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Limited Edition Droid Life Exploded Andy Hoodies On-Sale Now!

We are more than excited to introduce a limited edition DroidLife sweatshirt from the crew behind the Exploded Andy series of shirts.  The hoodie, with DroidLife branding placed neatly under the famous exploded robot, can be purchased for 3 days only and will then disappear forever.  This is the first time we’ve partnered with anyone to bring you DL gear, so be sure to take advantaged of this limited-time offer.

How much do they cost though?

You can grab one for the ridiculously low price of $24.90.  That’s right, a sweatshirt that normally sells for $40 can be had for under $25 and will ship this Friday, so that you’ll have it in time for X-mas.  They are made from a heavy fleece, 80/20 cotton/poly, and weigh a little over a pound.  These are nice sweatshirts.

Again, 3 days only sale, $25 DL hoodie, limited edition, and you’ll have it by X-mas.  Awesome.

Purchase Here | Sizing Chart

Hoodie picture after the break.  


  • To be quite honest, I waited about 5-6 months to get my dream phone which is the HTC Thunderbolt, and it has been a dream come true. I have rooted the phone and was waiting for the Gingerbread Roms to be released and now I am sitting up at 4am flashing it over 🙂 

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Claybern

    Ordering one tomorrow!!!! 🙂

  • Ryan C

    just ordered one!

  • Thesaber2000

    Saweet! Now I can represent my nerdiness where ever I go 🙂

  • Jawshua

    Yeah I agree with the contest idea! A nice Christmas contest with some Droid Life gear as the prize.

    Maybe see who can make the most original Droid Life Christmas picture!? Something cool about Christmas with Droid Life as the theme. Maybe have everyone use the same drawing program off the Market? The Magic Marker drawing program is a lot of fun and it has a Christmas theme, we could use that?

  • caelius

    ordered! Now I'll stay nice and warm in while I'm visiting family in Michigan for the Holidays.

  • Barlog

    Just placed my order can't wait! Kellex why do you have to put this stuff up now when I should be buying other people gifts not gifts for myshelf 😉 oh well I've been waiting forever for you to come out with shirts or some type of gear Thanks! Happy Holidays!

  • dblj

    and, ordered….

  • Just ordered…pretty psyched

  • Bryan

    These are nice! I'll be purchasing one tomorrow when I get paid 🙂

  • Ttocsm

    Mine was $21. + $8 shipping,, =$29.00

    • DBK


  • I'm definitely getting one of these Limited Edition DroidLife Hoodies, hopefully for Christmas.

    They really do look very cool and what better way to promote/show-off Android and the greatest Droid community on the planet!

  • 1bad69z28

    Looks a little average, not really feeling the color. Maybe a Droid Life Hoodie with a exploded OG D1 or DX Representing some Droid Love. 😛

  • the color is all wrong

  • kellex

    Size Large is being added. Was accidentally omitted, sorry all!

    • Charcoal is cool, but Black should have been an option, too! 🙂

  • choosn2change

    so is andy a girl cause im not seeing anything that resembles some…. “spare parts” lol

  • It's a cool design and honestly, I'd be a lot more apt to buy this if it took up more than 1/10 of the hoodie. I was hoping for pure awesome and well there's not much of it here… sorry guys but I'll have to wait until you actually have a sweater that wears your logo and Andy proud, I don't need people coming up to me with a magnifying glass just to view my hoodie… Unless of course it's girls… you know, you might just be on to something their Winsoton! By god, your a genius!

    • kellex

      Logo will be much bigger on the actual hoodie. 🙂

      • Jeglinas

        I'd like one but I don't get paid until Friday…

  • FortitudineVincimus

    seems to be missing 1 critical piece

  • BloodiedWraith

    Kellex you should do a contest and give away a few of these! *hint hint*

  • I can haz? 😛

  • Michael_NM

    Droid Life swag is born! Epic Christmas present WIN!!!

  • NadTwist


    • mathees

      i hear you get a free hoodie with every first

      • NadTwist

        And it's my first ever first! 🙂

        • Gambrel022

          Michael….. Just WOW…..

          How much more awesome can the Android community be???!!

          Android Community, you guys rock!

      • kellex

        Hah sneaky. 😛

        • NadTwist

          I'd like an X-large please. 😉

          • Michael_NM

            In the spirit of the season, I'd like to reward your “first.” Please send Dr. Droid (Kellex) your name, address and phone #, and I'll take care of the rest. Merry Christmas! 🙂

          • NadTwist

            That is just awesome of you! But I wouldn't feel right accepting. You're an awesome fellow. Thanks! 🙂

          • Michael_NM

            If you change your mind, the offer stands. I'd be happy to do it. 🙂

          • NadTwist

            Just knowing that somebody would do something so nice for a stranger restores my faith in humanity. 🙂
            Thanks again for the offer!

          • Bigrob60

            I’ll take one. 😛