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Calendr is a Nice Minimal Addition to Clockr

Our buddy Faruq, who has created some of the best Android apps on the planet like Helix Launcher and QuickDesk, is back with a new entry only this time into the minimalist world.  You are all familiar with Clockr, SimiClock, Minimalist Text, etc., but probably not Calendr.  Calendr will surely be the minimal option for those addicted to their Gmail calendars that always need to know what’s popping up next.

It’s definitely still in alpha and has zero options, but knowing the developer behind it, I’m sure it’ll be top notch in a short amount of time.  Grab the alpha below, or at least mark this one down in your reminder file.

Download:  Calendr.apk

Full support thread and donate link here.

Cheers Picolas!

  • oops*… and a few other stuffs.. but mostly focused on bugfixing.

  • ciloma

    I just want stuff that works and will not drag my battery down. I don't care if it is minimalist or full of unicorns.

  • John

    read as “fap meeting.”

  • KniteLyf

    If u want a great calendar app check out JORTE. Found it on appbrain a few weeks ago and have ditched everything else. Has multiple customizable widgets, google calendar and tasks integration. Oh yeah its free!

  • Eric

    Tell Faruq to fix Quickdesk Pro. No support for at least 2 months now.

    • chill… and update is coming. in testing phase. just to let out a bit… customizable number of rows and columns.

  • since you created a blog about Android Life, & you have Droid Life already.. you should create MNML LFE as well since i think minimal applications now make up a majority of the Droid Life Posts 😛

    • DRD LFE comin soon!

    • Bigdaddy2351985

      HAHA take that kellex. AndroidLife #FAIL

  • PapaSmurf

    Im sick of all this minimalist stuff already.. Lets start making some more pretty stuff with colors and unicorns!

    • Timoh

      There's plenty of that overly flashy, busy garbage out there already. It's everything else.

      • PapaSmurf

        haha.. that is true.. But I never see any of the really good ones on DL.

  • Where's the wallpaper from?

    • skltr21

      if you do a google search for nexus wallpaper you sjould find it.

  • Minimalistic Text, FTW!

  • Too many clocks! Too many widgets! I need more homescreens :/

    • Lakerzz

      Haha…same here…I keep switching off.

  • S617


  • Mrpicolas

    lol.. Im always trolling for some news

  • marc

    What’s that wallpaper

  • What wallpaper is that/where do I get it?