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Gingerbread Theme for ADW Launcher by Koveleski

Here we are again. Back to show you how to make your phone look like something that isn’t even out yet. Last week we gave you everything that was available:  Icons, themes for ROMs, and everything in between. Our good friend Koveleski, who just can’t seem to stop releasing good material for the community, has added to the fun.

He just recently launched this theme for ADW and has already become top honored on AppBrain. Isn’t that sweet? So after the jump we’ll provide the QR code and Market link for you to enjoy as well if you bat for team ADW.  

Here’s a nice quote from Dave about the theme –

“This is a very low impact theme. I’m essentially just trying to capture the look of the launcher.”

Well there you have it. From the man himself. Placed right below this line is a QR code. Scan it with a Barcode Scanner, or click the “Market Link” from your phones browser and be shot off like a magical star directly to the application on the Market. Enjoy everyone!

Market Link


Koveleski has been supplying us so much lately. Please donate so he can get Egg Nog.
Also, for everyone who’s going to ask here’s the wallpaper! Have a great Wednesday!

  • Spencer Monheim

    Scanned it on barcode scanner and says' it's not available anymore? any explanation?

    • scmonheim

      just used the market link, however when applied the app drawer didn't get changed from default adw. only the phone and browser dock got changed. And only the browser got the new icon.

      • the launcher buttons (on the dock) need to be manually set. do this by changing the icons of the the shortcuts to the included images in the icon pack.

  • Barker Justin24

    can you use this on droid 2?

  • Bigrob60

    Looks like someone took my comment about Zombie Gingerbread men and Ran w/ it. Oh hurry up tegra 2 phones so I can put this on it.

  • kimir

    what is the wifi on off widget called?

    • Beautiful Widgets Wifi toggle with a custom skin

  • Jawshua

    Ahahahahahaaaa!!! That's awesome! He's so cute I could just eat him up! I'd probably spit up blood afterwards, but it's worth it.

  • Baney27

    Can anyone tell me the name of that battery meter He is using? Thank you

  • Jbona3

    Has anyone encountered the loss of the secondary action buttons? And do you know how to get them back? Would make this theme a whole lot better…

    • UI Settings, Main Dock Style.. Choose 5 buttons

  • The only reason I didn't include an icon pack is that this was an alternative to using launcher2 but still getting the look. The icons I included are just the ones from the actual launcher.

  • Clgraham86

    I'm assuming this theme is for 2.1 or 2.2? I have ADW but I'm using 1.6 on my G1…I haven't rooted it again.

    • It *should* work on the latest ADW regardless of OS version.

      • Barker Justin24

        can you use this on droid 2?

  • StormFreak

    Weird. On my OG Droid with CM 6.1.1 when I apply this theme, only the browser icon changes. The dialer and app drawer buttons stay the same. Anyone else seeing this?

    • Jbona3

      Yes I had that happen too – and I'm running CM 6.1.1 as well. This is what I did to fix it: put a new phone shortcut on the home screen. Long Press the shortcut and let go. In the pop-up touch the phone icon, then select ADWTheme IconPacks in the next pop up. Then select “Gingerbread | ADW”, and select the green phone icon. Once that's done the icon in the shortcut will be changed and you can drag that icon down to replace the current phone icon.

      • StormFreak

        Thanks. I used the same method to change the app drawer icon to the Gingerbread icon. It was a bit more difficult. I had to create a custom shortcut with an ADW Launcher Action to Open/Close App Drawer. I changed the icon in the same way you mentioned above and dragged it down. Now it looks just like the screenshot. Phew.

  • Cowboydroid

    If the dev could put together a more extensive icon pack, that would make the theme more valuable (to me). Actually, that goes for all devs making themes for ADW. Icon packs are why I like ADW.

    • The only reason I didn't include an icon pack is that this was an alternative to using launcher2 but still getting the look. The icons I included are just the ones from the actual launcher.

      • Matt

        where are the rest of the icons though? the only one i have is the green browser icon. is there any way to be able to use the other ones? any help would be greatly appreciated.

        • They are in the iconpack which is accessed by editing a shortcut and going into the icon selection, choosing iconpack and then the theme.

          • Matt

            how do you edit a shortcut and get into the icon selection. i understand how to change a shortcut ( just drag another app over the dock shortcut you want to replace) is there something else im missing

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1bK2yBvZp8 || fast forward to 1:36 and you’ll see.

          • matt

            thanks man, that was something i hadn’t ever done before… but i appreciate the help.

      • Anonymous

        any idea why my icons wont change to the new ones .. what am i doing wrong .. i get the wall papers an stuff but no icon change this also happened when i tried other theme’s .. great work by the way .. keep up the good work .. 🙂

  • Google really knows how to paint em.

  • 1bad69z28

    Ha ha alittle Halloween and Christmas mixed in together. I thinking the artist here is trying to shoot for a Picaso theme here with a hint of scary on the holidays. I am wondering if the GIngerbread Man is a cousin of Chucky lol.

  • Michael_NM

    “Placed right below this line is a QR code.” Actually, right below that line are a couple more sentences. Below those is funny looking black & white picture. Is that the “QR code?” Do I have to take that to the grocery store and use their barcode scanner? I'm so confused… LOL

    I do like this theme, but that wallpaper is a bit much. 🙂

    • Dr.L'ling

      Download barcode scanner from the market and scan it with that, it'll probably just link you to the download

      • Michael_NM

        Thanks Dr. L! You're too kind. I was attempting to be funny…

        • Guest

          and you failed. you are never funny, just an annoying nerd… get a life and quit brown nosing this site… you offer nothing.

          • Anonymous

            That’s not very nice. Did your girlfriend laugh at his joke?

    • Hah. Trolllllin! <3

      • Michael_NM

        I resemble that remark. 🙂

  • g00ber

    That painting will haunt my dreams for weeks now.

  • Keithsmnr

    am first ollopl

  • dellbx

    I will respectfully take a pass on this one

    • Thanks for doing so respectfully 🙂

    • you are gonna flirt with a theme? you are the adventurous one. 😛