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Youtube, Google Voice and Voice Search Receive Updates (Updated)

Both Youtube and Google Voice saw updates today and are available in the market right now.  Neither are huge, but the Youtube app did enable commenting, subscription viewing from the main page plus some other performance tweaks.  The Google Voice update was just a bug fixer according to the description.

Update:  Voice Search update also just hit the market.  They improved connection errors and contact name recognition.  (Cheers Octo!)

Quite the week for Google I’d say.

Cheers Kris and everyone else!

  • The Zune Lune

    Voice commands from the keyboard disappeared after this on my Droid 1.

  • Sorry if it's been answered before, but what rom/theme are you running here? it looks quite nice

    Thanks to all

  • SRmelly

    my youtube app still causes my phone to restart. Damn.

  • Theflyingswami

    I'm actually happy about the YouTube improvements. The inability to comment has been an annoyance for me.

  • Mr. Steve

    Still waiting on Maps 5 and a fix for the Droid 2/Droid X Google search freezing glitch.

  • Google Rules.

  • JDawg

    Google Maps w/ Navigation needs one thing: Custom voices!!

  • Google Voice update is HUUUUUGGGEEE for me! My Voicemail stopped working months ago and had to use Verizons. I would just get blank voicemails (no sound at all) .. now it works again! Thank you Google! Pleasant Surprise!

  • Hope maps is soon!

  • EC8CH

    I just got an update for Voice Search as well (version 2.1.0)

  • i want my google maps update right now! 😀 please?

  • Ilhe1s

    Next is Maps with #d buildings and vector's!!! 😀

  • JT

    Hope Google Voice got some SIP/VOIP related “bug-fixes” for Gingerbread SIP enhancement. I want flawless SIP that doesn't kill my battery and doesn't take 30 seconds to connect!!

    • JT

      “Google Voice search” just got some update love as well.

  • Jiloebel