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Wednesday Poll: Thoughts on Verizon’s 4G LTE Network?

All the talk today has been about Verizon’s 4G LTE network that will go live starting Sunday, December 5th in 38 major cities (press release) and we just want to know your thoughts on it.  There have been numerous articles written throughout the tech world suggesting that all of the “4G” networks across the country aren’t true 4G, but for us, that hasn’t lessened our excitement over it.  We just can’t wait to see the speeds on the new set of Android devices that we’re expecting some time in 2011 and could care less what the network is called.

But what about you?  Is the “4G” tag bothering you like it seems to be to so many others?  Are you just excited to see the new devices that will dominate our lives with ridiculous speeds?  Should we call it something else?  Let us know in the comments!

Thoughts on Verizon 4G LTE?

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  • Droid-life

    I just hope they bring back the OG Droid and make it 4G LTE Super faster and Super smarter with the front faceing camera wit super amoled screen better barttey life light smooth scrowing wit web browing.. high10.mega pic and everything……

  • Read the reality don't buy into the market hype http://money.cnn.com/2010/12/01/technology/4g_myth/index.htm

  • Tom

    True 4G won't be seen in a while. But I do not mind them using the 4G title mainly because they said what it really is right next to it… LTE. That makes it better imo. Unlike Sprint, T-Mo and AT&T (shortly) who straight up called it 4G when they are using old tech. It is really up to the consumer to do the research, but Verizon NEEDED to call it 4G to be competitive against the other fakes calling non4G 4G.

    But in the end, LTE won't be what is really exciting… it is the new phones that come with it. I'm not sure about others, but… other than pandora and a few youtube and blip.tv videos… I have no reason to use LTE and its improved speeds. So I won't be utilizing it much anyway. The phones on the other hand… Well that is a different story.

  • John

    ya no need for 4g & i like the latest greatest everything too. *shrug*

  • StuntinX

    Its a little weird that the service comes so much earlier than the phone with radios to receive it the service. Yay its here! Oh wait I can't use it 🙁

    • onDroid

      4G is rolling out for use on personal computers via 4G usb receivers and modems which go on sale on the 5th so yes you can use 4G when it's released just not on cell phones.

  • AxelaMZ3

    the current 3G speeds on my DX are SO FAST. i have no need for 4G lol. completely satisfied with Verizon.

  • I'm just happy verizon is finally switching to gsm so I can use their phones on Bell when they go 4g. Why do all the manufacturers only make cool edgy looking hardware for verizon?

    • Verizon deserves it because they are basically the best. That's why their prices are high too.

  • Djyosnow

    NO CRAP WE CANT WAIT FOR NEW DEVICES though can we pay the price to run the devices UM were the right questions asked? (I think not)

  • tjpeco

    Launching in my area and I'm excited about it.

    I think all the people talking about “ohhh boo hoo hoo its not 4G” are truly and honestly – losers.

    What the hell else is it supposed to be called?

    “Faster 3G”?


  • cmumathwhiz

    I find this somewhat exciting, but it's not being launched in my area on Sunday, so it doesn't affect me. Also, I know there are areas I'd be happy to get 1G or 3G or 2G or some type of coverage in first as well. Hope they don't stop fixing their current network while they deploy a new one.

  • Rizzidy

    4G, no matter who is defining it, is arbitrary anyway. Only morons would get upset by its use.

  • Br_d

    I want it, but it doesn't cover my area, so it is irrelevant to me.

  • Motodroid09

    I would love to be able to injoy this without another two year commitment… I've already got four line and it cost me an arm and a leg just for that… Think ill stick with my Comcast for the labtop…

  • Michael_NM

    While Dr. Droid could care less what it's called, I couldn't care less. 😛 If it's as fast as advertised, VZ could call it Aunt Bertha, and I'd still be happy. 🙂

  • 1T2dirtnap

    Wow can't wait for this to hit every market area, 2013 is right around the corner. Also, I can't say I'm surprised to what's being stated, a lot of misinformation being posted here. It really shows peoples true knowledge of the technology.

  • Firesq38

    I just think that 3G handles pretty dang well, so I will not be hopping on the 4G wagon at launch. I may wait a bit.

  • Mikeydatechie

    Waiting for a Verizon iphone

    • kimir

      Then why are you on this website???

      • Jake

        I don't think it is a requirement to HATE iPhone if you are an Android user..

        I know a lot of people that like certain things about each..

        The only thing keeping many from it is the network it is on..

    • Rizzidy


      Keep waiting boy.

  • I wonder how many device sales Verizon just stalled into next year with people waiting for the first LTE devices to roll out?

    • Jake

      I think they were intentionally careful in their words… They said they would announce devices at CES in January, but that they wouldn't be available until “middle of 2011″…

      Most people in the market for a new phone today, aren't going to wait almost another year.. If they need a new phone, their going to have to get one…

  • if it isn't true 4g speeds then i think verizon is doing the right thing and calling it 4g lite

  • Cgmartin33

    Wow! 47 people said “marketing ploy” already…really? So you honestly think this won't be noticeably faster than 3g? Or maybe just hating on the folks who live in big cities and will see it first? Im not one of those people…just wondering.

    • apfalcon25

      well, isn't it? This isn't necessarily “true” 4G. Nonetheless, it BETTER be faster than 3G but I can't shake the thought of this not being true to everyone…

      • ckeegan

        What did you expect Verizon to do? Call it “almost 4G” when every other carrier is touting their 4G network?

        • Cgmartin33

          I agree with ckeegan…Sprint already brainwashed everyone into believing it was 4G…Verizon had no other choice than to market it that way. The good news is that VZW is the closest thing to legitimate 4G. I read that the new LTE towers can be easily upgraded in the future to become “real” 4G towers.

        • apfalcon25

          I would've accepted: “Verizon is stepping up their game: 3.5G” =]

  • Brian J Frost

    Way too expensive. I will stick with 3G.

    • ckeegan

      Yeah, you're right. I would much rather pay the current $59.99/5GB on a 3G USB modem plan, than I would pay $50/5GB for the LTE stuff. 10x faster for $10 less per month doesn't appeal to me either.

      • Bigrob60

        So… what your saying is you would rather spend $60/5GB for 3g then spend $50/5GB on LTE. You want to spend $10 MORE per month to go SLOWER? Ya paying less to go faster doesn't appeal to me either. I'm hopeing you just mixed up the numbers. :p

        • I think you missed the sarcasm in ckeegan’s post.

        • ckeegan

          No, I was saying that Brian had no idea what he was talking about.

          • Bigrob60

            Ahhhh. By the time I got past to “Bullet tooth Tony” w/ all the 1x 3g cdma2000 etc…. talk, my brain was pretty fried. I’m w/ ya now.

      • dr154

        actually “cheegan” ur current 59.99/5GB plan is old, the new plan is 50/5GB… so ur actually playing 9.99 more for the same thing… >.<

  • 11knives

    I'm not really interested in paying even more for data service than I do already. 3G is more than fine for me. I think all the excitement will turn to disappoint once the pricing is revealed.

    • ckeegan

      Uh, correct me if I'm wrong, but the Verizon data plan page says the current 3G plan for USB modems is $59.99 for 5GB. How is $50 for 5GB of LTE data more?

  • Jas


    • CheeseMcGee


  • r0landct

    They'll just call real 4G something else like 4G+ or Max4G, etc so in the end it won't matter. What matters more is having an easy marketing term for non-techies to identify the potential network speed of a device without reading the tech specs. As an IT guy as much as I hate nonsense marketing, an average consumer who buys these devices isn't going to be doing the research, so easy identification is key.

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t matter right now, actually, haha.

      Who cares what they call it?

  • jonfhancock

    It's good news to me as a developer because my apps that use web based APIs will magically be faster for LTE users.

    I'm bummed that my community will probably be the last one added in 2013 though… That's what I get for living in a small town.

  • CheeseMcGee

    I'll just be happy to tell I*one users to shut it, cause now I can talk and surf the web at the same time… because at least never times a day I need to both at the same time.

    • DroidDoesDallas

      Wait, so this new 4G network will magically allow us to do data and voice at the same time? I thought that was a limitation of CDMA vs. GSM….am I missing something here?

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        No… like you said, it's a limitation of CDMA2000 vs W-CDMA… LTE is LTE, a totally different beast.

      • CheeseMcGee

        In a post earlier today this is an excerpt from the 4G LTE announcement:

        “9:38AM –
        Calls will be 3G and data will be 4G. You can do both simultaneously. In the future, both will be 4G LTE.”

        • Renegade

          Calls are not made over 3G, Calls are made over 1X. Which currently runs through either a Lucent Mod Cell or a Motorola Frame for both 1X and 3G. LTE will be Ericsson Equipment and will be separate BEAST!!

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            1x *IS* 3G… CDMA2000 encompasses both 1x and EVDO… one of which is the voice air interface, the other being the data air interface.

            The 2G technology was called cdmaOne… and only ever represented on a phone as “D”

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            And even this isn’t totally accurate, but for the sake of conveying my point, I’m sticking with it. 1x is 3G.