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DROID 2 Allegedly Explodes in Man’s Ear, Still Works

According to reports out of Fox in Dallas, a man and his brand new Droid 2 are no longer friends.  After a heated exchange while attempting to get into his car, the D2 decided to ignite its eFuse in order to blow a hole in the side of the man’s head that would require 4 stitches.  This man obviously doesn’t read Droid Life or he would have know that the bootloader on these Blur devices isn’t meant to be taken lightly.

OK all jokes aside.  This guy really believes that his Droid 2 exploded in his ear.  Of course we are all questioning the entire story especially since the guy admits to having zero health insurance, called in the local news to cover his story and is hoping that Motorola will help with the medical costs.  He’s also already contacted a lawyer.  Another McDonald’s hot coffee story in the making?

The phone still works though!  DROID 1.  Man 0.

Full video after the break.  


Cheers @Jeremy_Barnes!

  • Andyt

    hah. i hope mine doesnt do that. but i do love my d2. plus it only cost me $3. 🙂

    • Mikeeyyyy

      what? nuh uh? i paid $200 for mine.

    • Jpjj225

      Please stop using the Droid life comment section to get referrals to your little scam site.

    • yesterday you said $4.

  • Williambowser

    Having watched the story on the news last night, he said he drove to see his wife so she could take pictures , BEFORE seeking medical attention.

  • Tanaspence

    What's up with the huge bandage? It was 4 stitches dude. Geesh man up

  • The Droid IG-88 edition failed to assassinate Dengar.

  • Ecffighter7232

    He must have been “holding it wrong”… oh wait… crap… wrong phone… nevermind lol

  • Mrpicolas

    Looks kinda like it was wet at one time and shorted out if you look at the recessed area it is corroded I hope they Sue this Guy for being an idiot….

  • ….right. I wish I could hear the guys at Motorola laughing at him.

  • Matty G

    The DROID line of phones: Weeding out the weak since 2009

  • trumpet444

    Great, now Janet Napolitano is going to want to confiscate my Droid in addition to feeling me up

  • Lisa

    I just saw the story on @CBS news and didn't even know everything that is reported here, whoa! My droid just kept freezing on me and the camera would miraculously just come on, after 4 Droid Xs I got the samsung and hung up my droid days. Shame….

    • and yet, your a girl who just wanted the nice screen on the fascinate. typical.

  • setup by apple to make droid look bad :0)

  • Lilcal70

    this guy is a loser..no get rich quick scheme is going to work..the lady who put a finger in her chili is still behind bars lol

  • has to be fake. while the processor is in that area, on the backside of the phone. it is in the bottom half of the phone. since the phone is a slider, the only thing really in the top part is the lcd screen… which is the separated by a back piece, and then a keyboard, and then all the stuff the makes the phone work (cpu, radios, battery, ect.. all in bottom part).

    if something in that area had really blow up, you'd be able to slide the keyboard open, and look at the backside of the screen and see damage as well.

    • Yeah, if nothing else is screaming fake it's the fact that even if something did explode, it's in the back portion of the phone, underneath the sliding layer on the top, so that would have to be one hell of an explosion to get it to break through the glass like that.

  • thescreensavers

    hmm Health insurance or a Droid with data plan

  • My first reaction was that it is all BS. I have been working in wireless area for 20 years never heard of any such thing. But then my friends in India said such cases have happened there also. Check the link below from one of the leading news papers in India:


    But I still find it hard to believe !!

  • Sprotthedestroyer

    That guy is so lying. The pic doesn't look like it exploded. Looks like he bashed something on it or bashed it against something. And the blood trails look like he rubbed them on the phone. And if it exploded, it wouldn't still work.

  • joe1138

    I bet the aliens rigged his phone to explode on him while they were giving him “a probe.”

  • Paitor

    1. Stupid to think he will succeed.
    2. Stupid to prioritize money the way he does. Expensive phone but no health insurance.
    3. Only in US. What other civilized country doesn't include health insurance for their citizens in there taxes.

    • trumpet444

      To “include” health insurance in “our” taxes would cost an enormous amount of money and would require our taxes to be raised astronomically and is a horrible idea. Why don’t we just give ALL of our money and let “mommy government” handle all of our bills for us? And those other “civilized” countries that socialized their health care systems are failing miserably, don’t have the money to even run their necessary government services, and are all either making draconian cuts to their budgets (not paying for certain health care related services like France and England) and/or begging for a bailout from the IMF and EU (Ireland, Greece, Spain, etc). Their citizens are by now addicted to the gov’t tit and uncontrollably riot in the streets when they propose raising the retirement age a mere two years (France). We already cannot pay for anything our government does and we want to add health care to our already obese financial burdens? Pay for your own crap and I’ll pay for mine. Health insurance, car insurance, cell phone, mortgage, etc.

      • Jak341

        I can’t say it any better then this…

      • LarstheSocialistapparently

        Yeah, that German economy sure is doing horribly. Not to mention that Swiss, and, oh hell.

        Besides, do you really think you were not subsidizing healthcare before? You were, via the emergency room, a far more costly, and less efficient means to handle the problem. Now, with the reform, we all pay, but those that do not have health insurance will be mandated to get it so as to avoid the emergency room.

        • trumpet444

          Those mandates forcing us to participate in private commerce are unconstitutional. And with the government, control only increases. We let them have an inch and they take a mile. Where will it stop? What is the next thing gov’t is going to force me to buy? And because we’ve subsidized things in the past in no way justifies increasing subsidies.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t want to get political here, but it wouldn’t just be “private commerce” had there been a public option. Just sayin’.

          • trumpet444

            I also hate when things on here get political as well. But as we can all see, its hard to ignore. With the government, the public “option” would only start out as such, and they have a horrible track record of screwing up everything they get their hands into. Why let them destroy something else? Especially when it involves your health and getting necessary treatment in a timely manner. The DMV, IRS, TSA, FEMA……Congress, etc., they are all morons when it comes to getting things done correctly

        • PinkoPacifist

          The only reason Health Care would prove being a financial burden on the tax-payer is because it stands as a for-profit industry. Take the focus off the money and put the focus on helping people be healthy and all the sudden the $18,000 life-flight bill drops to $4,000, which is the actual cost. The Military-Industrial complex is where the bloat is.. not socialism.

          But listen, getting emotional over politics is like getting emotional over WWE Smackdown. The producers already know who’s going to win.

          • How many things can the government do better than for profit industry?

      • Well… We all pay for the Repub and Dem politicians healthcare when they make $174,000/yr. They make more than enough not to need the Taxpayer to cover their insurance for them. When we have people like me who work two jobs and still can’t afford to pay for health insurance. I do pay for my health insurance, but it takes a big cut out of what I can provide for my family. I’ve gotta pay about 3K in deductible before they will even cover anything. I pay about 4K in premiums and 3K in deductible, that is 7K that could go to providing food, clothing and shelter for my family. So my point is that the private sector does not provide healthcare. It provides fat pocketbooks for the already wealthy.

        • Etgd4

          If you are having that much trouble with making ends meet maybe you shouldn’t be wasting so much money a month on a cell phone bill.

    • Anonymous

      (healthcare)If you don’t like it there are plenty of other countries that would have you. If you don’t live here, don’t bitch about it.

      (Phone)Maybe he bought it when it came out and has lost his job since then. Don’t judge.

      (success of case) Motorola will likely settle out of court, even though it’s obvious the story is nonsense.

    • Anonymous

      Please everyone, take your political crap elsewhere. This is not the place for it. You’re boring the hell out of me.

      • Mrpicolas

        In case you haven’t heard.. Its not all about you lol… discussion in all forms perpetuates change and innovation. You never know who may have the next life changing idea or discovery.

        Happy Friday 🙂

        • Anonymous

          I know. To me, this site is a refuge where I can indulge my inner geek. I can turn on the TV and find any number of channels with talking heads screaming the same tired arguments. So, for my own selfish reasons, my original comment still stands.

          Besides, I want to read the next life changing idea or discovery about android. : )

    • KleenDroid

      You could have left out #3

      I already pay enough for all your entitlements, please don’t ask for more. The US should save the money from protecting and giving money to the rest of the world. America gives you the right to leave if you don’t like the way things are. Just wait and see if you like America and the rest of the world when it becomes Muslim or Chinese. And it sure won’t be the “right” that lets this happen.

      LOL A thread turning political is never a good thing.

    • Romma1

      I pay for my health insurance. Why should I be forced to subsidize others? Once the goverment controls your body, they control you.

      • TNjed

        drop the right-wing, glibertarian boilerplate, you’re already paying to subsidize the healthcare of others now.

        • and we think that is BS, and we should pay less to subsidize less others not subsidize more to subsidize more others

    • That's the United States. He has the freedom to do that, if he wants to. I agree its not a smart priority, but its what he wanted. I just hope he doesn't get any money for his obvious fraud.

  • lvmydroid

    I want to know how much *obs paid him to do this !

    • Sprotthedestroyer

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Does turtleneck have any affiliation with fox? Or dude works for crapple

  • james

    This always happens other people and not me, i have no health insurance and have I the D2. Also, i have a toyota. DAM IT!

  • Sneaksx

    Looks like this guy just watched the movie John Q.

  • Murphy

    Where's Antoine Dodson when you need him?…. “Grab your kids, hide your wife, the DROID2 is raping ears.”

  • This is just a theory buuuuut…. Maybe the person who called him was extremely pissed at him and shoved a knife through their phone speaker and into his, therfore cutting his ear and making it bleed. I mean with all this new technology it's surly possible right?

    Ok really? i've had my D2 for three months!!! Any explosions? no….I'd expect this from an Iphone though 😛

  • LOL people will sue over anything these days

  • StephanC

    Well you see what had happened was… [Insert radical story here]

    • eddieonofre

      I received a call saying I won a million dollar and when I open my MMS the phone went into self-destruction mode and started to make a weird sound so I put it close my ear and then [boom] I lost my memory of the events after

      • StephanC

        That's actually more believable than the story that FOX published. 🙂

  • eddieonofre

    Point number one: This is FOX and everything in there is just BullSh<beep>t

    I rest my case

  • Fishy. 4 stitches? Was he trying to shove the phone *IN* his ear canal?

    • AND wtf with all the bandages? it's just 4 STITCHES! DRAMA COWBOY!

  • Tarakenboy

    must work for Apple!

  • skltr21

    TOTALY BULLSHIT!!!!! this guy is totally trying to get money.

    • eddieonofre

      the funny things is he gets a good lawyer he might just get it

  • JRummy16

    Oh noes, I dopped my phone while taking a dump. What to do? …hmm… I know, smash my head in the wall, say the phone exploded and get a free phone and try to sue for money. Great plan

  • Jjgrubs

    I'm saying he got too excited when he got a call and smacked it into the side of his head

  • james

    OK, i just found out its a type of notification alert, dont worry people

    • Bigrob60

      The notification lets you know when you had a stupid idea.

      • Hope he wasn’t thinking of switching to that device, the i*censored*.

    • EarKilla

      Yeah, it’s a notification that your health insurance is expired.

  • StephanC

    I hardly believe this. If the e-Fuse blew then wouldn't the processor stop functioning?

    • skltr21

      that was a joke…..

      • StephanC

        Thank you for clearing that up. I will remove this comment immediately to prevent other visitors from thinking I'm stupid. :-

        • eddieonofre

          ^—- This dude is NOT a stupid!

    • eddieonofre

      yeah right like this very smart dude was smart enough to root his droid 2……. and install a ROM
      come on!!!!!!!!!! if he was able to root his Droid 2 in less than a week (he just bought it right) I would feel ashamed that it took me about 6 months to made the decision to root my D1


  • Tom

    I have a problem with his story… Exploded? That means the force came from INSIDE the phone. However the breakage appears to be inward. The reflection would indicate an inward fracture of the phone, which is not consistent with an explosion… Also, he would likely need more stitches from lacerations from the glass, as there would have likely been fragmentation (unless a screen protector was on, which doesn't seem to be the case).

    The man is lying and wants help with his ear… I hope Moto doesn't pay up for a guy cutting his ear, letting it drip on his phone, and using a tool to crack it… Just doesn't seem right…

    • I was thinking the very thing. I don't even see a very way that the phone could have exploded. And from the very top of the phone where the speaker is… right.

    • eddieonofre

      Points number one this is FOX and everything is BS!!! period

      I rest my case

      • NebulaOcton

        Wow, good job taking your political feelings and hatred of a quality news organization and facing them towards a small affiliate that has nothing to do with Fox News.

        • Anonymous

          @ Nebula …Wow! Sounds like you prefer sugar in your “Tea”

        • eddieonofre

          Point number whatever is on FOX is crap and that is an universal truth

          ok sorry this channel it may be not FOX news itself but with news like this is pretty much the same kind of crap.

          so if I have to correct myself I would say.

          Fox is BS and this channel it’s following the same ideology of FOX putting craps on tv and saying this are the news.

          I rest my case.

      • Josh

        This is a local channel 4 Fox News affiliate, not the national Fox News. Isn’t that dude, Rachel Maddow, on soon? Go watch that if you want to see BS.

    • Anonymous

      So… is this proof that Android fragmentation isn’t an issue? 😀

    • 4freese

      WOW, you are a genius, this is the first post that makes sense here. I thought the exact same thing when I saw this story right when it came about. I immediately looked at the phone and noticed inward force and not outward force. The laws of physics say that if something is moving away from you then you probably wont get hit, however if something is moving toward you then it will hit you eventually. And what the heck in a cell phone could “explode” with enough force to actually penetrate skin in that general area. There is a speaker and some wires, not much else there but glass. I personally believe that he broke his phones screen and still tried talking on it and it cut him up. Just my $.02

  • skatenaked911

    id be PISSED if this happened to me
    last thing i would do is say its an incredible phone

    • eddieonofre

      unless u r dopped…

  • demonofthesword

    Usually if a phone blows up, it'd be the battery, no? Not the speaker or whatever. Idiot. Plus, just Fox covering makes me skeptical haha 😛

  • eddieonofre

    “Droids are great phones they are durable” that is a wise man talking

  • Looks like this guy had a mind blowing experience with Android.

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      A little too incredible lol

      • eddieonofre

        so that makes the phone a Droid X Incredible???
        that wouldn’t be a bad name Droid XI

  • dumb noob should of rooted it first

    cyanogenmod 6.1.0 rc5

  • TheDrizzle

    They need to rip it open to see what exactly “blew up.” Seems pretty unlikely.

    • Beka27

      Yeah, and if they contacted police, you would think that they would have taken the phone in for safe-keeping. His wife has it laying around (bloody) at the school where she works?

  • james

    I have that phone to my ear and……………

    • eddieonofre

      i was aboarding my vehicle and for no reason clearly explainable I put the cell phone to my ear and then there was this sound I tough was nothing the warm red liquid running down my neck didn't alert me.

      • james

        must be new type of new incoming text

        • eddieonofre

          “You just got a very important and private SMS, listen carefully because this message will self destroy after 5 seconds 5,4,3,2,1… Boom”

          • in ALL likelihood, something cut his ear, and he dropped the phone

  • Murphy

    Ok, this dude is definitely lying. If the phone 'blew up' on him, 9 times outta 10, it would not still function. It looks like he maybe dropped it on purpose, after cutting his ear on something, because of his lack of health insurance. When there is no health insurance, people will get desperate. And besides that's the Droid 2, not the Incredible. False advertising. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      9 times out of 10? Done some testing on that? Of course he is lying.

      • Murphy


  • Andrew Hewitt

    There's also a finger in his droid 2

  • james

    D2 “Rise of the machines”

  • looks like he is lying..

  • kiy0shi

    hmmm this could push motorola into not using the efuse, but we will see.

  • Malonzo85

    Reminds me of the movie law abiding citizen. Wonder if gerard butler got near his droid.

  • Murphy

    Oh boy first 🙂

    • not today sir..

      • Murphy

        🙁 Damn, I shoulda been on WiFi…where's 4G when you need it!!!

  • mathees

    sounds dangerous