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Monday Poll: When Will Gingerbread Come to the Motorola DROID?

Now that Android 2.3 has been announced, the question we will probably hear more than any other over the next 2-3 weeks is going to be, “When will the original Droid get Gingerbread?”  You will get sick of it, but as the phone that still has the largest base of users in the entire Android world, it’s expected.  We still don’t even know if it’ll run Gingerbread, but that won’t stop us from wondering when it’ll come.  So what do you think?

When will the original DROID receive Android 2.3?

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  • Firstdroid

    I thought I was losing my mind but know I know we were just advanced in thinking of the Droid to have a follow up with a Droid X2. I knew the Bionic was not the one!! A Thosand Thanks for believing and sharing the same thoughts rambling in my head. I can take a deep sigh of relief that my Droid X2 aka Droid 3 is on the way . . . I do believe you made the angels on high sing, the wait will be so much easier….joansie

  • Parkerwalter13

    Why does it takes so long for a phone to receive and update

    • Each Manufacturer has to build their own version for each phone (all Android Phones are different) Example, the build for Froyo on the OGDroid is different than the build on the Nexus One, both are considered “Vanilla” or “Pure” Google interfaces, yet the OGDroid has a keyboard and a dedicated camera button, the Nexus 1 on the other hand doesn't, but it has a second mic for noise cancellation. Point being; every manufacturer has to make sure their version of Android enables all the hardware features of their particular device. So you can see where the term “Fragmentation” is coming from on Steve's end, BUT, there are more benefits than not, hence the reason Windows has become the dominant OS in the Personal Computer World. Remember People, there's a Droid for everyone….

  • Jawshua

    Never, but I do believe the original droid will probably get it before my DROIDX! I waited forever for Froyo. I'm in Cincinnati and I don't know if it's my Verizon or what but damn it's not a small town why do I have to wait forever for updates!?

  • InvaderDJ

    Unofficially? Assuming Gingerbread is open sourced on 12/16, I would assume by April we'll see some ROMS.

    Officially? I am about 70% sure never. Motorola and Verizon may do it as one final hurrah (especially since the 2.2.1 that is coming out soon doesn't seem to have the VCast app store, so they may add it in 2.3) but I am extremely doubtful. Verizon and Motorola both want current DROID owners to buy new phones, especially since they are releasing new phones early next yet.

  • Who cares? When will I get it on my Incredible? 😛

  • I'm hopeful, but I seriously doubt it

  • Alfonso559

    Im getting tired of all the different android phones, im almost sure my droid wont be getting 2.3 =(

  • As soon as Cyanogen and Co. have the time to focus on it 🙂 Cyanogen mod 6.2?

  • Gin

    It will happen. If my OG Droid does not get the update I'm moving to another land, maybe iphone_land or Micro_land and get a new life.

  • Maybe early next year or 2nd quarter of 2011.

  • TinnO

    Have you heard of the original Motorola Milestone? Have you heard that we haven't received the 2.2 update yet?

    bottom line… we will never see 2.3 on the original Milestone..

    • Its kinda weird that moto can't get out a stock 2.2 ROM to us. I thought thats what the google experience phones were all about.
      The hackers aren't even helping, XDA has 3 ROMS for the Milestone, and none of them a stable usable one. Someone do the same thing to the milestone that happened to the D2/X!

  • From Moto? Never. From CyanogenMod/Bugless Beast/etc.? Soon.

  • MG

    I read somewhere on BGR or Engadget that there will be no more updates after Froyo. The demands are to high now for the original Droid. If they push the limits they will not be able to support our needs as users for long. Remember they already discontinued the phone. I hope for the best but the phone is ready for the archives now.

    On that note I have a friend with a G1 still running 1 point something. He is happy with it and says he can’t ask for more than what is available to him. If I don’t want to pay for an upgrade to the phone then I will have to be happy with what I got. In other words he accepts that no more updates were going to happen eventually. He is fine with that. Me I am ready for a new phone already. I got my phone on day one of the launch date. It’s not time for us yet.

  • Bryannichelson

    How is it that my galaxy s fascinate is still on 2.1 with no sign of 2.2 in sight. Sigh! Really regret leaving the Droid family, Samsung has failed epicly…

    • Agreed. I went from the OGDroid to the X, After seeing the 3D capabilities or the Galaxy S, I had to have it. Sadly the overall experience of the Samsung Fascinate seriously lacks the depth that the Droids have. I now have a D2 and other than not having HD video recording Capability, I'm very pleased.

  • Jcastle482

    It will never be an official update but thankfully we have such an amazing community there will be an unofficial one.

  • I don't know why everyone is so pessimistic about the D1 getting the update. It's not a total overhaul, just lots of tweaks, and supposedly will actually be MORE efficient than 2.2, so why wouldn't it run on the D1? I know it's no longer being made, but it's still the number 1 Android phone out there and has been one of the first phones to get updated in the past since it is stock.

  • I'm not expecting nor holding MOTO to update my D1. After 12 mos, 3 other iterations of the phone and new . (dot) releases later, I feel they've done their part as a manufacturer. Plus, come April, I'll have hit the Verizon 6mos window for upgrading again. To me, this does seem reasonable. It's an opinion so please don't hate. I am however content.

    Android FTW!

    • Ben Millen

      i dispute your point, i like my milestone, why should i be forced to change my hardware, especially when the more recent os versions would improve its performance, we have such a throw away culture, yeah id like to upgrade at some point but i want signifficant hardware improvement before that happens, not just a slightly faster processor or a slighty prettier body.
      i think moto has an obligation to me who has invested in their product (on a 2yr contract no-less) to try and keep this product alive for as long as possible

      you dont buy a car then a year later when they have a new model expect the dealer mechanic to turn round and say “sorry gov we dont fix em anymore, we got new models!!”


      • Marybeth_Coopertino

        Terrible analogy. It would work if you phone was broken. It's not, it's just old.

        It's more like, after a year of driving, you go back to the dealer and demand that they install into your car, all of the upgrades on the newest model, for free.

        Why are they obligated to do that? Is it even technically feasible?

        Don't get me wrong – a hardware vendor should support their hardware. For a reasonable amount of time. The D1 is O-L-D OLD. Don't be surprised if the end is near. Sometimes horses should be put down, it's the humane thing to do.

        I won't comment on the other fluff and speculation in your post, because it's exactly that.

        • Iska2000

          It’s a year old.

          If you think that’s old, you must be 5.

    • Verizon was still selling D1 in April, when I got mine. So it's less than a year old, and I can't upgrade for nearly a year. That means my phone will be so out of date by the time I can afford to get a new one, that it may not even function on the system.

      Yes, it is the old Droid. But they sold it for a long time and do owe it to customers to work with them to support them, especially when locked into 2 year contracts.

  • Afroman

    Who cares about an official OTA…. CYANOGENMOD 7.0 BABY!!!!

    • thats what i waiting for woot woot

      • Se7h

        Before you update I would try MIUI it glorious…

        • Aguilacahc007

          miui rom with android 2.3 will be nice

    • CM7 FTW

  • Freshgeardude

    official? Probably not.

    Cyanogen? Maybe.

    Voted never

  • KniteLyf

    Gotta be before christmas or I'll quit believing in santa claus!

    • NYCLawyer

      Come on – that's like thanking God one week for catching a touchdown and then blaming God the next week for dropping one in overtime. Now, if Motorola had elves working for them….. (but we know that it is just Keeblers that violates those labor laws.)

  • alershka

    Seeing how Moto works, I'd guess that they are more interested in trying to squash the community and efforts to release software updates are on the back burner. I'm sure the community will have something available but there will not be an official release.

  • I almost don't want Gingerbread for my droid. Froyo slowed it down enough. The added home screens can take a while to load during heavy use. I actually had my first battery-pull yesterday. Brought me back to my Blackberry Storm days. haha

    • Froyo SLOWED your phone? Something isn't right there. It gave most people a 200-400% INCREASE in speed! I would definitely do a wipe on your phone and see if that fixes it.

  • tjhrulz

    I am guessing we will have it on our phones the week after the nexus one, however an official version will be never.

  • I'm sure I'll have it on my D1 here within the next 2 weeks or so. As I know a lot of the developers out there are still in college this week is finals so it will be next week or the week after when we will really start to see 2.3 ROMs being ported over to the D1. I'm running UD 2.3.0 right now and loving it so I'm not in need of getting the official 2.3. It will get here when it gets here.

  • Dear people who say the locked bootloaders are not a big deal,

    Have fun spewing that crap while your phone waits six months to get 2.3 while rooted Droid 1 owners will be using it within a month (2 at the latest).

    Locked bootloaders ARE a big deal because Motorola can't get updates to us in a timely manner and they're preventing us from getting them ourselves

  • saimin

    Google should require manufacturers of Google-branded phones to provide all updates at least while the phones are under the original contract period.

    • Guest

      They can't if the newest version of Android has minimum system requirements that are over the phone's hardware.

      • Se7h

        That does not apply to the OG Droid…

      • Riley

        There are no system requirements for any versions of android on any phones that matter

  • hang in there Grandpa Droid you'll get it from someone

  • i highly doubt it'll get pushed OTA but definite for rooted owners

  • Kaufkin

    it will come from Pete or Koosh, or one of the comunity members. Moto? not so likely.

  • Hohlraum

    I voted 'Never' but it is possible. Only because 95% of the people who own this phone probably bought it on a contract. I got mine the day they were released and I still have 11 months left on my contract. That means that the most owned android phone in the world won't be running the newest OS for 11 months. Motorola might cave.

    • Nathanbull33

      hmmm i bought mine i think at the end of the month that it came out ( i know it was a t least a few wekkes after but can't remember when exactly.) but according to my new every two meter i only have 7 months left till I'm eligible for another upgrade!? So are you sure you still have 11 months left?

      • Anonymous

        free upgrade != contract completion. They start trying to get you to upgrade to another new phone so they can lock you in for another 2 years well in advance of your actual contract expiration. I’ve actually gotten a couple email already urging me to upgrade early (some promotion).

  • As soon as cyanogen gets a hold of the source code. 😉

    • omg it'll be crazy

      • Marybeth_Coopertino

        LOL ya really omgwtfbbq pork sandwiches

      • Marybeth_Coopertino

        LOL ya really omgwtfbbq pork sandwiches

  • StuntinX

    It shouldn't be hard to port

  • Wezil

    I think what will bug me most if it does not: You are required a 2 year contract, the D1 is only a little over 1 year old. If they don't bring 2.3 to the D1 they will have stopped supporting a product before a person is eligible to upgrad

    • Anonymous

      They stopped supporting the Eris before a year and they have said it will never receive another update… but don’t worry it will be available to rooted users before Verizon or Motorola decide to release it.

    • Phaise

      Noone is forcing you to get a 2 year contract. You could pay some more and get the phone unsubsidized. JUst because most of america signs a contract when getting a phone does not by any means make it a requirement.

      • the only support your really gonna get for the Droid is from the community now, i hate to say it

    • WhereIsTony

      Also not giving an OS update does not equal not supporting.

      Dell did not send everyone windows 7 after all.

    • Eh, not the end of the world, it will take them at least five months for them to get it ready so its really only six months they won't support the product, and you're eligible to upgrade 4 months early… So that's really only two months that you're “stuck” using an OS that is more capable than iOS anyway, its really not as bad as you make it out to be

      what is terrible is that they don't allow Droid X and Droid 2 users to change it if someone else gets a working version up, that's my biggest complaint

  • NorCalGuy

    Legit 2.3 might take a couple of months, but the guys over at cyanogen mod will probably have it by the time the nexus s comes out or around that time

  • sylent101

    Looks pretty good on the ole droid

  • OldNuc

    If you are rooted most likely real soon.

    • Anonymous

      Im going to say either before christmas or right after new years.

    • Anonymous


    • Eduardotre

      not if you own a droid x milestone or droid 2

  • I think it will come, but through the community, don't think Verizon / motorola will get around to it…

  • it won't officially come to the Droid but certain aspects of it will probably start popping up in new ROMs for rooted droids.

  • Never, Verizon will make you buy a new phone.

    • GC736

      I can see that for Honeycomb, which I am sure will be too much for OG Droid. But Verizon would be making a mistake not to release Gingerbread, assuming HW requirements are up to snuff. A majority of OG Droid users are still within the original term, and will not be eligible for an upgrade for a while yet. (I know from experience, as I am in that category. By then though, LTE should be widely available, and some good phones available then).

  • EC8CH

    do you mean “officially” 😉

  • unless there's a lot more of the original droid out there than I think there are, I don't think we'll see it running gingerbread anytime soon, most likely never.

  • shoot I'm wondering when it will the DX

    • StuntinX

      Word! The prob is the bootloader or we could have it in a few weeks

      • I'm hoping that, since the Moto Olympus is supposed to ship with 2.3 and Blur that the X will get it sooner rather than later…

  • Corycapaldi

    I don't even care anymore after spending all my energy on that darn froyo update…

    • EC8CH

      Froyo was just a warm up, like Rocky vs Mr. T.

      Gingerbread is more of a main event, so bring on Drago!

      Just like Rocky 5… it's all downhill from there.

  • The phone's too old.

    • EC8CH

      so your mom, but she still updates her firmware if you know what I mean 😛

  • Stephen D

    Not sure. If Gingerbread has hardware acceleration and that, then it could really help boost it's performance. Google still hasn't mentioned any minimum requirements for Gingerbread.

  • No comment….

    • Abc


  • I'm betting rooted users will see it first. “duh, right?”

  • bkj216

    Because it doesn't look like Gingerbread is a major update in terms of UI, I think the Droid will still be a candidate for upgrade.

    But if Honeycomb comes out and features the UI Overhaul that some speculate it will, then I think that'll be it for the D1 folks.

  • Reddroid

    Device is over a year old. I wouldn’t expect to see this update especially since many of the new features are not hardware supported by this very good though aging phone.