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Download: Nexus S Gingerbread Live Wallpaper

Been wanting that new Nexus live wallpaper that comes with Gingerbread and the Nexus S?  You are in luck!  The amazing minds over at the XDA Forums have released it as an .apk file, but only for those of you that are rooted.  You’ll want to make a backup of your LiveWallpapers.apk file which is located in /system/app as this will replace it.  Also, Blur phone users (Droid X and 2) may have to go into “mounts and storage” and “Mount System” if you choose the update.zip method below.

Download:  update.zip or LiveWallpapers.apk


*ROOTED users only.

*Make a backup of your LiveWallpapers.apk file from /system/app.

Using update.zip file:

*Droid X and 2 users, you will need to “mount system” in recovery first.

1.  If you downloaded the update.zip file, you’ll need to drop that on your SD card.
2.  Boot into recovery, choose “install zip from SD card” and then flash the update.zip file.

Using LiveWallpapers.apk:

1.  If you chose the LiveWallpapers.apk, you’ll need to drop that on your SD card.
2.  From there, you’ll open Root Explorer, copy the LiveWallpapers.apk into your /system/app folder.
3.  You will be asked to replace the current LiveWallpapers.apk file in there.  Do it.
4.  Reboot your phone and enjoy!

Other mirrors and support found over at XDA.

Cheers Teague!

  • DROIDdoesFTW

    what wifi widget is that?

  • The3dman

    Just so everyone knows this is not the real live wallpaper this was made by me (The3dman) Here is my OP on XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.co

  • VZW-Lte

    .So saying that if my phone is not dotted I can't is there a other way for me to get this working on my phone?

  • Pdbauer51

    I got it to work. I read another forum and they had the fix. In root explorer, go to where you dropped the apk should be system/app. Click mount button up top, then hold down the apk till the menu comes up. Go to permissions and click all 3 boxes for user read, write, execute. Then back out and reboot. Should work now! It did for me hope it works for you.

  • Unexpected62

    Didn't work for me either using Root Explorer… I normally don't have trouble with this stuff either.

  • matt

    DroidX Rooted Stock 2.2.1

    Copied file over, changed permissions, reboot, wallpaper is there but looks like complete ass.

  • Chris

    For the people who got this to work? Is this really the nexus s wallpaper or is it the normal nexus with the new background?

  • APK does not install on Motorola Droid.

    • The350zWolf

      Needs to be replaced manually in the /system/app directory. Use Root Explorer per the instructions.

  • Chris

    Doesnt install on Droid X -.-

  • Doug Ivks

    Got it to work on my DX, but it's pink and blue, nothing like above.

  • Mr2turbo15

    Using Rom manager installed from SD card.. worked on my og Droid… but did not work on my my main phone g2 using HTC sense

  • Joeyandrade3785

    Why doesn't this work for non rooted uses?

    • The350zWolf

      Because it has to be loaded up into wo /system/app partition

  • It didn't work until I changed permissions to user read and write, others read, group read

  • Keithsmnr

    Guys…I love droid-life but seriously, this doesn't work, and the gingerbread themed launcher pro doesn't either. You guys should test this stuff out before sharing it with everyone. I've just wasted a lot of time trying to use this stuff…

    • Chefmelv20

      the themed launcher pro does work.. theres just certain parts you have to “manually” theme you have to download the Icon package and bar.

      • Keithsmnr

        The launcher pro would not even install “package error”

        • Matt

          Worked great for me

  • I'll just wait until a regular apk comes out

  • iamthewalrus2211

    +1 not working for me either. Tried installing both ways. D 1 running miui 12.3.2.

  • make a non root version please..

    • Jm4062

      u cant; u have 2 root

  • gonzo319

    It worked on my OG Droid, using sapphire 1.1.1 ROM with gingerbread theme. I used the update.zip method, installed using “Install from SD Card using ROM Manager and it worked.

  • Higher_Ground

    I had a live wallpaper the first day or so after I bought my DX and have stuck with a static photo ever since becaues I assumed they were battery hogs. Is the battery drain neglible or do you guys notice significantly lower battery life?

  • Krweby

    Got it kind of working on my DX. Had to make sure the rights where set correctly. But I'm not deodexed so the graphics didn't look right.

    • Toky_neg

      can you share how you “kind of” got it to work?

      • Krweby

        Set the rights on the file the same as the one that was there originally. Then reboot your phone and it should show up.

        • Toky_neg

          Thanks.. I got it to show up but it looks like crap. not sure what the deal is.

  • walord

    This is not the Nexus S live wallpaper. This is the Nexus One (revamped) with the Nexus S background. Causes stuttering and hesitation on a Galaxy S phone.

  • ADroidX

    the apk route didn't work for me. It sucks that something like this comes along and just doesn't work right from the get-go…

  • I would download and install this sweet live wallpaper, but I had just purchased both Light Grid Pro and the Holiday Edition, and am really, really liking the live wallpaper themes that come with it.

    I can't believe I didn't download and use it before few days ago. Oh well..anyways, I think I'll download this and use it in a few days, maybe.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Brife

    Nice, been wanting that live wallpaper!

  • Keithsmnr

    1 more for the “doesn't work” crowd

    rooted droid lithmod.

  • Not working for me. I tried both methods, to no avail.

    Should it be showing up under the live wallpapers list after the update?

  • Toky_neg

    tried droping it on system/app but still cant see it on the live wallpapers list. Any one got it to work on DX?

    DX 2.2.1 Stock + root + bootstrap

    • Shaun

      I tried both the LiveWallpaper.apk and update.zip method on my DX. Neither work. To make things worse, when I tried to my original LWP.apk back, the list still doesn't update to include the extra ones I had before.

    • Shaun

      Got a fix. After installing, open root explorer, go to system/app, longpress the LWP.apk, select Permissions, check off all 3 on read and check only user on write. Reboot and it should work, worked for me.

      • iamthewalrus2211

        Worked for me

  • BrianWM

    Can't get it to work either way on sgs fascinate.

    • “sgs”? O_o

      • Keithsmnr

        Samsung Galaxy S

  • Eric

    Tried both methods and it doesn't work. Check the form and some people are having the same problem.

  • you got an email

  • Slow88lx

    What exactly does it replace?

  • Pancho

    Please bring out for non Rooted..

  • e3pin0

    Does this work for all rooted droids? Just want to make sure

  • Mr.Steve

    Any way to make this a normal .apk file like the Droid X Live Wallpaper, I don't have my D2 rooted.

  • Br_d

    Will this replace ALL of my live wallpapers or just the default neural network wallpaper? And how do I get back to the old version if I don't end up liking it?

  • nld2

    You posted the Gingerbread icons earlier, including the Browser and Phone icon, but now the one that you are using there is different. Where can I get THAT particular phone icon?

    • That phone icon comes from the Gingerbread theme for the DX and D2.

      • nld2

        I don't have the theme, I just used the icon image that they posted about a week ago and added it to my LauncherPro bar, and was hoping to get the phone one from above to do the same.

        • Right. Well that icon comes with that theme, but you might be able to get it if someone made a dump of Gingerbread icons.

  • Michael_NM

    Cool! What wallpaper are you using? 😛 What are those widgets? Where do I find that ROM? What color socks are you wearing? lol 🙂

    • Krze

      He’s using the GummyJAR ROM from the xda fourms. It’s a blurr free ROM geared for speed. (I use it too)

      On topic: The .apk isn’t working for me.
      DX 2.2 / rooted / GummyJAR ROM.

      • Anonymous

        It’s a joke and no, not that ROM.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks Timoh! It was a joke, but I think I’d better keep my day job…

          • You have been on a roll today.. *facepalm*

          • Anonymous

            I liked it. I was going to come in and say the same thing but you got it first. Haha.

  • Jas


  • what wifi widget is that?