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Foursquare Update on Android Brings Trophy Case, We Attempt to Show Off A Little

OK, so when I wrote that post title, I was feeling all awesome about my Foursquare achievements and then once I actually pulled up the new trophy case feature, all of the awesomeness that had been built up was lost.  Only 14 badges unlocked and a bunch that probably should have been (Gym Rat anyone?)…not bad, but not brag-to-your-momma-worthy.

Anyways, Foursquare on Android received an update yesterday that gave us this new sweet looking trophy case for all of your badges plus a couple of other minor tweaks.  It’s available in the market now if you haven’t updated yet!

Anyone out there with a ridiculous number of badges?  Show me!

  • dylan84

    Can someone upload this APK somewhere for me? Foursquare isnt showing up in the market for me. I was able to download the 11/11/2010 update from code.google.com/p/foursquared…. this new update isnt on there.

  • SidJacks

    I'm sitting at 103!!

  • Androiduser

    I get people like this, but it seems to be a robbery invite. I actually have a friend who's house WAS robbed because he posted on facebook that he was out of town.

  • Br_d

    I get a HTTP1.1/Bad Request error whenever I check into anything. I think 4sq is borked right now.

  • Kellen, can you let me know where you got the Helvetica font pack for Android? Thanks dude.

    • kellex

      It's part of Sinful Pink theme I think. I haven't installed any font packs, so it must be built in. 🙁

  • I could never get into Foursquare, not sure why.