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Download: Gingerbread Icons for LauncherPro

If you weren’t into the Gingerbread Launcher that we posted this morning because you are like most of us and  can’t live without LauncherPro, then we wanted to post these Gingerbread icons up to at least give you the look without losing all of the greatness that is LP.  Big thanks to mrl09 for posting these up!  



Dock: (Short and Long versions)

(Cheers Brian for the long versions!)


Wallpaper:  (Cheers Tato!)

Widgets (for those asking):  Clockr Evolution and Minimal Weather Widget.

Instructions (for those new to LP):

1.  Long press on the images and “Save Image” for each one.  This will save them to your SD card.
2.  After that, with LauncherPro as you launcher, press Settings>Preferences>Appearance Settings.
3.  Tap on Dock Background>Custom and select the dock icon you downloaded from above.
4.  For the icons, long press on the icons, Change shortcut>Applications>Browser/Phone.
5.  Then Custom Icon and choose the icons you downloaded from above.
6.  For the launcher, long press choose Change shortcut>App drawer and custom icon.
7.  Enjoy!

To save those files, simply long press on them and “Save image”.

Everyone knows how to use LP icons I’m hoping?

  • Vincent

    Thank you so much!!

  • exactly what I was looking for, keep it looking stock =]

  • Shtomike

    Awesome thank you

  • Barlog

    What happened to launcher pro? It's not coming up in the market?

    • teagadinho

      your spelling it wrong………..

      • Barlog

        Thanks I got it 🙂

  • Aaron Vail

    Awesome! Thanks! I knew somebody was going to do this

  • Stevaroo01

    I am new to rooting… Rooted my DInc just this last weekend. So, I don't know a whole lot about ROM's, themes, launchers, etc. I'm trying to learn by reading these posts and in the forums. What exactly is the advantage of LancherPro over my stock Sense?

    I greatly appreciate any suggestions, guidance, or education provided! http://forum.droid-life.com/vi

    I'm looking forward to seeing Gingerbread on my Incredible!!

  • nblufire12

    Not a fan of the Dock. I like Froyo Wide

  • I feel like a noob, I have the dock and icons up but i forgot how to eliminate the 2 outer icons on the dock

    • Mac

      Long press the icon….Change shortcut….Blank

  • Maciek z Polski

    Nice 🙂 Thx

  • FortitudineVincimus

    personally I like my LP dock icons to be the subdued gray so they stand out from the app icons on the home screens

  • mrl09

    wow!!! made droid-life front page sweet!! 🙂

    here is a theme for OG droid.. gingerbread notification bar with green loading bars and touch

    do a backup first!!!
    rom manger install http://dl.dropbox.com/u/802998
    push adb http://dl.dropbox.com/u/802998

    enjoy let me if everything works 🙂



    Quick question:

    Why does Droid-Life always point to Launcher Pro when it talks about downloading icons? Is it just a site preference over ADW Launcher? I mean, you can replace icons w/ your own pictures/icons in both (with the exception of the dock bar in ADW). I'm just wondering if it's because the site admins tend to like Launcher Pro more.

    • antintyty

      because LP kicks butt!

      • KartWright

        I've tried both, LP has way too much stuff I'd never use, esp. widgets. ADW is less cumbersome, and there are tons of themes. I like both, but I can't say that one is better than the other.

    • tanknspank

      Nope, you are correct with your hunch.

  • Looks Nice, Good Job Kellex

  • 1bad69z28

    I'd like to get the Gumdrops and scape off the Icing lol. Pretty soon Gingerbread will be running away from us as “Fast As He Can” lol

  • did Tato MAKE that wallpaper?

    • Metalmike2885

      no, its from miui crystal theme

  • I think I'll hold off for the real thing. thanks for the post though!

  • Okay why is it when Android first changed it everyone hated it but now becuase it has a hint of green and is assoiciated with Gingerbread everyone's going crazy over it?

  • Either I'm blind or that must be the most minimal weather widget of them all

    • Just kidding. I'm an idiot. Was totally looking for a sun or clouds and completely overlooked the big 47* staring at me

  • Hope someone can rip out the contact and messaging icons from gingerbread! (if they're new?… not even sure if they got a revamp…)

    Cheers Kellex, Tato , and mlr09 !

    • mrl09

      icons for LP or status bar?

      • Dinofan01

        i know i would want the messaging and music for LP for sure.

  • Hamholla

    kellex, are you running GummyJar now? if so whats your opinion? Better than Rubix 1.9?

  • EC8CH

    I can just hear it as all these goodies are ripped from Gingerbread…


  • JJ

    How did they get a weather reading on the clockr widget?

    • Savagetone

      its not the weather its the the battery temp…

  • Blake

    How do you use these?

  • Adam

    Soooo I'm a droid n00b, literally installed LP yesterday, how do I use these icons? Save to phone and use custom icon? Will accept a link to instructions also 🙂

    • kellex

      Adding instructions to bottom of post. 🙂

      • Adam

        I love DL

  • dirtygin

    Sorry for not searching, but which clock app is that?

  • Awesome. Hope someone themes the rest of my app icons in gingerbread style!

  • tbaybe

    that was very nice!