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Unrevoked 3.22 Available for DROID Incredible

We brought you word that version 3.21 of Unrevoked was no longer working for Droid Incredible after the latest update and that they were working tirelessly to fix it.  Well the time has come and Incredible owners can now get back to doing what we were all meant to do with our Android phones, root them.  Verison 3.22 is live and ready for your amusement.

Download it from the Unrevoked website.  Changelog.

Cheers OrbitJM, Jason, Logan and Landon!

  • imamuse

    Me again – and when I look in my software applications on my pc I can’t find it in installed applications – the other issue I’m having is when I right click on the file and view “Properties” the File version shows and can’t find any version number in the “ABOUT” section of the application to know that I have the latest version which I have read is supposed to be 3.2.2 or something around there.

  • imamuse

    I have an HTC EVO 4G  Version 2.3.3  Build # 4.24.651.1 Software # is same and a 32GB SD card with PLENTY of space.  I downloaded and installed Unrevoked 3, made sure that I didn’t have HTC SYNC installed on my pc – tried mounted SD and unmounted SD/ tried unplugging USB Cable when it says waiting for device. and made sure that “Charge Only” was selected (It’s the default) and went to Setting -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging  “ON” and nothing happened, tried turning it “OFF, then “ON” again and still never got anywhere, The “Unrevoked 3” screen just sat there didn’t change to any other screen, I unplugged the USB and plugged it back in (several times with debugging on then turned it off, then plugged in phone and manually set it to “ON” several times. The application just sits there and does nothing.  I can’t even bring my phone to the root access screen by pushing POWER & DOWN VOLUME buttons – have tried simultaneoulsly, one just slightly before the other and vise/versa (all steps many, MANY times to no avail.the only apps I’ve downloaded are wallpapers about a dozen, Evernote, and Astro file manager.  All the other apps came preloaded and I’m trying to get them off!

    I’ve viewed myriad websites for information on how to root and am completely uncomfortable with the manual method not to mention that I can’t even get the darn hboot stuff to work any way since I’m unable to access the command to power up in anything other than regular “PHONE MODE”.  That is to say that I can’t get the white screen with the root access or directory.

    I’m frustrated, to say the least and would appreciate additional help.

  • Rrmedina2

    i cant open the app on my mac… 10.5.8 ???? help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Djkeller3

    Just received an Incredible that I bought off eBay. It has not been used. I am trying to root, though unsuccessfully, I must have SLCD because nothing happens when Unrevoked tells me to plug in my device. I don't get the option to turn on debugging, just the option to charge only, share my computer's network, etc… Frustrated!! I thought this was supposed to be easy… rooting my Droid1 was complicated, yet easier than this! It must be the SLCD issue, so until Unrevoked is compatible with SLCD, there is nothing that I can do to root?

  • [ĶłŁŁĶЯĀŽłΞ]

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thanks to the people who put the work in to fix the rooting issue. Finally able to have control of what's on MY phone. Finally getting rid of verizons 'bloatware' was awesome. Y'all rock!

  • Jacob

    If you rooted and get a black screen with white bars through it (like I did,) follow this guide to fix it:


    I did it and it works great!


    Ok for those of us nonsupertechs… what does SLCD mean? how does it affect the unrevoked rooting? and how do I know if I have it? and if I do, how do I get rid of it?
    Obvi one for the family tech!
    Had my fabulous Inc since day one! we are obsessed with each other. and yes, i probably would marry it.

    • thatsINCREDIBLE

      Ok I have realized I am a HUGE dork and please ignore my question. HA! yaaahhh…. but seriously, how does it affect the rooting? I think that is a valid question for us nonsupertechs.

  • Phoenix 212

    Not working for me on OS X, help! Debug mode on, unknown sources on, charge only mode on. Help please!

  • Dave

    This is Dave the one who first tipped you off to this issue. I am sooo happy that I have root back. Thanks to the UnrEVOked team & Droid-Life. You are the best.

  • TheMan

    did anyone notice a slow down after rooting?

  • kellex
  • Djyosnow

    I've been rooted since day one so do I need to use the new update? MEH

  • Stevaroo01

    I think I'm going to root tonight. I tried to root my DInc w/ 3.21 right after the update, but as we all know, that didn't work.

    Thank you Unrevoked!

  • RoadsterHD1

    link wont work

  • TooYellow

    FYI: Busted on latest EVO update as well :-

  • Did it; works. We now have root!

    • mayajw

      How did it go? pretty easy? just got a new dinc and going to do this once I get home.

      • Stevaroo01

        If your DInc is brand new this version may not work for you. If I'm not mistaken all of the new DIncs are shipping with SLCD. If this is the case it may be a touch longer until they have it working according to their tweet. Just thought I'd mention that so you're not disappointed if it doesn't work like I was when I tried to root my DInc with 3.21 right after the update.

        Good luck, and hope you can root soon! Enjoy!!

        • Mayajw

          Thanks, I appreciate you letting me know. I'm pretty bummed now, but oh well.

          • Mayajw

            Now that I did a little research I found that my new DINC may be amoled. I bought it off a guy who was doing marketing for HTC and they gave it to him for his work. My SKU does not have a 3 at the end so apparently that means it's amoled. Hope that's right. Once again, I appreciate your post.

          • Stevaroo01

            That's great! I hope it works!

          • mayajw

            It did work. This is so much better than my rooted D1!

          • Kamuhl67

            I agree my dinc is way better than my rooted droid 1, but does anybody know if it is possible to change the boot audio along with the boot animation???

      • It's a bit trickier on Windows (because of the HBOOT drivers; http://forum.xda-developers.co…), but once you get over the hurdles, it's a cakewalk. On a Mac, it's pretty effortless.

  • bravoleader2

    Unrevoked is awesome. Big ups to those guys.

  • dellbx


    • Evileclipse420

      Awesome! Big thanks to the guys at Unrevoked. But, I guess I'm stuck waiting for the slcd recovery to become available. Thanks again though

      • iBowToAndroid

        It's easy as hell- PM me on the forums if you, or anyone else, wants the modified Clockwork SLCD

        • iBowToAndroid

          The DL forums that is

          • Lmno49

            I have a new phone, it must have and slcd, because I can not get unrevoked to work on mine. What is it that I need to do to root it now?

        • Phoenix 212


    • really?

      reallly… on a droid post… really?