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Gingerbread Headed to Nexus One in a “Few Weeks”

There were a bunch of reports when the Android 2.3 SDK dropped this morning that it was already rolling out to Nexus One devices.  Yeah, that was a lie.  Reto Mieier, an Android Developer Advocate at Google, tweeted the message you are seeing above and we’d like to think with a title like that, that he has a pretty good idea when it might be on the way.

So Nexus One owners, expect it in the next few weeks, but not today.  Maybe when the Nexus S hits stores on December 16th?

Via:  Android and Me

  • http://briefmobile.com/htc-evo

    2.3 already on the EVO 🙂 woot woot

  • kshack

    Hahahah good luck with this one!!!! Galaxy s stillllllll waiting for 2.2. Don't waste ur money or time on this one!!!

  • PyroHoltz

    Is the line between Droid-Life and An.Droid-Life getting continuously skewed?

    Just saying…

    • Paul

      Agreed. I've recently noticed a few articles that would have been more at home on their opposite pages. But android new is android news, so long as I can find it. This just means I need to check two sites to cover my bases.

      • PyroHoltz

        I agree, it's not a problem because I go to both anyway and they both have good info. Just seems strange to have both but sometimes use them interchangeably.

    • Droydhead

      I agree.. I think the sites should be merged.

      • because then people freak out when Kellex posts android related news. He's just trying to reach as many people as possible and keeping everyone happy.

        He just posts articles like this here because most of us check the original site more often than the second site

  • Timoh

    Wait, engadget covered something that wasn't from *pple?

    • EC8CH

      what's an eng*dget?

      • eddieonofre

        An technology blog which spends more of the time writing about apple products.

        • EC8CH

          original post edited to indicate sarcasm

  • turdbogls

    how does 10 days = a few weeks. i wouldn't expect it until the new year. for me and my X…i wont expect it until March 🙁

    i always have my Droid 1 to play with tho….2.3 custom ROM here i come 🙂

    • Droydhead

      I think you're being generous with that March ETA.. Unless of course you mean a leaked version..

  • Michael_NM

    Flashing through the ROMs, I can't find 2.3… Ov'r the forums I go, won't wait for OTA…

    Gingerbread, Gingerbraed, Gingerbread… today…

    Oh what fun it is to hope for devs to port away…

  • Dariusclark73

    Is this another first for me??

    • Dariusclark73

      Yes it is!! Shoo shoo!!!