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Motorola Olympus Purchased at Flea Market, Runs 2.2 and Blur

I keep using the word silly, but seriously it’s just been that kind of week.  Apparently a tipster over at Gizmodo found the phone pictured above which is said to be the Motorola Olympus at a flea market…we’ll just pause here for a second.  

And ready.  The flea market version of the phone looks a lot like the Motorola Defy, but appears to have a much larger screen, front facing camera, and HDMI port so it has to be the Olympus right?  Well, the tipster wasn’t shy about showing the about screen or powering it on, so this doesn’t feel like the typical leak.  You can see that the model number MB860 matches up and that it runs Froyo (with Blur), but we’re still waiting on proof of its Tegra 2 processor.

Seriously, flea market?

Via:  Gizmodo

Cheers Ryan!

  • ajaxman93

    Nice looking phone based on the hardware, but take that crap called MotoBlur off and throw some stock Android on that baby. Make it run nice and smooth.

  • motorola blur is the worst thing ever. especially because they changed all the icons on the bottom


  • Matthew4542NotSignedIn

    I wonder what those little slits are at the bottom in the first picture. Looks like a battery cover

  • 1bad69z28

    Gizmodo huh, This is coming from the site that was sued by Apple for taking a junky ICrap. Really?? A Flea Market lol

  • blackhawk5177

    ya right

  • nice looking piece though

    • Justin

      I love that spot!
      I can buy weed, guns, and b!thches all in one place.

  • oh that must be the Oakland flea market whare all stolen goods are sold.

  • tjpeco

    Yeah, “bought at a flea market” to Gizmodo means “Found on a barstool but we don't want to be sued again”

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    I wonder if the Tegra 2 will be powerful enough to run Blur without the choppiness of the X, D2, etc.

    • its the software not the hardware. the X and 2 are powerful phones. so you should just shutty.

    • I'm using rubiX Blurry based off the recent leak and have ZERO choppiness. It is definitely not hardware related.

  • Jason w.s.

    Kinda off topic, but has anybody seen that new Rhapsody commercial? If so, does anybody know what phone she's holding? It appears to be a silver motorola, with a pretty big screen and ive never seen it before..anywhere. It looks pretty slick

    • onDroid

      Its a droid 2….

    • wow you couldnt tell it was a droid 2? it was pretty obvious. get to know your droids my friend

      • Jason w.s.

        what? that thing looked way bigger than a droid 2…i donno guys.

  • brando56894

    I highly doubt this thing was actually bought at a flea market.

  • Riverjao


  • AnDroidSepTIX

    I bought a hooker at a flea market once. She had some magical beans that she got from her pimp. I planted the beans and bullsh■t came out.

    • Higher_Ground

      You were probably just supposed to eat the beans 🙂 One at a time though!

  • I'm Due For An Upgrade In February…So I Will Wait It Out Hoping That Motorola Comes Out With Something That's The “Next Best Thing” With T2, Gingerbread, And 4G.

  • stangdroid

    Anyone get the new angry birds seasons yet? it has the halloween one and the new xmas one!

  • Timoh

    If I had a phone on AT&T I'd probably sell it at a flea market too.

  • StuntinX

    IDK this doesn't seem right… Doesn't seem like they would be that dumb about it, I mean they are waiting for gingerbread to release so they can put out a good tablet but they aren't gonna wait on this so they don't have to mess with all the hassels of an OTA update?! There is still no proof of a Tegra 2 either so Idt its believable yet.

  • EC8CH

    Minus the Blur and inevitably locked bootloader, that is the nicest looking phone I've seen in a while. Nice clean design with rugged Moto build quality.

  • EC8CH

    Wonder if Sanjay will have the goonsquad kick down Gizmo's door like St*ve did…

    …doubt it 🙂

  • I smell bullsh*t…i bet the olympus drops dec 25th, remember they are working hard for the holiday bonus motorola get on point, cuz that is the phone I will be upgrading tooo regardless of how much I must pay lmao

  • Michael_NM

    Moto should sell its Blur developers at a Flea market.

    • kellex

      Hah you win today.

    • Towelie420

      I'd rather buy the typical rusty matchbox car and the cap'n crunch comic book.

  • say whaaaaaat?

  • Guess I know what I'm doing this weekend…heading to the swap meet.

  • Sprotthedestroyer


    • fail

    • Sprotthedestroyer

      Why can't I find something like that at a flea market? Did he mention how much he paid for it?

    • Princesation

      lol i think i beat you by a few seconds

  • Princesation


    • Not even close.

      • uhh he won dude. hes closer than close. i guess your the one whos not close. haha

      • uhh he won dude. hes closer than close. i guess your the one whos not close. haha

        • “You’re”

          And no, he was not first.

        • “You’re”

          And no, he was not first.

          • Princesation

            lol epic fail dude . i won . maybe you should ‘sort by “oldest first” ‘

          • Princesation

            lol epic fail dude . i won . maybe you should ‘sort by “oldest first” ‘