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Battle the DROID SnowBot in a Snowball Fight!

I’m not sure what it is about the Droid SnowBot, but I love this thing.  And now, it’s even more awesome, since you can battle it out with him in a snowball fight over at Verizon’s Facebook page.  The game is sort of simple and cheesy, but if you have a webcam you might actually work off a little of that Thanksgiving flab by dodging left and right.  As each snowball hits your screen, you are greeted to some of the Droid lineup selling points, so do your best to ignore those and just dominate the game.

Play it here.

  • Ghidorah

    There is one of these in Downtown Philadelphia outside of some office building. It is in a store front a has a huge screen that you can stand in front of and play the game. There is also an advert for the Droid X right next to it, if I remember correctly. I will try to get a picture of it and send it in.


    Ok, completely off the subject but, when recieve a text on the DroidX long press on the yellow text box and you will notice someone has misspelled “copy messsage” yeh thats 3 s'.

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      • QPHALO

        I dont know, I guess no one else has caught this yet. But the X has been out for awhile now, I figured they wouldve fixed it.

  • mathees

    using my webcam is crazy. thats awesome

  • Motoblah

    First. heh.

    • BigFonz


      • Towelie420

        Oh that's nice