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LauncherPro Update is Live, Virtual Looping and Recent Apps Added

The LauncherPro update for this week that we got the scoop on is now live in the market for your virtual homescreen looping and recent apps viewing pleasure.  So yeah, the update includes virtual homescreen looping which means that you can try to go past your last homescreen and LP will flip you all the way over to the other side.  Check the box in Preferences>Homescreen Settings to utilize this feature.

The other new additional is a “Recent Apps” gesture.  All you need to do is long-press on a tray icon, choose “Swipe gesture action”, “Show Popup”, and “Recent Apps” and you will be live.  Quickly view up to 16 of your most recently used apps with a quick swipe.  

In the market now!

Update:  People, this is NOT the full re-write of the app.  This is an update to make the current product even better.  The full re-write of the app is in the works and will be available sometime in the near future.  Fede is working hard my friends, chill.

Cheers Tato, Scott, and Coaster!

  • pj

    Please use more decency guys! Im immediately reminded of all the guys screaming for a jb and unlock from the dev team. This is a great community, and Fede is a seriously major contributor. Please give him the respect he deserves and back off! Im positive he will release the rewrite the second he can. Do you really want him to rush it? I, personally, want to see him take his time to make it as feature packed, smooth, and stable as possible! While overtaking this challenge he also managed to put out a few very worthwhile updates as well. Infinite looping? We have been asking for this for awhile, and he delivered! Please just try to be more grateful in the future for all the time and effort he has donated towards our cause.

  • pj

    go fede! +1

  • Megginsonp

    The swipe gestures for dock icons doesn't work when you landscape is upside down (opposite of how the phone is positioned when it is docked).

    Actually they work but it flips the screen.

  • Bmedic1999

    It doesn't work anymore. It freezes and forecloses within seconds after opening. I paid for the full version. Make it work. Droid 2

  • Ryan C

    See i knew it. The looping scrolling was one of the “secret” items. i'm guessing anyways. it pretty much just sling shots you clear across to the other side of your home screens.

  • David

    Awe man I can't update unless I get rid of the themed version I have… man

  • Billy Swagger

    Get rid of all the unnecessary permissions with the rewrite. Hard to believe so many users give the developer that much access to their phones.

    • BAoxymoron

      but all of those are necessary for a launcher like LPro…. stop complaining about permissions unless you actually know what they're for….

  • GillyWonka

    love LP. can't wait for the re-write! 🙂

    NOTE: does anyone know what font DL uses? i really want it but don't wanna sift through hundreds, trying to find a match. 🙂 thanks in advance.

  • Towelie420

    Total re-write, well worth waiting for! Awesome work no doubt

  • dannyjedi

    Where can I get that sick wallpaper?

  • Jawshua

    I'm going to go and get it now! I hope Plus users get some new stuff as well in the near future.

    Thank you Fede! And DL!

  • Kevin Jellison

    I think we should boycott Fede and his Launcher Pro. I mean, seriously, what is he doing down there anyway? We wait, and wait, and wait for an update to the best launcher, and all he gives us are these two stupid, worthless features that only makes the best launcher a little better. So, let's all go back to our Blur, Sense, TouchWiz and other crappy launchers because Fede clearly doesn't care about us. I'm going to go cut myself now.

  • NikolaiVolkov

    I love LP nothing is better buy WHAT ROM/THEME IS THAT IN THE SCREENSHOTS? Looks awesome! Please someone hook me up!

  • WhereIsTony

    Adding new features to the old version, while updating to a whole new one is above and beyond awesome.

  • Droid

    Did anyone else's original Angry Birds full version disappear after the update?

  • Nice additions but the Contacts Quick Task widget resize issue is still not fixed.

  • dylan84

    So i'm unable to install the update. It downloads in the market, but then gives me the “Install unsuccesful” error.

    • Rain_king46

      I have had this happen with other updates. Click the button that says cancel install. In most cases that fixes the glitch and it will finish installing.

  • Rain_king46

    Best launcher hands down and he just keeps making it better. I wish Moto would either hire Fede or license LP from him for use on their devices and fire the idiots who wrote blur.

  • Rgrluke

    LOL at all these “not impressed” users who probably didn't even pay Fede for the plus version but are now mad. Hey here is an idea… get a refund! Oh whats that… yeah thats right, it's free! So lighten up already.

    By the way he usually takes his next build idea from the forums on the LP website, so if you have a great idea rather than just complaining about it in the vacum of the internet go to his site and post your request. That is how he usually chooses what items to work on next.

    LP and LP+ are awesome apps and this is a useful upgrade. I have tried them all, ADW, Helix, Home++, GoLauncher, etc… and LP+ is still the one that I always come back to. I especially like the swipe up feature and it's much faster and more intuitive than a long press of the home key.

    What I am hoping is that he manages to build on some of the interface ideas in GoLauncher with this re-write and that LP+ (already the fastest home replacement I've used) becomes even faster and more fluid.

    • Rain_king46


    • Keithsmnr

      Honestly I was not upset at Fede at all and I love launcher pro and have payed for it and donated extra! I feel that droid-life misrepresented this as the big update especially due to the fact that yesterday droid-life posted something about the launcher pro update coming soon (the recoded version) so that is what we were expecting, and I was disappointed when all I saw was just a couple of very minor features added otherwise no major difference.

      • You should read that article again. He specifically mentions that it wouldn't be the re-coded version and that there was no date for it yet.

        “The update to the current LP should be out early next week (This Week) and the rewrite is still a bit hard to predict, it’s a lot more work than I had expected.”

        Only got yourself to blame for the disappointment.

  • Fede rocks man! I'm so stoked for the rewrite!!!

  • Eric Steingesser

    Still gives me the activity launcher error, every 10 minutes. I'll stick to the default launcher until this is fixed.

  • Colekane_ry

    not impressed

    • M1ghtysauc3

      Then don't use it, d*ck wad.

  • kellex please update this article to be more informative so you dont have these comments below of people angry at fede (WTF)

    1) this is not the full rewrite of the code.
    2) you can have more than 4 recent apps in the popup
    3) clear cache option for facebook/twitter
    4) he's hoping for a january release.
    5) people who get paid salaries at motorola and samsung cant make a good launcher, fede is independent. so these commenters need to learn what's up
    6) DROOID !

    • +1

      • kellex

        I seriously don't even know what to say. The guy works his ass off to put out one of the best apps on the planet and people are bitching about it? You've got to be kidding me. IT'S A FREE APP for one thing. He should charge you all for it if you are going to act like this.

        And I'm officially in a bad mood…

        • NikolaiVolkov

          I agree kellex I happily donated to fede, I read the changelog which clearly states his rewrite isn’t til january. I was just happy he’s still adding to this while writing a whole new program. Now off subject, what rom/theme is that in the screenshots? I want it

          • Anonymous

            It’s RubiX Focused with Sinful Pink theme. 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Is that theme what gave you the black market app? Or did Rubix Focused come with that?

          • Anonymous

            Is that theme what gave you the black market app? Or did Rubix Focused come with that?

        • Michael_NM

          Cheer up Dr. Droid! You, Tato and Mr. P. work your asses off too putting out the best blog on the planet, and people bitch about that. No one can make everyone happy, but plenty of us still love you and Fede!

        • Nolan

          Boom Roasted

    • teagadinho

      how do you clear the facebook/twitter cache??

      • Michael_NM

        Menu > Preferences > LP Widget Settings > Facebook/Twitter Widget > Clear Cache

    • there is only so much you can do with a home launcher application anyways. he is adding great useful features that people can choose to use and not to use. this is without a doubt my favorite android application and it will always be. I really agree with you 100% that people need to stop whining and complaining about this. When did Droid users become such bitches?

  • BlackLavender31

    I like Fede, but home++ did the virtual loop thing back in the days of 2.0.1. I have been wondering why none of the new launchers had that functionality. But now it's back so thanks.

  • dylan84

    Every update just makes this thing better, and thats hard to believe.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “Quickly view your 4 most recently used apps with a quick swipe. “

    wrong… I get a list of like 16. I bet it is related to what you have used since last phone restart and then from that, to most recent.

  • Jesse

    I like the Virtual Looping. Something simple that really adds a lot of value.

  • Imajinaxn

    Hopefully Signal updates the themed LP's to this version soon.

  • dakelly


  • viewthis66

    i noticed when you select Tweetdeck from the new “popup for recent apps” that it doesn't work. it doesn't take me to Tweetdeck. Is that because its a widget on one of my home screens? All of the other app selections work.

    Droid X (non rooted)

  • jk8

    love lp, but can anyone explain why you'd want to swipe to get recent apps rather than a long press on the home button? every now and then when i use a swipe gesture it's read as pushing that tray icon rather than a swipe while it's tough to misinterpret a long press on the home button.

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      Cause a swipe a fractions of a second quicker. Blow the socks off your thumb

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    I want a TRILLIAN WIDGET!! that is all. Great APP

  • viewthis66

    very nice. thank you 🙂

  • I love LP updates! Can't wait for the rewrite!

  • Thomas Iansiti

    Actually shows 12 recent apps on my D1:)

  • JP

    Very much appreciate the updates, but this just whets my appetite for Fede's full rewrite of LP+!

  • Keithsmnr

    It looks, acts, behaves, and functions exactly the same. The only difference I see is like 2 new features. What the hell?

    • It's an update. Not the rewrite. Relax

      • El El Kool J

        I think he meant wth? not what the hell? its sounds so evil when you write it out huh…lol

    • thecrowing

      i think you were expecting the new rewritten LP? thats not gonna be out for a lil more this is just a update with to new features.

    • no need to be an asshole.this is an absolutely amazing application. and these new features are beyond useful. and what more could you want that this doesn't provide already..

      • I don't see how swiping to see four apps is more useful than holding home to see 8.

        LP is awesome but he really dedicates his time lately to pointless things.

        • Mine is showing the last 12 apps …

        • Coaster36

          you obviously havent turned on the feature or your opinion would be quiet different.

          • Anonymous

            yeah i see the last 15 apps i have used….

        • FortitudineVincimus

          you know, the swipe is a little bit quicker IF your on the screen that has the icon you setup for the gesture. if your not, the old school way is faster

      • Keithsmnr

        I love this app and I have been using it since the beginning, but don't even tell me I waited for months for 2 minor feature changes. What else has been changed that I haven't noticed? Was it re-coded to run more efficiently and better utilize memory and resources? Because that's what matters most to me, not these trivial features neither of which I will be using.

        • Kimsj756

          then you are just going to ignore what Fede had been working on the totally new launcherpro from the scratch? it’s not shown yet, but we can’t ignore that he had been working on that as well along with the 2 minor features.

        • Anonymous

          Man what’s with all the Debbie-Downers on this topic? Smile and be happy.

        • Anonymous

          Man what’s with all the Debbie-Downers on this topic? Smile and be happy.

  • Mmmm?

    phew.. 🙂 Thanks, poptart. 😉

  • That's it?

    • Do me a favor….

      Make something better! 😛

      • I wish! I can’t top fede 🙂

  • Droidn


  • Coaster36

    you were first to post in the comments but were you one of the first to send kellex the tip? I think not sir I THINK NOT!

    • Mmmm?

      okay… 🙁

      • Coaster36

        its ok cupcake we can still be friends.

        • Mmmm?

          phew.. 🙂 Thanks, poptart. 😉

  • NebulaOcton

    Sounds good but I was hoping for more.

    • Yeah I thought it was gonna be the new version – Wondering if KiteUI might the next homescreen ticket.

  • Mmmm?


  • Mmmm?

    first and second? cmon guys..

    • kellex

      It's early. 😛

    • Princesation

      i was too busy playing with LP -__-

  • Mmmm?

    I love lamp

  • What dock is that?

  • Jas