffablebob

        This method does not work. It results in force closes. The instructions Zach Davis posted do work.

    • Droid X
      Step 1. Root Phone
      Step 2. Install Root Explorer
      Step 3. Navigate in RE to System>Apps.
      Step 4. Delete Swype.apk (Make a backup first!)
      Step 5. Now navigate to System>Lib
      Step 6. Delete libSwypeCore.so (Make a backup)
      Step 7. Reboot phone, and then use the SwypeInstaller to put the newest version on there!

    • Jawshua

      Yeah unless you root Swype won’t allow us DROIDX users to be part of the beta.

  • DBK

    Cool! And First!