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Video: Andy Rubin Shows Off Honeycomb and Motorola Tablet

Did anyone actually think that a day filled with Gingerbread, the Nexus S, an original Droid update, and a Droid X update with Madden could get get better?  It did.  Last night, at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference, Andy Rubin took to the stage, pulled out a prototype Motorola tablet running Honeycomb (Android 3.0) and went to town.  He talked about so many things that may seem minor, but are so huge in the broad scheme of things.

Here are some of the bombs he dropped:

  • Pulled out what appeared to be the 10″ Motorola tablet.  This bad boy was ultra thin, looked incredibly light and had an amazing screen.
  • This tablet does not have home, back, menu and search keys.  The buttons you press are ALL on-screen, which means they follow you around as you rotate the device.
  • Showed the new Honeycomb lock screen which had a fantastic new animation.  No more swiping bars left or right in Android 3.0.  (Pictured above)
  • When he unlocked it, he had Google Talk open and mentioned video icons being visible.
  • He showed off Google Maps 5 which will have 3D views of cities.  It should be out for mobile devices in a few days.
  • The new tablet Gmail app was displayed.  Two columns included:  one for your inbox and one to view an email.
  • Honeycomb and this tablet will be out some time next year.
  • Honeycomb will be able to run on both phones and tablets.  It’s not just specific to tablets although the apps are able to run in their own specific ways depending on the device.
  • He also mentioned that this prototype probably costs $10,000.  Hah.

Full video of his time on stage after the break, plus some screenshots.  


Via: All Things D

Cheers Lewis, Phil and Picolas!

  • mad

    where is the fricking hulu and netflix i just bought this crappy thing dosent have nutten on not even explorer come noe whis thing is going back oct 2011

  • Guesshoo

    I'd love to see ANY company come out with something NEW and DIFFERENT besides Apple. Let's face it, everyone else is just copying what Apple pioneers… while at the same time blabbing about how new and 'different' they are… sheesh..

  • Guesshoo

    I’d love to see ANY company come out with something NEW and DIFFERENT besides Apple. Let’s face it, everyone else is just copying what Apple pioneers… while at the same time blabbing about how new and ‘different’ they are… sheesh..

  • Anonymous

    it would be nice if they could implement some of this HoneyComb into nookColor development

  • alainrj

    If you want the specs to the Xoom tablet, read this: Honeycomb and Motorola, how Google launches Android software. http://exm.nr/hNm0Xa

  • cduce2411

    Chrome OS netbook + Android Tablet = Something for Everyone!

  • Baileyadam92

    5:04 = FFC

  • Awesome… cant wait until tablet specific Androids to come out. Will I guess the iPad will see the same fate as the iPhone = P

  • Mikeg2716

    i love how he wouldnt let anyone hold it lol. NUUUUU!!!! MINES!!!!!!!

  • RLJSlick

    I feel sorry for all those that went out and already bought the Samsung Galaxy, this might be the tablet to beat.

  • realigion


  • tabroid

    Way to copy Apple, Google! Youre like the new Microsoft! Mountain View, start your photocopiers!

  • John

    The most annoying old people I've ever seen.

  • 1bad69z28

    The old man looks like Ichabad Crane and the lady is trying to steal the pad to give it to Steve Jobs LOL

  • 1bad69z28

    That pad was off the hook, nice the old geezer you can tell is for Apple. Who wants to be the Supreme Commander lMAO Apple sure has some nice titles for thier staff lol.

  • skinja

    I will never understand people's need for non-phone tablets. A netbook can do anything a tablet can do much better and costs half as much.

    Ever tried editing a word dock on tablet?
    How about printing?

  • cdmoore74

    Yes!!! Exactly what I was looking for. A specialized OS that gives me reason to buy a tablet. I love google and I love the galaxy tab hardware but the OS is no different from my wife's galaxy s phone (or my Droid X). And unlike apple I want my purchased phone apps to bust into “advanced tablet mode” so that I can have reason to buy one.

  • Deejay

    this is going to be epic..

  • Ryan C

    okay now, lets judge the products on what THEY have and how good THEY are, not compare it to an i*ad

  • JB

    Was it just me or did that woman come off as a bitch?

  • Vtxtank

    Sign me up….I want one NOW!!!

  • the two people asking questions annoying.

  • Cgmartin33

    What's up with the wicked witch and old grumpy? You can tell that he is a Frapple fanboy…”so its like the ipad? Well the ipad only has one button! So there's probabky going to be 185 versions of this.” I bet they are both rockin ihone 4's with bumpers. Can you hear me now?…um no, I really can't 😉

  • Jawshua

    All this talk of Ginger and Honey….. hah! It would be so exciting if I actually thought I could get my hands on the updates anytime in the near future!

    I don't know what dictates who gets what when, but I know living in Cincinnati it takes forever to get these friggin' new versions.

    Instead of talking about how cool these updates are, you should do a post about how long some of us have to wait to get the updates and how frustrating it is to read about it when you know you have to wait forever. Now that's a post I'd really like to see…. but if it's not plugging something I doubt I'll ever see a post that insightful?

  • 10 inches is too big for my needs. I'm loving my Galaxy Tab.

  • villian1998

    I loved the “little traps” and “little bombs” they kept running into

  • Mmmm?

    Hey Andy! how about an update for gTalk? Make it like BBM!

  • The350zWolf

    This tablet is SWEEET! I want one!

  • Riverjao

    That tablet is BEAUTIFUL! Although, those interviewer's we're incredibly annoying. Oh well, cannot wait to get my hands on an Android tablet that is hopefully similar in look to the one Mr. Rubin was holding in his hands!!! Can't get here soon enough.

  • picaso86

    that lady needs to STFU! honestly! – I WANT THAT TABLET 🙂

  • I love how they just announced Gingerbread and now already with the Honeycomb. This was a nice little tid bit to wake up to. Now let attack of the tablets begin…

  • “This Is My Uh Personal Email So I Wanna Make Sure That I Don't Have Something Really Bad Here.”

    That's Not Your Wife Relax Andy.

  • She must be the Sarah Palin of electronics.

    • rjoudrey

      I cant figure out why people think Sarah is hot, i say not!

  • Mike1825

    Does anyone else want to punch that interviewer in the mouth. She was so annoying!

  • Swillyrockz

    I saw a camera!!!

  • Looks like a second and third mortgage if I want a $10,000 tablet.

  • banditball

    Amazing tablet already…but don't need to hear him tear down windows..i mean apple is the enemy here.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    killer.. love it

    who the hell is that chick and what was her purpose? she was totally worthless.

  • Joemega2010


  • Joemega2010


  • Jsmuli2

    eh, notion ink Adam still has my heart

  • ckeegan

    Prototype my ass! Define prototype. Seriously, Moto and Verizon are supposed to debut a tablet at CES in like 27 days. You mean to tell me that this isn't it? This is some prototype beyond the tablet that will be announced in 4 weeks?

    I am not a fan of his comment about this not being “due out for a while now.” Referring to Honeycomb or the tablet itself? Hell, give me the tablet Jan/Feb 2011 with G-bread, I don't care. All I know is that I'm getting one on launch day.

  • Chris G

    What I really liked is he said you can basically down load a whole state's worth of map on this at a time. So any wifi and your gps at least would work world wide without needing a constant data connection.

    I would seriously consider one of these instead of an upgraded phone.

  • Rob Stemen

    HAHA! “Will it run on…. Other… Peoples' operating systems?”

    Looks great. So excited for Honeycomb!

  • I can't wait to get one of those tablets!

  • Sponge


  • “This tablet does not have home, back, menu and search keys. The buttons you press are ALL on-screen, which means they follow you around as you rotate the device.” – That's a radical departure from the standard approach taken so far. Really eager to see what this looks like as a final product.

    • A lot of the cheap Android tablets are already doing that with Android 1.6 and up. Not a bad idea, but sucks if you want to get one of those cheap tablets and root/ROM the thing.

      Any of you ROM builders listening? How about a version of 2.2 (or 2.3) with this feature? I have been thinking about getting a Nextbook2 for an ereader, and to play with the Android on it (nextbookUSA.com) when it is available, but it uses the controls in the notification bar, so stuck with what it comes with until someone else gives a way to do it.

  • He mentioned right at the beginning gTalk with video icons. gTalk video chat?

    • kellex

      Yep it's coming.

      • Ghidorah

        This, to me, always seemed like a no-brainer. I always figured that it would get to the point where a Google service that is already on your phone that can use video chatting on your computer would eventually use video chatting on your Android device. Any ideas one when that might be? Has there be talks to do that before Honeycomb or no?

  • FrenchToast

    that lockscreen looks a lot like the Web OS lockscreen…

  • Rafa

    Forget Gingerbread, cant wait for Honeycomb 🙂

    • un-grateful

    • PyroHoltz

      Steps my friend, everything in steps….

      Next you're going to tell me you don't want a dual core 3D chip in your phone, instead you MUST have…quad core 3D chips.

      • Anonymous

        lol. Glad to see people still use that logo I made. Thanks!

  • Bigrob60

    Did you see her just grab that. Jeez! He was really smooth about getting it back though.

  • andy rubin: b****, don't touch my tablet!

    remember when we were all begging for froyo? yeah, froyo sucks now…i want honeycomb.

  • Tabe

    Locked.Down. =/

  • tjpeco

    That thing definitely makes me reconsider my “need” for a tablet

  • EC8CH

    That I would consider buying

    • gafrican

      for 10g's, haha

      • EC8CH

        $10,000 or $199 after two year contract 😛

        • El El Kool J

          more like $9999.99 with 2 yr contract….

          • Anonymous

            or a 60 year contract for $59.99 on Verizon – of course! :b

  • Looks really nice!

    That lady is the most annoying interviewer I've ever seen though. I kept wishing she would just shut up during the entire thing.

    • Anonymous

      “Looks really nice! I can’t wait to see the fully cooked version of this thing!”Definitely, I’m excited for the release of something like it. I don’t think the lady was as bad as you guys are making it out though, she only tried to grab it twice really and I think she was mostly just trying turn it to look at the screen.

      • Check out the highlights clip. She asks some pretty stupid questions and is just pushy throughout the entire interview. She even complete cuts him off when he starts to put the tablet away.


        • Anonymous

          I watched the video and saw the whole thing. I’m not disagreeing with you that she asks stupid questions, or that she’s not annoying, but I’m just not seeing the big deal. He doesn’t really pull it away the first time, he just turns it as she reaches. I can see that he doesn’t want her messing with it, causing it to crash and make it embarassing(and he tells her that as he asks for it back). I don’t see her yanking it from his hands. I still think you guys are exaggerating about the conflict.

          edit: Always forget to type out my whole post and have to edit.

          I don’t think she really cut him off when he was putting it away, she just asked a few questions about the tablet.

          • Leanh7713


        • Anonymous

          Another thing that I just realized is the guy interviewing is Mossberg. If that lady made the tablet crash or brought out a flaw by accident Mossberg would have had a f’ng field day with it. Everyone knows he’s enamored with Steve Jobs and will do anything to make *pple look good.

          He probably made sure that lady was there to try and F up the whole thing.

          • lol you can tell he wanted him to say they’d be releasing GOOGLE maps on iOS before on Android or something lol

          • Or at all!

    • Josh

      The lady tried to grab the tablet away, but Andy pulls away from her. Then she goes in again after 10 seconds and actually grabs it from him! I lol'd when he grabbed it back from her.

    • El El Kool J

      ya i agree it does look nice.. but you can definitely tell honeycomb is still in development. He kept the demo to specific features and didnt scroll fast thru anything to make sure there weren't any glitches during demo. P I do love the cat and mouse game the chick and rubin had during the whole invterview..

  • Mth2134

    Well good morning Honeycomb!!

  • tbaybe


  • Malinas2

    I have a feeling Honeycomb will be for tablets only, and not for phones.

    • eryk

      “Here are some of the bombs he dropped:

      Honeycomb will be able to run on both phones and tablets. It’s not just specific to tablets although the apps are able to run in their own specific ways depending on the device.”

      • Malinas2

        Oops. haha

    • Aj

      I have a feeling you're stupid.

    • Josh

      Haha. Did you actually watch the video? He specifically says it will run on next-gen phones and tablets.