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Wednesday Poll: Thoughts on Gingerbread?

Anyone hear anything about Gingerbread (Android 2.3) this week?  You did?  Well what do you think about it?  Was it worth what seems like such a long wait?  Are the UI enhancements we’ve seen so far amazing enough?  Loving the new keyboard we gave you on Monday?  Will built-in internet calling be the greatest thing ever?  Are you disappointed?  Let us know!

Thoughts on Gingerbread?

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And here is a great recap from Monday’s Gingerbread madness.

  • Frustrated

    I have a Samsung Fascinate. I'm still waiting for 2.2. What gives? I am about to turn this phone in for an iphone. To hell with VW.

    • Mrpicolas

      it is not vzw's fault it is samsungs fault there is a person from samsung india saying that the galaxy s series will be getting gingerbread so i wouldnt be suprised if you see gingerbread and not froyo since they have been working with google to get the nexus s finished up

  • I don't see a ton new here, esp since some of the features they're bringing already exist on my Incredible, but I'm looking forward to seeing what other unadvertised features they throw in. Also, making it better for gaming is seriously cool.

    Combine NFC with some potential game ideas and you have some seriously awesome stuff going on.

  • Shieatt

    I have to be honest… I'm seriously let down.

    Its not Google fault really it's mine for falling for all the over done hype and rumour mill from the Android Blogs.

    I remember when the first couple blurry cam shots came out of Gingerbread and the tipsters were teling everyone ” Yea, well theres a dark status bar now and all the icons have green accents.”
    I remember all the commenters laughing their asses off because Google had said “Massive UI Overhaul.”
    I believed Google was going to finally ride they're new hard-earned market share and skyrockting mind-share and come out swinging with a fancy-pants new UI that would fiiinally give iOS and WebOS a run for their money.
    It would be Google coming into they're own, almost like a celebration come-out party telling everyone, “yea, our UI has always been a little janky and not the prettiest to look at. But it's also kicked some major ass and now we've given it the UI it deserves.”

    But no… Google just gave us some Chocolate Froyo with some green sprinkles.

    And as for features?
    They didnt even show off Google video chat?!! (yes i know theres evidence of its existence in the SDK)

    And, let's be honest… No regular user gives a shi% about VP8 and WebM support, a new download manager, new game and gyroscope API's and NFC until there are sites that acutally use WebM and Vp8, games that use the new API and gyroscpoe (not many since no one has a phone with a gyroscpe and gingerbread), or their actually services that we use that have NFC.

    And let's not forget last summers google event:

    Gmusic = streaming our music library to our phones and presumably anywhere we can connect to our google account. (Bought up Simple Media… etc.)
    Market overhaul = No announement of the new market advancements in gingerbread, where you can install apps via the internet (yes i know appbrain does this)
    The Blind Type acquisition = Wheres the amazing new keyboard? Wow you spread the keys apart and added multitouch? yaaawwwwn.
    Video chat.. obvious no brainer

    I can't tell if Google is just holding they're breath and will release these things as separate apps or services, but this release of Gingerbread is a total bore.

    I understand Honeycomb is coming soon and that does look pretty amazing from what we saw from Andy Rubin.

    But Im really not sure why they felt the need to install a Gingerbread man on their Google lawn.

    • Shieatt

      Oh and don't get me started on the Nexus S…

  • Supraman21

    Ive been waiting to upgrade to an Android smartphone for over a year. Phone release after phone release I just kept getting disappointed. I was dumbfounded how the iPhone had such smoother scrolling then a phone with the same specs (Droid 1). I was extremely shocked when the Nexus One came out with its 1Ghz processor and it was still slow. I then learned that it was all about GPU acceleration. I heard rumors that it was gonna be implemented in 2.3 but now its out and its not there. We need GPU acceleration. I want to upgrade!

  • I think Honeycomb is going to be a tablet-focused OS. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the released 3.0 for tablets and then for phones kept going with 2.4, 2.5 etc. Just a thought though based solely on nothing.

  • I'm Addicted to this site.

  • there wasnt enough new features added to be really excited about this, the new theme is ok but i have a Droid Incredible which has sense so changes to the theme are pointless for me

  • I got a system update on my OG Droid, what it did i don't know.

  • durangojim

    Looks nice, but nothing revolutionary. Really looking forward to Honeycomb though and even Google Maps 5. Seems like the Mobile OS's are getting a little stale after some great innovention.

  • Yep, Gingerbread is going to be incredible, I'd have to say.

    And I'm really looking forward to it!

  • Matt

    We need to have that slick wallpaper ported over to the Droid X.

  • Amiel

    Here's to hoping that maybe this version of Android gets more features built into the browser (multitouch interactivity…not just zooming, html5 audio, a new version of webkit)

  • Nemisis82

    I'm am really happy with it. I knew it wasn't going to be a huge update, but I am really liking how they made changes under the hood, specifically when it comes to native code and game development. I think we can all expect to see some pretty solid games in the future for Android (the only downside is that only Gingerbread can use it).

  • Kevin

    I don't expect Gingerbread to be as exciting as Froyo was but it is always nice to keep things moving forward. As much as I'm enjoying the Droid X now, anything else is just a bonus.


  • Jake

    I like the new look except for the launcher. I hope they keep the old style launcher with the new OS

  • 2.2 on a Droid 1 “Your system is currently up to date” No love yet here in NC. Everything Ive read Us OG Droid users wont get the goods. Is that true? Or just rumors. Any other Droid 1 users get 2.3?

    • Ragman89

      There is a 2.2.1 update going out. Nexus S will get Gingerbread first (that's not even out yet), then Nexus One then it's all up in the air from there. My guess would be the Evo 4g after.

      • tanknspank

        Doubt it. With sense packed in, I would expect some more stock android phones to get it first. I mean, the D1 could still possibly get it, and the G2 would make a great candidate for an update too. Just the stock android phones make it a ton easier to update as you don't have to worry about packing all your stuff back into it and hope it works.

        • Ragman89

          I understand sense, touchwiz, blur; it makes it much more difficult. I'm just saying Sprint is phenomonal with pushing updates. When Froyo came out the Evo was the 2nd phone to get it, only following the Nexus One. D1 didn't get it till much later.

          • tanknspank

            Actually, I was pretty sure the d1 got froyo second. It was a big improvement on how long it took them to push eclair either way.

    • 2.3 is not being pushed to the Droid as of this time, and won't be for at least a couple of months so you can stop checking for the push for a while. However anyone saying that the Droid won't get 2.3 at all is just repeating rumors because no official announcement has been made either way.

  • brando56894

    I dont really care that much about the update itself, I want to see what the rom developers are going to do with it 😀

    • Aguilacahc007

      Truedat. I cant wait for the next MIUI !!!

  • EC8CH

    UI enhancement are disappointing. I'd like to see Android have the ability to be themed natively without rooting just like the Chrome Browser is themed. That would be impressive and hammer home how much more open Android is compared to the competition.

    Keyboard is a big improvement.

    I wouldn't hold your breathe to see built-in Internet calling on anything but a Nexus phone.

    • Ragman89

      The Major UI enhancements are rumored to come out with Honeycomb

  • I hate you, Kellex, for teasing me with that shot of Gingerbread on the DX…

  • EC8CH

    Built-in Internet Calling will be shut down and locked out just like built-in Wifi tether on Froyo.

    • Inquizitor

      That's only if you wait for the official version to come to your device, and refrain from rooting and custom ROMing.

      which is a shame

      • EC8CH

        I was speaking for the unrooted unprivileged masses, of which I do not belong.

        Although I have never seen the native wifi tether on any of my Droid Froyo ROM's, even the source built ones. How come that part of Froyo is never a part of the Droid ROM's? Would built-in internet calling be difficult to add back into a custom ROM if VZ removes it from theirs?

        • Nxus1ne

          It’s because the Droid’s hardware doesn’t support the ability to become a wifi hotspot, which is what the native wifi functionality requires. Wifi tethering that rooted users have uses Adhoc networking to provide this functionality.

          Verizon/Motorola wasn’t holding back functionality with Froyo, the Droid simply couldn’t support it.

          • EC8CH

            I see I remember now reading about how root wifi tether was adhoc.

            Still wifi tether was not enabled on the DINC or any other VZ phones, they
            did preinstall their wifi hotspot app though. VZ taketh, VZ giveth… VZ
            make you payeth.

  • villian1998

    I'll just take the updated Google Maps please!!

  • joe1138

    Like all updates to the android platform it seems cool but who knows what kinds of bugs will come along with the new version. …and just how long it will take the android developer community to get it rooted. All in all I'm sure it will be good thing.

  • Jason

    Can only make my DINC more incredible!

    • EC8CH

      +1 for Dinc joke