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Dolphin Browser Mini Lands in Market

A little over a week ago, we wrote about Dolphin’s new Mini browser, which was the company’s attempt at making the ultimate light browsing experience.  At that time it was still in “preview” mode, but as of last night, it became semi-official and is now available in the market.  From just a few minutes with it, I don’t see any major differences between this and the preview version, but you’ll want to grab the market version to make sure you get prompted for updates.

And if you are new to Dolphin, you’ll want to check out the chart below.

Download Link

Via:  Dolphin Blog

Cheers Jason!

  • I’m now saving money just to buy an android powered phone and to try this awesome browser. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Bqluong

    A few reasons why I like Dolphin over stock:
    1. Does not load all the flash on a website (e.g. ESPN), it only loads something when I click on it. Maybe stock can block flash until I click on it too but I haven't discovered it yet.
    2. For some reason on the stock browser some websites refused to be shown in Desktop version even after the about:debug “feature”. During black friday, i could not load the sears.com website in desktop mode no matter what. However, looks like 2.2.1 on the DX seems to fix it?
    3. Gestures are cool except D for Droid-life is constantly confused for K for KVOA.com 🙁
    4. The one addon I like about Dolphin HD is the PDF addon. Lets me “print to pdf” a website to share through email.
    5. There is an exit button

    What I don't like about dolphin:
    1, Google Instant doesn't work for me.
    2. Does not determine current location like to stock browser.
    3. Opening link from other apps keeps asking me between Stock and Dolphin even though I open in Dolphin.

    • you can easily change stock browser settings for 'ondemand' flash only. c'mon guy, its obvious you haven't even checked out the stock browser's settings.

      but yeah, the only reason why i DONT use stock browser is that it doesn't remember user agent settings. it always displays webpages in mobile format. HELLO, but i bought a Droid X in order to browse desktop version sites.

  • Hutj2254

    I got a web site twitter and dolphin took me to wrong site so went back to original and went to correct site.

  • kimir

    now it fits on my eris! yay

  • kierra

    Would love Dolphin but I hate that crazy color scheme

  • PAKmann2k

    Quite happy with stock.

  • Pathetic

    First at what? Posting a comment? Pathetic.

    • Don't troll here. Get a sense of humor and enjoy the competition. You don't complain about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich just because it has tomato sauce instead of strawberry jelly, do you? I didn't think so 😛

      • Michael_NM

        Tomato sauce would be better than Tim-o-tato sauce, but I'd still complain. 🙂

        BTW: Still looking for that Tatofesto, but I keep finding: “Index of /” 🙁

        • Stop trolling. 😛 It' taking me time….

          • Michael_NM

            You've called me troll twice today… I feel so… hmm… hurt. :,( LOL 🙂

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      Say it with me now F – I – R – S – T

    • Amiel

      hahahaha @ this guy taking the internet so seriously. u mad bro?

  • DeNon

    im on Droid X 2.2 stock BTW

  • this has been my new browser for a while now, its much better than anything else out there. Dolphin Browser HD is great and all but it comes with a lot of unnecessary junk that makes it sluggish imo.

  • DeNon

    This browser is the ONLY one that is faster than the stock..get it now

    • not true. skyfire 2.x was extremely fast. it was rated fastest browser on android. new version is terrible though, as they added in facebook integration… its also slower.

  • I guess it's jut me, but I hardly do any browsing on my phone. Maaaaybe cause I'm in front of the computer 24/7, but I just use the Stock Browser and it works just fine. No need for all these features lol
    But don't get me wrong, I love the options. <3

    • Lakerzz

      I'm out in the field a lot, (for work) w/o a lap top, so I use my phones browser quite a bit. The stock browser seems just fine to me as well.

      • tjhrulz

        yeah i just want better tab support then perfection

  • 🙂

  • First

    • Jason

      Just initial impressions, but I think the Dolphin Mini rocks the house. I have been using the HD version since I purchased my DInc back when it launched. Doesn't have the bloat that the full version has, but keeps the 'useful' features and seems quite fast.

      p.s. thanks for the shout out! 😉