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Custom OG Droid Friday: Theme Pack for MIUI

Earlier this week we posted about the new MIUI ROM taking a liking to our home, and becoming a family member. Well what really puts the Prunus Avium on top is the fact that there’s so many themes for it. And switching them? That’s even easier!

After the jump, I will walk you through downloading this pack and applying them to the ROM.
Let’s have some fun!

This is for OG DROID only…all else, beware!

Firstly, you’re going to need the newest MIUI (instructions).Β After installing that, proceed to these steps:

1. Download this zip file containing all MIUI themes. Download Here
2. Open up the zip and place all theme.zip’s in sdcard/MIUI/theme
3. Open up “Theme Manager” application and have some fun!

You don’t even need to use recovery or anything. It’s that simple!
So enjoy and have a great weekend!


Thanks to all the developers, artists, and people who made this possible.
To learn more about MIUI, please visit their website.

  • afd_firefighter544

    just flashed this ROM and all it does it force close, when i try to do anything??? i love the ROM but can’t do anything with force closing??

  • r7brzezinski

    Its on the rom.

  • Imoore13

    The link to download the pack is down…anyone know of any alternate links?


  • The link for the theme pack is down. 404 page. Any help @kelex

  • The link for the theme pack is down. 404 page. Any help @kelex

  • Gagetoliver

    The Link is busted!

  • ramifications

    Does anyone have the wallpaper in the top right with the cool colors? I would be very grateful!

  • Rufio_8827

    dumb question but i cant find where to put theme.zip's on my sdcard. i know its sdcard/MIUI/theme but i cant find the MIUI/theme path. im sure im just missing something but can anyone help?

  • thedude

    you can make an app launcher in the stock miui launcher by putting all your apps in a folder and putting it in the dockbar. works well for me. love this rom!

  • Kylemartin95

    where did u get the wallpaper on the right

  • Ronnie

    What settings did you use to get your beautiful widgets like that?

  • Beatyb21

    I downloaded this rom now im having foreclose issues someone please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I really want to use this ROM, it's beautiful, and I love the menus, and the lock screen is fantastic, but I can't get past not having an app drawer. I know I can create folders and all that, but when I install an app, it goes into the drawer and I don't need to do anything with it, and I know where to find it when I need it. Placing everything on the home screens is too i*hone for me. At least let me sort me apps on the home screens alphabetically. Also there are apps that I have had installed with other ROMs that didn't show up in the market using MIUI (wtf)

  • miui rom link is not the latest version.


    R u suppose to download theme manager from the market or does it come with the theme download

    • Anonymous

      Its on the rom.

  • Using the Christmas theme. Gotta get that holiday spirit! πŸ™‚

  • chessy2309

    quick question – I downloaded the ROM – wiped everything 5 times before I installed but still have a problem with the dialer (have tried reinstalling but same issue). I can dial regular numbers but I cannot dial anything that starts with * or #. So I cannot do *228 or ##program as the dialer just force closes on me when I try. Without this the ROM is unusable. Also, whenever I come out of the lockscreen it will open a random app and I have to press the home button to actually see my screens which is very annoying. Any ideas anyone?

    • Grasshopper

      Not random apps. You can open directly to the dialer or mms from the lockscreen using the icons to unlock. If you use the lock icon it will open into whatever you had open b4 you shut your screen off.

    • metiCkOne

      This is a known issue with MIUI and we've got a work around to program the phone. You need to dial *228+ and send.

      • chessy2309

        Thank you!

  • Grasshopper Release is out! Get it here

    • Grasshopper

      Ringtones and LED bugs resolved.

      • Moeyknight

        Sweet. That's what's been bothering me this morning!

      • metiCkOne

        yes they've been resolved

  • Laz

    Where is that battery icon from?
    This ROM is the tits!

    • Laz

      Duh. N/M

      I just noticed you can put the percentage on.

  • Feetdaddy

    stupid question here. how do I get the numbered battery indicator?

  • bOOm

    MoeyKnight, install from recovery and clear cache twice as well devlik(sp?) cache. This worked for me.

    • Moeyknight

      Thanks! I just did install from recovery, however I didn't clear the cache twice. I will try that before I restore anything again.

  • Moeyknight

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I just flashed this rom. After restoring all my apps, I am now in an endless “android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly” loop and I'm slowly dying inside. Anything I can do?

    • Grasshopper

      You cannot restore data from another ROM. Just user apps. Clear data in phone, contacts, mms, framework services, if that doesn't work. Reflash and only restore apps, no data.

      • Moeyknight

        Yeah, I think that's what happened. I may have restored apps and data instead of just apps. Oops! But that's what I get for doing this stuff long after I should have been in bed. Thanks for the help. πŸ™‚

      • The_Other_Ray

        So are you saying if I backuped apps and data from UD Rom using Titanium Backup and I restored apps and data in MIUI with Titanium Backupit will mess things up?

        • Grasshopper

          You can restore USER apps and data only. What I usually do is make an app backup. Wipe and install, let my apps download from market, then restore only data w/ Tibu, to specific apps that I either don't want to reenter my login or lose my spot in angry birds. The framework is different in this rom and any data from system apps like dialer, mms, contacts,framework ect.. will get you FC city. This Rom is worth it. Always make a nandroid backup first, if its not your cup of tea, you can go back.

  • I would love love love to try this out. But i can never get anything on rooting with a mac, Its my B-day tomorow guys can someone just root it for me and then put this on it πŸ™‚ Why arent there any smart guys where i live . . .Cmon Texas . .

    • Grasshopper

      Down load z4root right to your phone and you won't need a PC

  • Teagadinho

    How can I get these wallpapers!!! Tim help me out! And what widgets that buddy?!

  • android noob

    is there any way to get just that clock/weather widget on a non rooted phone? It's the best one I've seen for Android!

    • Grasshopper

      Its Beautiful Widgets. Its in the market. No root required.

  • Acosta1219

    Type lost new to this … what OG DROID stand for ?

    • skltr21

      original droid. “original gangsta”

  • skltr21

    so i like the ROM just really don't like the phone and contacts user interface……… anyone know a way to change just those???

  • I hope this gets ported to the DX.

    • Onemoik

      thats hillarious.

  • Grasshopper

    Here is the User Guide again for you first time users.


  • dblj

    I flashed it the other day to try it out. One big problem I had with it is that I could't access my Documents To Go. Being that I use that almost daily, I had to flash back to my good ole' Chevy 4.9. I didn't try any games while I had it so I can't comment on any lag there. Otherwise, it seemed pretty fast.

  • MikeSevenfold

    Does anyone know how to take screen shots with the built in app on the MIUI rom? I accidentally turned it on the other day and every time I hit my menu button it would take the shot but I couldnt figure out how to turn it off…I had to reboot my phone lol.

    • Grasshopper

      hold the menu key and press volume down:) Maybe your volume toggle was stuck.

  • This almost has me sold on rooting.

  • skltr21

    is there no way to set your phone to “vibrate”????

    • Grasshopper

      its in the notification pulldown power controls

      • skltr21

        ooooh. random place for that……. but ok. =) usually the volume rocker does that…..

        • Not since 2.2, unless if it was re-added by a developer in other roms.

  • Clayton

    When using MIUI Rom, install Tone Picker from the market and us it to change ringtones and notification tones. it worked 150% for me. It also lets me use MP3s if I want to. This helpful app cost the very low price of FREE!

  • As far as I know, the themes are interchangeable between phones, so these themes should work on any phone running MIUI. Sorry OG Droid Doers, but this pack does for all.

    • You just had to go and ruin our fun, didn't you?

    • Confirmed.

    • Excellent. Thanks!

      • … no, Thank you! There have been topics on other forums about how hard it is to track down all the awesome themes floating around out there, and you just collected em' and zipped em up for everyone!

        • Hah. All I did was find it. Didn't zip it myself. I deserve no credit except maybe brownie points for posting it so thousands could enjoy πŸ™‚

          So…..ENJOY! πŸ˜› But all credit goes to Devs.

  • Grasshopper

    A side note. The ROM linked is only for the original Droid, but the themes will work on any phone running MIUI 11.19 release or newer. πŸ˜‰ How awesome is that.

  • The350zWolf

    Holy groupies Batman!!! Good thing I carry a Droid in my utility belt….

  • skltr21

    what about kernels and what-not??? what kernels work best with this ROM??? can we even flash different kernels with this ROM???

    • luigi90210

      You should try cm 6.1 I use to run ud until bd changed the lock screen and imo cyanogen is better
      It has all the same features as ud plus its the only stock rom that I know of that disables ota updates

      • Anonymous

        ive tried cm 6.1 and felt like UD ran smoother……..

      • Anonymous

        ive tried cm 6.1 and felt like UD ran smoother……..

  • machinegun68

    Running this and really like it..takes a little getting used to. I have not been able to figure out how to get a shortcut on the desktop for Touchdown/Mail. Only the full program file for all Touchdown.

  • Kevin Jellison

    That's it. I think MIUI is going to be my only ROM for a long time! The dialer is the best yet. The music player is awesome! The functionality of everything is light years beyond any other ROM I've tried with all the toggle options in the notification bar. Too iP*onish? No app drawer? Use Launcher Pro. I'm using LP+ and getting all the amazing MIUI options. I flashed MIUI when it first came out, but I got rid of it quickly because it was an incomplete ROM. This newest one is awesome!

    • digitalicecream

      I just flashed it and I'm also very impressed, loaded LP+ and I'm not certain why but its the fastest rom ever on the D1. Very pleased with it also!

  • Jeremy Gentry

    I am currently running MIUI and love it; HOWEVER, did anyone else notice this…i tried to change the ringtone and it keeps defaulting to a different one, same with my notification tone…. πŸ™ any ideas or a fix for this? any help would be much appreciated! πŸ™‚

    • i noticed that also, I went on the miui forum and they are planning to drop a new build with that fix. Right now im using zedge to fix that problem for now. You can get zedge in the android market for free.

    • The newest version being released shortly fixes that issue πŸ™‚

    • Dhardison

      from what I've read it's a known bug.


    • Jeremy Gentry

      thanks for the quick response Tim! and thanks @Randy for the temporary fix! πŸ™‚

    • I just went into the MIUI music app, long-pressed on the song i wanted, and chose “Ringtones”, then went back to the Settings and chose that song. Seemed to work.

  • Tinkeringteck


  • Tkampka

    I really liked using this rom, but it wont run most of the intense graphic programs, like angry birds, need for speed, etc etc. Even the flash tv or live tv kept kicking me out of the programs. Had to put back in liquid 1.95. Hard to beat that rom anyway.

    • skltr21

      flash a new faster kernel…….. these all work with MIUI

      ChevyNo1: http://chevyno1.richstevenson….

      Slayer: http://android.markjohnston.us…/

      P3Droid: http://www.p3designs.info/kern…/

      • kellex

        Thanks for posting those.

    • Firelight

      I have been running this for weeks, upgraded the other day, and have zero issues running Angry Birds, Robo Defense, Slice It or any Flash content. Everything actually runs better than when on Sapphire or CM. Even running LP+ without any issues.

    • El El Kool J

      It works fine on my phone with the default kernel. Did you use set cpu to increase the speed to 800? Cuz its set to 600 by default.

  • FortitudineVincimus