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@DroidLanding Starting New DROID Contest?

The @DroidLanding Twitter account has been a great source for contests ever since the Droid X was launched and today, after almost 2 months of silence, tweeted the message you are seeing above.  It looks like a new contest is in order although details haven’t been released.  So far it looks like you just need to tweet about wanting a Droid with the hashtag #IWANTADROID and you could win one.  Jump on it!

Cheers Mark!

  • #IWANTADROID so when I am rescuing the princess from a big slug, I can put a tray on it's head and tell it to serve drinks

    • oh and that was my actual tweet, so don't try and steal my awesomeness.

  • sc4fpse

    Wow, this might be the first time I ever wished I had a Twitter account. My tweet would be something along the lines of “I want a Droid because it has an unlocked bootloader and no MotoBLUR! Any old stock left, Verizon? #bootloaderfail”

    • Some Best Buys still have some. Ours has 5.

  • I tweeted that I wanted an LTE droid. lol.. wonder how that'll go.

  • Twitter? Never mind then. I have a DROID anyway.

  • Towelie420

    I don't do twitter. Just not my slice of pie

  • Puck3511