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HTC Delivering LTE Handsets Mid-2011, Incredible HD Hits Testers this Week?

HTC’s CEO Peter Chou announced this week that they’ll have a variety of 4G LTE handsets in 2011, but that we shouldn’t expect them until at least the middle of the year.  While I’m not about to call out their top dog, as he knows much more than I do, I will say that we’ve heard that the Incredible HD has hit a new wave of testers which usually points to a sooner-than-later release.  They were all forced to sign some crazy NDAs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some leaked stuff were to pop up any day now.

There is also a chance it will just be called the Incredible 2 or Mecha, which we’ve heard in the past.

Via:  WM PowerUser

  • Dpu328

    OKAY, I've been holding out for a good 4g phone since August. I better not have to wait past January to quench my thirst! Grrrr

  • Wmsco51

    2011?? June?? Zzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzz!!?

  • vaocmo70

    Hope one of them is Merge. Damn thing is all over the internet, hurry up and release it!

  • Balticzar

    Please tell me mid-2011 is for overseas (outside of U.S.) markets or a global phone. I'm getting real impatient here for 4G (LTE). This is ridiculous. How the hell is Big Red allowing Sprint to one-up them for this long? I'm a super loyal Verizon customer because of their reliable network but I'm starting to waiver. If I don't see an LTE handset in Jan '11 (not Feb/Not March…but Jan) my migration to Sprint will commence. One handset at a time until I can fully port over the three devices on my bill. LIVID!!!!

  • Blackhawk5177

    send me one test it out

  • Higher_Ground

    I guess approx. one year after the release of the Dinc is asking too much?

  • Gg101

    Here is the exact quote:

    “We are working on an LTE device for next year, 2011. We think that the U.S. mobile operator will be taking some lead and pushing 4G in the U.S. market. But, however, we are seeing the rest of the world will be deploying LTE networks in 2011. Could be the second half of 2011.”

    Second half of 2011 could be referring to HTC LTE phones or international deployment of LTE networks?

  • Tishaluv4

    i know this is off subject, but just got my droid and i'm a real girl, but how do i change my settings on how i answer my phone, or hang up, and what is a good site to download free music

  • palomosan

    My next phone hopefully, as long as it's as fast and good looking as my Incredible.

  • durangojim

    Phandroid is reporting that it might still come in H1 2011 and that the second half talk is for markets outside of the US.

  • Let's Get The Ball Rolling, Less Talking About It And More Doing.

    • kimir

      home depot.

  • mid 2011 ? there will be 5G by then lol jk

  • EC8CH

    I'd call it the “Incrediblier”

    but that's just me 😛

    • Greg

      my vote is for 'incrediblest”

      • EC8CH

        I was saving that one for the Incredible 3.

        • kimir

          the in-cray-ab-le (from snl skit with french kenan thompson) 😀

  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    mid year sounds just about right to me 😀 I don't upgrade until August

  • Papachulu

    Almost time to sell my X.. 😉

    • kimir

      you need some htc love.

  • ryanallaire

    Sorry i couldn't help myself, lol.. Anyway, people say HTC & LG phones are cheap, and motorola isn't any good. I haven't had any problems with my OG D1, my question is do people just have bad luck with their phones or should we have a poll to see which one is the best?

    • EC8CH

      In my experience LG and HTC phones don't feel like they have the physical build quality of Moto phones.

      Unfortunately for Moto they insist on pushing their crappy software “Blur” which is far inferior to HTC's “Sense” and they are locking all of their phones down with encrypted bootloaders. So if people are saying Moto isn't any good, it's probably not their hardware, it's their software that's the problem.

    • I Think I Remember They Already Had A Poll But It Was The “Android Cup” If I'm Not Mistaken And Anyone Can Correct Me If I'm Wrong.

    • kimir

      htc has the best software.

  • Mth2134

    I wish I had a spongebob chia pet.

    • EC8CH

      post a “First” comment on Droid-life… I hear that's the prize you get.

      • Mth2134


  • Timoh

    Mid year does seem a bit late. Of course we all know how much VZ likes to push back release dates. Maybe he was just keeping that in mind with the comment.

    • Raptor007

      Verizon has said they will be launching an LTE phone a month in Q1 2011, and rumors were that Incredible2/Mecha/Incredible HD could be announced at CES with a January/February release. I will be getting this monster.

  • ryanallaire

    Congrats, you win a cheeto!

  • am i 1st?

    edit: guess not.. maaaaan 🙁

  • Towelie420