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Minimalist Text is Your All-in-one Widget Option

Is Minimalist Text the best minimalist app we’ve seen yet?  That’s tough to say, but we definitely think it’s worth mentioning and giving a ton of love to.  We’ve looked at apps like Clockr, TypoClock and SiMiClock, but just can’t live with ourselves if we don’t introduce you to this new player that’s sort of like an all-in-one for minimalist junkies like myself.  Minimalist Text allows you to add clock, date and battery widgets to your homescreens, only you can customize every aspect of how they look.  You can even build a widget that includes all three if you’d like!  There are an almost endless number of color and setup combos you can piece together with this app.  

It’s free in the market, so I suggest you give it a try now.

Download Link

Cheers Picolas!

  • palomosan

    I love this guys work, He start it doing the whole Minimalist Style thing, you should check his work.

  • Irish22022

    Hold your horses on this app. It's a start, but REALLY far from being even usable IMO.

    If you're trying to put a clock/date/battery on, you can't manipulate the size of the individual things well enough, and either I'm missing something or you can't make it bigger then 4×1? What about 4×2 or 4×3? I want it to take up one whole screen.

    This is one of those can of worms apps. A little customization, and you realize you actually need a LOT more.

  • Perfect!

  • GoNoles

    Just so everyone knows, the app is called Minimalistic Text in the app store.

  • skltr21

    it's actually in the market under “minimalistic text”

  • LuvMyDroid

    I just give up my Beautiful Widgets. It's purdy.

  • Br_d

    No offense man, but I just don't get what minimalist means. Does it just mean “text-based everything”? Because the word sounds like it should mean having as little as possible on your home screen. “11:17” is wayyy less than “eleven SEVENTEEN”. All this “minimalist” stuff seems so verbose and gaudy to me. I'm not hating… I just don't understand why it's called “minimalist”.

    • Higher_Ground

      I see what you're saying but these “minimalist” widgets, while using more characters, take up less space than say the BW clock or some of the others on the market. At least that's my theory on it.

  • Tcanderson2

    Kellex, where'd you get the dock from?

    • skltr21

      from this app………

  • EC8CH


    *minimalist comment*

  • bravoleader2

    You have an unhealthy obsession with minimalist style.