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DROID 2 Global $149 and DROID Pro $49 at Best Buy

The Droid Pro (our review) and Droid 2 Global have only been out for a couple of weeks now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a steal of a deal on either of them.  Best Buy is offering up the Pro for $49 and the D2 Global for $149 which are insanely low prices for a couple of phones that are this new.  Tack these deals onto BB’s new holiday smartphone sale and you’ve got some choices.  

Buy Droid Pro.  Buy Droid 2 Global.

Cheers Doc!

  • Androidcheckstand

    Costco has droid 2 global for all activations if for the same price with extra accessories.

    • KleenDroid

      Costco also has the Droid X including the accessories for $149, and you don't have to deal with rebates.

      That price supposedly ends on the 7th. However the guy at the kiosk thinks it will continue.

  • nonotz

    hmm.. its called droid 2 global… i wonder when the “real” global market get their hands on it….

  • Droid-lce

    Plus the $50 fee so the phone will cost $199…..

    should I stick wit my droid 2 and wait till the iphone to hit to verizon or go wit droid 2 global?

    • Blink1st

      Did you seriously ask if you should wait until the iphone hits verizon instead of getting a new droid? What site is this again? Wait for a newer phone if you want, but make it a droid (maybe an lte device when they come out), not an iphone!

  • Fawzi94

    Are they doing any early upgrades for the holiday season? I'd love to give them some of my money and get a shiny new Droid 2 Global…

  • Qwerty

    Attempted to order this just to see the final price after all taxes, surcharges…etc..and it ends up right around the same price of the original price of 199.99!! Also has a $35 activation fee too!

    What a scam!

    • $35 activation fee is standard – as in, all the time. Sprint is waiving theirs right now, but even so, it's showing up on the bill and gets credited back later.

      Taxes aren't a scam, they're taxes. It's free shipping, so any other fees are Verizon's normal stuff, and all of those would be on any other purchase too, so the discount is still the discount.

      I don't understand how this is so hard to understand!

  • Princesation

    Is this for a new 2yr contract ?

    • Princesation

      Nvm lol it is

    • Always. Any advertised price is with a 2 year contract. Anywhere. Ever.

  • YoMomma