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LauncherPro Update Coming This Week?

This is definitely what we want to hear on a chilly Monday afternoon in December. It’s been too long without word from Federico Carnales and his LauncherPro, meaning we’re starting to get antsy. If you recall reading this true masterpiece of an interview, you will remember Fede announcing he would be rewriting the entire app from scratch to reduce bugs and to easily add features. Plus one to that.

I myself am not a patient man. I can admit that. So I set out for the answer. After 2 days of going back and forth, I was able to get a hold of him and snagged this quote:

“The update to the current LP should be out early next week (This Week) and the rewrite is still a bit hard to predict, it’s a lot more work than I had expected.”

Can I get a, “Woot Woot!” So everyone, I am giving you homework – Be on the lookout! And you may be wondering what this update is going to entail? Well don’t worry because I asked that too:

“It’s a secret.”

Can you believe that? A secret? I’m hurt. Either way, I am excited about this, and hope everyone else is too! Best believe when it’s updated you’ll see a post from yours truly. Depending on if my cold doesn’t keep me bedridden.


  • Buckgrad

    It's here baby…downloading now!

  • RFC

    just got an update

  • Noshinemm

    What should your memory setting be on LPP? i dont really know where it should be and mine is kinda laggy. its at Medium now.

  • foxdog

    lag and redraw was a pain but if you mess with the memory settings a bit and lock the launcher in memory… their is no lag nor redraw. im running it on cyanogen and havent had a redraw in weeks

  • tjhrulz

    secrets dont make friends fede

  • InvaderDJ

    Always nice to see an update to LauncherPro. But more interested in the rewrite, especially if that helps with redraw and lag issues, because at least on the original DROID LauncherPro is plagued with them. There are some fixes that help, but none are 100%.

  • Jawshua

    Yes it's like 10 degrees here with a wind that will slice you in half!

    So, some new LP would be nice! I wonder if it also has added stuff for us Plus users? Can't wait!

  • Kelly

    I <3 LP+

  • My hands are trembling with excitement

  • Gosh, I can't wait. It's like early Xmas presents! Angry birds…then Gingerbread…now this…I'm a giddy child under the tree waiting…who needs Santa!

  • cizzlen

    I've had the themed Launcher Pro Plus and haven't been able to update it ever since who knows what version but I might just have to give up my theme when this update comes out!

    • The themed versions are always being updated. Check out XDA

      • cizzlen

        Oh okay. I used to be able to update from the market fine until one day when the market stopped working and ever since I still haven't found a fix. Even when I try to install the individual apk on top of it but thanks for letting me know anyways, I suspected they were keeping them updated. Are you using any of those sweet themes yourself Tim?

  • I love this launcher, i got it back in july and haven't changed since, unless you count the plus upgrade, which is completely worth every cent. And if you snag a themed version over at xda, it makes it complete. I cant wait for the update, Fede rules!


    Please be the cloud thing from htc sense, or skinning like that…i love sense but have a droid x…..motoblur=crap….

    • jaymonster

      Oh, dear g-d no! Not the SENSEless interface, that (along with Motoblur) is the reason so many people flock to LauncherPro.

  • Ryan C

    Hey maybe the “secret” is that it will have looping home screens or something to that affect?

  • Dane

    Need a lag free version… Fewer gizmos, better performance.

    • tjhrulz

      if you do it right it is lag free i figured that out when i went from cant stand to blazing fast in 10 min

      • whats right? I love mine but the lag is a b…

  • RoadsterHD1

    Launcher pro Plus rules…

  • JubbaTheHutt

    Honestly, it's developers like Federico that make Android the gem it really is. With Gingerbread incoming, the announcement of the Nexus S, and the ever expanding hardware to the OS, 2011 looks like it will be quite a good year 🙂

  • Installed launcher pro on my new Galaxy Tab. Looking forward to the update

  • tanknspank

    Used it for about a week, and my previous feelings still remain:

    I liked the widgets, but damn, that launcher just doesn't run as well as others, namely ADW.

    I'm back to adw tonight. Hopefully fede will do something special so I will want to try it again.

    • mtkregs

      You and your buddy @RobStemen…some day you'll both come to your senses. 😛

      • tanknspank

        Come to our senses and realize we got it made? Yeah 😀

        • I hate you lol

          • tanknspank

            No love Timmah? 😉

  • FortitudineVincimus

    love this app

    BUT the last 2 versions have added back the screen and icon redraw lag so I rolled back to and still have redraw issues that were killed off before, but want the icon pop-ups.

  • Beegore


  • Greg

    I'm on ADW for now. I like the ability to swipe up and down for gestures on my screen. Plus Fede took a two month hiatus. I'm hoping he pulls through, because with ADW, Go launcher, and now 2.3 even on the rise.. People might be looking for more than just those htc-like widgets and scrolling dockbar

    • Mrwolf

      Hiatus? I'm not sure that word means what you think it means….

    • Ryan C

      Just wondering if anybody else is have trouble with GO Launcher? like it will randomize my home screens and its kinda annoying. I switched back to launcher pro

  • memnoch73

    Looking forward to this. Hopefully the Pro version gets a market payable version. I would love to support LP but I'm just to lazy to start up a Paypal account and hassle just for a few bucks.

  • ive been waiting so long for this!!

  • ive been waiting so long for this!!

  • wolverinefan

    Glad to hear we getting a new update i paid money for the extra features. But i do got a question any ideas if we getting 2.3 gingerbread for Droid X????

    • Jas

      Of course.

      However, the real question is *when* will it show up on the X? My guess it'll be at least 3 months before we get it.

      • DarthRogue

        Really? 3 months? I was thinking longer. That is, unless Moto pulls their head out of the sand and realizes that PEOPLE LIKE STOCK ANDROID! Wasn't 2.3 supposed to remove the need for changes to the ui? All the droid X needs is the software that allows for its awesome noise cancellation technology… I was able to talk in a loud room where I needed to yell to be heard, and the person on the other end of the phone asked why I was yelling!

    • Mrwolf


  • The rewrite should be completed early 2011, but until then, this will do 🙂

  • dooooope, but i'm gonna have to reskin my LPP :/.

  • 🙂
    woot woot
    (LauncherPro Plus user)

  • i was also wondering when we would get a new update. thanks for this 🙂

  • I'm running the trial version on my OG Droid. Is the full version worth the $3?

    • Anonymous

      At least. It’s awesome.

    • Andrew Hewitt


    • Michael_NM

      It's worth $10 at least! At $3, it's the best money I've spent on any Android app!

  • EC8CH

    I'm really excited to see what's in this update 🙂

  • Andrew Hewitt

    About damn time!

  • Michael_NM

    Fantastic Fede!!! I'm more excited about this than the long-wait for Gingerbread!

    • I second your thought on this is more exciting than gingerbread. Especially since i will most likely stick with this rather than launcherpro. I say Google picks up Fede and hires him on their staff!

    • BigFonz

      Me too.

  • first

    • Se7h

      want a cookie :O ???