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Buy a DROID X, Incredible or Pro from Dell and They’ll Hand You $25

Normally when a phone like the Droid X hits the “FREE” category, that’s a big enough announcement, but Dell has taken it a step further.  If you buy a DX from their online store, not only will you get the device for free, but they’ll toss in a $25 gift card with it.  Not bad right?  We saw this same deal for the Incredible last month, but Dell decided to step their game up for a last minute X-mas push using almost all of the Droid devices.  You will find this $25 gift card deal for the Incredible (again), Pro and DX.  Who’s buying?


Cheers MC!

  • Senator1521

    Buy a Droid X from Vitelwireless.com for $49 or sign up to start selling phones and get your own wireless dealerhsip and buy the phone from yourself and BAM get paid $50 or more in commissions. Check it out http://www.vitelwireless.com They also have the Torch for FREE

  • Wareaglevi

    On a related note: if you could buy a D2G for $40, would you jump on it on a heartbeat or would you wait?

  • Brandon

    can i still return this in 30 days if i buy through dell? and is there a restocking fee?

  • The fact that Dell is selling Droids shows how little confidence they have in their own Streak.

  • RacecarBMW

    What about the dell streak shouldnt they be supporting that?

  • Cleetose

    It's tempting, but I'm holding onto my Droid until I see some LTE goodness.

  • Jesse

    sign me up for this, i'm done with my BB, time to get DX'd with some extra cash in my pocket

  • unrelated: is the new swiftkey update a little iphone-ish in your opinion?

    • Michael_NM

      Damn it Tony! I was liking the update until you said that. It's as though you've icursed my Swiftkey.

  • BKTee

    Or $19.99 if you are eligible for an upgrade.

    I did the eligibility check. Says I'm not eligible. 🙁

    Oh well. I guess I'll have to wait for an LTE phone.

  • Higher_Ground

    off topic but does anyone know which Cricket phone runs android with swype stock? a friend of mine picked one up the other day but i didn't get to ask him which version of andriod it ran.. looked like 2.1/2.2 to me from a glance. he mentioned angry birds runs a little choppy but i'm not that surprised coming from a lower end phone.

  • imronburgundy

    Not a bad deal if you're trying to buy a dell computer. Aka, marketing gimmick. Oh well, someone will enjoy it.

  • Higher_Ground

    I could dig a free phone, but what are you going to do with a $25 Dell gift card? Buy a car charger?

  • NewsWorthy

    FYI: If you didn't already know, this is only valid on the primary line of your account. If you have a family plan and intend to upgrade a phone that is not the primary line, YOU PAY! In a case like this, the price is $129 if I remember correctly but you do still get the $25 Dell Gift Card. Just my $.02. Not sure what it's worth to you guys. Deuces!

  • Darkside8548

    its kinda strange you'd think that it would be free for returning customers from Verizon not the other way around 🙁

  • YoMomma

    Ugh WHY Second line in a family plan, WHY!

  • Bucho2k

    Oh no, not $25?

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    25 dolla make you holla