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New DROID X Dialer Introduced on Version 2.3.340

For some reason, the new enhanced dialer was left out of the Droid X update list and that’s too bad, because this is a major improvement in our minds.  I know what you are thinking, “A dialer? Seriously, that’s post-worthy?”, but for those of you who own a Droid X, you know how spotty the contact and dialer system was.  The new dialer now displays your most recently dialed number so that you can quickly call them back if needed, and also does a much better job at searching contacts when you start typing in a number.  Again, seems minor, but to all of our DX readers out there, you are going to love this.

Cheers Possomcrast!

  • Ptwerp84

    My dailer quit working after the 2.3 update.  Flicks on and immediately returns to the home screen.  It does this from multiple paths to the dailer.  

    • JB

      This is happening to mine too.  Trying to find a solution.  Have you found one yet?

  • Wicker300

    Is there a way to remove the “Most Recent” and get the larger numbers back?

  • I absolutely love it..might even make more phone calls now!!

  • I hate this update. I can't turn my pixel density down to 180 anymore. Strike that. I can't turn it down AT ALL anymore. I'm stuck with 240 and it looks like the Android version of running Windows at 640×480. No thanks. Give me the old dialer back please.

  • Lpmeteoraremix

    Id love to see this on original droid!

  • Snowmaniac

    i hate how you cant just switch it to vibrate or silent just with the volume on the side anymore….. you have to go into the settings and mess with it… also my radio in my car has a usb port and would charge off of it, which now wont work because of this update…..

  • Corthney

    is it just me or is anything else having this issue. i can only get 34% of madden 2011 downloaded. it wont go ANY further!

  • Mghill77

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I didn't even know this was updated because I never used the original dialer because it was so bad. I will now have to decide between the updated dialer and dialer one which I have been using from the market. The updated dialer is a huge improvement so long as it is stable.

  • speakertx

    Don't know if the new dialer came with ApeX 1.2.1 or 320, but it is on my phone, and I have only loaded 320, not 340, followed by ApeX

  • Jeff

    Why did we not see the updated horizontal key board that would be part of the gingerbread release? I know this was not gingerbread but thought that might be part of it.

  • Jawshua

    Thanks because I didn't even know the dialer had changed at all! I'll have to check it out now because you're right the old one was definitely lacking.

  • Unfortunately the new dialer crashes if you change your LCD Density to anything other than stock.

    • Jeremywork

      Any fix? I just installed a new dialer…

    • Gwaterjetski

      I too couldn’t figure out why the dialer was crashing, but after seeing your post that was the only thing that I had changed was the LCD density then it started crashing. Thanks for confirming my suspicions. 🙂

  • PhinsPhan

    I don't even remember what the dialer looked like before. I use Fast Call or voice commands for most of my dialing.

  • eddieonofre

    can we OG Droid Users get a respectable DIaler?????
    A dialer with t9 search so I dont have to go scroll through mi contacts to make a call

  • Am I crazy, or does the original Droid not search contacts as I type a number? 🙁

  • Am I crazy, or does the original droid dialer not search contacts as I type a number? 🙁

  • Nylabrookes

    I have the featured dialer on my Droid X. Who said we didn't get it in our update!!!

  • Towelie420

    A little off topic, but I need help for sure…
    Can you guys read this post http://www.droidxforums.com/fo
    I would have posted it on the Droid-life forums, but it wouldn't let me login for some lame reason….

  • Towelie420

    CAN I GET AN SBF ? ? ? lol I'm bricked

  • Possomcrast1

    np kellex

  • eddieonofre

    I need a better dialer for my OG DROID!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlie

    Any way to load this on OG?

  • g00ber

    Ok a bunch of the new updates the D2 and DX are getting i have had since day one on my so called lame R2D2 D2. I have always wondered why im on software version 2.4.5.A957.

  • Sweet!

    And yes, the dialer on my Droid X I have now is very buggy and spotty, not to mention, very laggy when loading all my hundreds of contacts(from Facebook and elsewhere, lol). So laggy at times that my dialer force closes itself.

    So yes, I really want a new dialer damnit! No, I don't want one, I NEED one!

  • Stephen D

    It looks sort of like the TouchWiz dialer. Much better than the old dialer.

  • furii

    i don't suppose the new dialer lets you place a call on hold to answer an incoming call? or to hang up your current call and take the incoming call for that matter.

  • AngelovElvis

    Maybe I'm all kinds of crazy, but swear the vibrate has changed. Now it peaks for a millisecond making it more noticeable whilst it's in my pocket. If someone would confirm this somehow, I will not increase my medication.

    • k1cks

      You're not crazy…
      It is definitely different now

    • yeah my phone just vibrated as I read that and it definitely is

    • Mike

      Feels the same to me. Also I have some pills I'll sell you.

  • The350zWolf

    That's exactly the same dialer in my D2… go figure why it wasn't in the DX

    • phillya

      def not the same as the D2…

  • Kevin Jellison

    MIUI Dialer FTW!

  • My freakin' Droid X just freaked out the hardware buttons stopped working, then I battery pulled it, and stuck at Moto logo, battery pulled it again (before going into restore mode) and now it won't even boot. They don't make 'em like they used to (original Droid). 😛 Now I have to wait until Monday to get a replacement. “Sorry we don't have any Droid X in stock here or nearby” yeah right. If I was signing up for a new line of service I”m sure they would. Thanks Verizon you ass raping cock blowers. /vent.

    • Yep, if it was a new line of service you would be getting a new phone. You will be getting a used phone (aka “certified like new replacement”) which is very possible they don't have in stock. Unless of course you are within 30 days of the original purchase, in which case you will get a brand new phone.

  • kingsfan33

    i hated the original dialer which is why i replaced it with the “dialer one” app.
    favorite feature is like 100 speed dials.

    • kingsfan33

      btw the dialer one app also has built in smart dialing……..

  • skatenaked911

    i noticed this on the tranq 1.5.1 update but i figured i had just never noticed it before
    i reallly do love it now that i 'notice' it ahha

  • ckeegan

    They really need need to update the original droid 2 with this. lack of a “smart dialer” is one thing that constantly pisses me off about my d2, especially for someone who still actually uses their smartphone as a phone.

  • Maybe it's just me but I think the key component of a phone is being able to dial quickly and efficiently… so this is important.

  • Michael_NM

    Wait, this thing has a phone?

    • The350zWolf

      Hello?!?!? Can you hear me now???

    • Petas

      Apparently Chris Zeigler of Engadget was not aware of this either, someone may want to tell him.

  • Aaron Brodsky

    Yeah, noticed this right away. I first saw this on my wife's new D2 Global. Was jealous. Glad we have it now on our Xs.

  • Cory

    Has anyone else found that the new dialer doesn't work at all when you change the LCD density? I changed mine to 200 after re-rooting with Z4root…and launching the dialer close right away. Not even a force close message.

  • Higher_Ground

    LOL @ the first failz

    This is a great improvement for anyone who's ever tried to win a radio contest – it took forever to redial the number

  • This is the same dialer as the D2 Global

    • Yes it is

    • kellex

      We're a little behind on the DX. 😛

      • Anonymous

        Yea, I wish we were given and option to choose vanilla or blurrrrr.

  • sindeslroyer

    dang i got beat by seconds when i was logging in, fail on my part

  • sindeslroyer

    thanks for pointing this out ^-^
    oh and FIRST!!! XD

  • Akowal


    Just noticed this, definitely a nice change on my phone! Wish FB contact pics would still update correctly tho

  • viewthis66

    that is a major thing. thank you for pointing that out.