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Motorola Everest Honeycomb Homescreen Pictured, Specs Mentioned

You are looking at a homescreen picture for the Motorola Everest (allegedly), which is the 10″ tablet expected to be headed to Verizon as the “DROID” tablet some time in early 2011.  The pic popped up on Mobile01 with a handful of specs from a user claiming to have fondled the device for over an hour.  So what does this beauty have packed into it?  An NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 2MP front camera, 5MP back camera, gyroscope, 32GB built-in storage plus an SD card slot.  The Moto Tablet will also launch as an LTE device, which we’ve heard in the past.

Check out these high-res Motorola Everest pictures from earlier in the week to see what the device actually looks like.  Pretty, right?

Via:  Engadget, Mobile01

  • you fail anyways

  • Billy1

    Perhaps Sanjays children downloaded the Scooby Doo and princess puzzles….they likely have had one of these since last year.

  • Jawshua

    That guy fondled the tablet? Nerds! When will they learn that you're supposed to fondle real women??

    • Justin

      the tablet is a fake woman?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    wait, let me get this straight

    In his interview, Ruben said that the tablet he was holding was worth about 10k in dev money.. so this person got to mess with a rare maybe 1 of a kind 10k tablet.. and it has junk on it like Yelp, a currency converter x2, a kitchen timer, and some scooby-doo game?????

    • DgDeBx

      Best comment I have read in a while. Literally laughed out loud.

    • you fail anyways

  • Jsmuli2

    No Pixel Qi no buy…when are these companies going to realize that people want to use the tablets outside.

    Notion Ink ADAM FTW

  • Bigrob60

    New phone or this tablet? Hmmmmm.

  • ckeegan

    OK, so I just read the thread where this all started, and the poster is actually making it sound like there will be 3G and LTE “editions” (as he called them). Is it even possible that they would release an LTE version, that wouldn't also incorporate an EV-DO radio for data in non-LTE markets? I just don't see that happening.

  • ckeegan

    OK, I'll take a 10″ LTE version. Thank you, here's my money. Don't need to wait for Honeycomb, I'll do a system update later.

  • Only 5 on the back?!? Deal breaker….I need 10

    • g00ber

      Time likes big butts and he can not lie

    • ckeegan

      I will say that I would be somewhat surprised if it weren't at least 8. Not that anyone is going to use this for a camera all that often. Hell, it'd look more stupid than someone holding the ginormous (by today's standards) original Mavica up to take pictures.

    • I doubt you would ever need more than 2, especially on a tablet.

    • Justin

      Why would you need 10? to take higher resolution crappy pictures? hahaah… LOL LOL it's the optics not the sensor that's important LOL LOL LOL

      • You CAP LOLZ doesn't help you make me look like a fool at all. It makes you look uneducated and silly.
        FYI, it was joke….

  • “fondled the device for over an hour”


    • Mth2134

      No doubt it was a 7 inch but after being fondled for an hour became a 10 inch screen.

      • Adecker246

        Little creepy but still +1

  • Michael_NM

    Whoever is using this tablet needs some help… Packers News and a Kitchen Timer in the same group?

    Loving the specs though, I have a feeling there will be a new member of my Droid family when this arrives…

  • dblj

    nice, cant wait

  • I hope it's nand unlocked…

    • tanknspank

      Seriously doubt it.

    • Josh

      This is a question I've been thinking about. the whole efuse thing was built into the omap chip in the droidx/2, right? does tegra 2 have anything similar built in? Has anyone poured over the tegra 2 white papers or just know anything?