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Rumor: Bad News DROID Owners, Gingerbread May Require a 1GHz Processor? (Updated)

The LG Facebook page will surely snag a whole new group of fans after it spit out the message below to Droid Dog’s Alberto.  Whoever runs their fan page is claiming that Gingerbread (Android 2.3) will require a phone to have a 1.0GHz processor which would mean that the original Droid is done for.  Are they right though?  We had heard this rumor in the past, but something about this seems a little odd and I’m willing to hold off any world hatred rants until the Android team comes out and confirms this.  We all know that the Droid 1 was built for the long haul with an underclocked processor, so for now, take this rumor for exactly what it is.  

Update:  Android tech lead, Dan Morrill has weighed in and Droid 1 owners will like what he has to say initially…

He then clarifies that older devices can still be phased out, but that technically, there isn’t a “hard” requirement…

Who knows.

Here is the Facebook shot:

Bold statement from LG!  Thoughts?  Over 2,300 of you weren’t feeling good about this yesterday and I’m guessing this news isn’t helping?

Via:  Droid Dog

  • Jessie John

    “Those are yours alright! . We at least need to get these people stealing images to start blogging! They probably just did a image search and grabbed them. They look good though!” Gold Price Per Ounce

  • Roger

    I have a moto droid running 2.3.3and it works great. I downloade the update about 3 weeks ago since it works on my moto droid I’m saying that statment is not true

  • Brian Swetland Chimed in too Saying that if it runs froyo well it will run gingerbread better.


  • ryanallaire

    I upgraded through my mom and i've been able to upgrade since February, since it didn't renew my contract. I understand the OG droid is great, but support for the DX is coming around the corner (root and probably soon blur-less) and i don't think i'll wait much longer before i upgrade…

  • PAKmann2k

    D1 owners shouldn't panic yet. Look at the eris, they got their Froyo eventually, even though people said something just like this. I wonder if Mg just decided not to support it, internally.

  • BAoxymoron

    cyanogenmod 6 on G1… That's all I have to say… besides who here would even want Verizon's release?

  • that kinda sucks…. i am a droid owner and an lg ally,,, yeah shoot me i got it for my daughter lol . anyways is perfect for her i love what i can do with the thing lol but her ally still in 2.1 so there some droids out there that are staying 1.x and 2.1 so why not keep us the discontinued droids dead too?

  • smckee

    Slightly OT but… did anyone else receive an update notification on their Droid 1 last night?

  • i say someone will figure out a way to convert the droid 2 gingerbread update to droid 1 rooted users since we can overlock to 1 gig. woop woop!

  • Part of me is bothered by this as I, like everyone here, swear by my OG. But really, I have a hard time believing that the rooted community will not get a taste of it. Most of us are OC'd to over 1 gig or more and the awesome devs we have always seem to find a way. But even if we don't get full Gingerbread love (not to be confused with ginger love) from VZW/Moto/Google then I guess I will actually use my 2-year upgrade on a 4G phone when the time comes.

  • Jeffreycarroll85836

    dont know if anybody remembers but looks like that information that was leaked that was supposed to be flase is anything but it was said about six months ago that there were going to requirments along that line and they were shot down as false not to cause a drop in sales for some of the older devices

  • Josh

    I'll just post back here in a month or two when ROM devs get the OG Droid 2.3 before all the other phones (except the N1, of course). lol

  • If it comes down to it, I'll root (again, stupid 2.2.1 update), over clock, and put 2.3 on it my self. What now LG? Moto and VZ, you better give me the sweat taste of gingerbread… or their will be words 😉

  • Notown2naptown

    Everything becomes yesterdays Tech.

  • Notown2naptown

    We all new that this day would come. It happens 2 PC's it happens 2 game systems. It sucks but Droid OG will become yesterdays technology. It was a good run.

  • Rancer

    This is all marketing. When a new version of Android comes out, the manufacturers have to tailor it to each device in rotation. Now imagine this, you come out with a phone with 2.2 and it sells pretty good. You make some money because Android is hot right now. You are a manufacturer (or a service provider) and a new version of the OS comes out. Why would you put in the time and effort into pushing out an update to older phones when you have something else waiting in the shadows for the release of Android 2.3. You can just leave your old stuff in the hands of people dying to get the new version and slap a fancy info bubble on your new device saying it comes pre-loaded with Android 2.3.

    So now you have all of these people that have “older” phones who can't stand not having the most up to date version of the OS. People have two options. They can add another line for the subsidized price (more money for the carrier and manufacturer), or they can buy one outright (more money for the manufacturer). Either way, the only team that doesn't come out on top is you (unless you see that having a newer phone with the newest OS is winning).

    Now, I imagine that there is some sort of formula for customer happiness. Since the OG Droid brought Motorola back to life and Android to where it is today, I imagine Verizon and Motorola will make sure to update this line of phones just to keep people happy. As for the phones that have seen lower sales, I wouldn't hold your breath. Just be happy that you are a part of Android and NOT iOS.

    One more thing. Why do you need the latest version of Android anyways? Do you absolutely need one of the new features? If you have to have it, stop complaining and just pay for the phone for full price. You signed a one or two year contract knowing that Android is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world today. Expecting the carrier to make all of your wishes to come true is pretty ridiculous in my opinion.

    • Rancer

      BTW, OG Droid fo life yo…

  • Brttwrd

    droid and droid eris were the pioneers of verizon androids, so props to ther service duty, but… lets b honest lol. they werent exactly made to last, werent made for performance, they were made to giv verizon some android money. cuz google, unlike unnamed doodoo headed makers of CRAPphone, knos that any innovative technology shuld hav the freedom to spread its influence, other wise its just a technazi. which basically also deacribes moto. i hate moto.

    neway, i think they r thinking of the thousands of.non techsavy og droid/eris users that dont belong to droid life or xea etc and that with the changes being made, its only proper to not allow those techtarda to cry ovr a new.software wrecking ther phone cuz they dont kno nething.

    htc ime keyboard on dx = that^^^ lovely

  • Jawshua

    Nah no hard feelings I'm just gonna turn my original into an Atari 2600 anyway, take that Motorola! I'll be smiling playing Food Fight!

    • JohnPA2006

      Atari 2600, H.E.R.O. and Montezuma's Revenge.
      2 awesome classic atari games you never hear much about.

  • Mrcookjr

    Will the gingerbread update get rid of God awful motoblur on DroidX? I long for vanilla…

    • Brttwrd

      u can get a vanilla ui by installing the fission rom. google team deffuse gl

  • Lpmeteoraremix

    Roms with ginger bread and kernels, thats the way to be

  • Droid-lce

    Are they saying that the new OG Droid will get a 1GHz and the old version doesn't?

  • EC8CH

    Verizon may very well leave my “older device” behind…

    thank God for ROM Manager 😉

  • InvaderDJ

    Does Verizon do 1 year contracts? I know at&t does, but I didn't even look at that option when I switched to Verizon.

    To me, that is the solution to a lot of our upgrade woes. Only get a 1 year contract. Yes you will pay more for the phone. But if you care about being up to date and not being at the mercy of the carrier because of the contract, the extra money up front is worth it. Plus, it isn't even that much considering thata normally for Verizon for data and voice you're paying $70/month minimum and the average is closer to $80-$100/month because of texting and additional voice minutes. Having to pay $300 or $350 for the phone is small potatoes over the year or two years of the contract.

    • CurtisNic


  • Appleanche

    Basically lesson is very much learned, get one year contracts and nothing else, it might be $70 more but it's much better then having something being left behind less then a year after launch. I really find Verizon low class for not offering some kind of upgrade option for original Droid owners, like AT&T and Apple did for iPhone owners.

  • Bikedude

    Got Miui or UD? Still trying to find a compelling reason to sweat this.

  • Kirmit

    Droid Eris sporting a test build of 2.3/gingerbread.
    Droid Eris does not have a 1ghz cpu.


  • Tripod

    I wants me some Gingerbread PRON!

  • According to Engadget:

    “Android engineer Romain Guy took to Twitter to drop some knowledge, saying “there's no hard minimum processor requirement for Gingerbread… trust me, if there were I'd know.””

    No Worries !!!