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Angry Birds Seasons Released on Android to Fulfill Your Holiday Wishes

The much-anticipated holiday version of Angry Birds titled “Seasons” is now available in the Android market for free, just as the full version is.  In this holiday release, you get 25 new snow and present filled levels plus the 45 Halloween levels that we all were skipped by.  70 new AB levels to take you through the next…2 hours?

Download Link

Cheers Najib and the other 150 of you!

  • Angry Birds, the best game on Android ^^

  • Jcuzino

    My wife final completed day 16 of angry birds. She spent several hours and 3 recharges to do it. Got one star. Me still working hope I will get to do day 17.

  • Tlaf15

    I installed new angry birds seasons on my Droid 2. It now says installed but I have no app icon to be found.
    My original angry birds icon is still there, but no new one. I can only run it by opening it in the market
    and where it says “installed”, it also says “open application”.
    How can I fix this so I have a “seasons” icon?

  • Nanarissajojo

    Will not install on my original Droid.

  • Jawshua

    I wouldn't have seen this right away unless I read it on here thanks!

    To everyone who doesn't know this, here is a tip to play Angry Birds, ads-free on Android.

    Go to your Wireless Network settings and turn off wi-fi if its on. Then turn on Airplane mode before you play the game
    Then there is absolutely no data connection running on your phone and you won't have any ads while you are playing. Just make sure to turn Airplane mode after your game. Of course I wouldn't recommend this if you are expecting a call or you may need to be reached.

  • Stephen D

    Yes! I just beat Angry Birds over the weekend and have been wanting more levels. I love Rovio.

  • brain550

    HELP!!! Is there any way to save my progress in Angry Birds? Every time I wipe Data/Cache when flashing a new ROM I have to start all over again. (Currently using My Backup Pro)

    • TyRoNe

      never used my backup pro but you can use titanium backup and go to the backup/restore tab, find angry birds click backup and if there is an option you must backup the data then when you restore it you just install app and data or data only and BAM.. it works

  • HELL YEAH! I woke up this morning to a Rovio Mobile e-mail, then went to download Angry Birds Seasons.

    This is truly remarkable stuff. And even includes the Halloween Edition, as well! Wow.

    And I really do like the fact that you have to wait until the next day to unlock levels of the Winter Edition. Very nice touch!

  • worked the first time without touching my sd card 🙂 so happy waiting for this game 🙂 more more more

  • Thank you Rovio! Best holiday gift. This is so awesome. I need to get some work done but just one more throw….

    To those using Adfree…I support them if it allows more people to play it and access it. It also motivates them to push out more goodies in the future. People who use that is like a rotten apple. It only takes one to ruin it for the rest of us. Buy the paid version when it comes out instead.

    • Higher_Ground

      Dude, they certainly DO NOT need your support if you want to use AdFree.

      This is the most popular game on mobile phones – and all of the iclones are paying for it already. If they needed the money, they would have charged for the app – I can't see them making $1 per download on ad money alone.

    • How do you guys get so high a score?? Can't get over 80,000 and on 1-3 I'm only getting 1 star 🙁

  • The350zWolf

    -Music-….”On the first day of christmas
    Rovio sent to me
    Angry birds to play on my Droid”

  • Hockeydog_12

    AB plush toys…YAHOOOO I know what the baby is getting now!

  • dylan84

    Best Chanukah gift ever!

  • J Maynard Jm

    Finally just upgraded from a d1 (but will never let it go) to the X and it'll be the first game I play on it. Already rooted and themed now just waiting for cmod to rom.

    • Mrpicolas

      Wont happen with locked bootloader cm will not touch it I can garuntee that and would bet my x on it

    • adam

      You can already rom DX's Search here for it. You'll need droid x bootstrapper and rom manager to do it!

    • adam

      Mrpicolas, ill email you my address for your X lol 😀

  • anthonyS

    Adfree takes off all the ads for free…Ohhh yeah im running a droid X rooted!!

  • So having the Christmas levels as an Advent Calendar is amazing. If anything, it'll make me curse at one level for a day while trying to get three stars.

  • Towelie420

    Is this exclusive to android? Or did i*hone get it too?

  • Loskid

    Might also want to mention that they are coming out with a paid verison of Angry Birds if you want the game without ads and a “Graphically Lighter” option in the game for phones that it seems to be running slow on.

    I just want the last golden egg personally. anyone figure it out yet?

    • kellex

      No ads, this is what we like to hear. They post that somewhere?

      • Loskid

        Came in an e-mail i got from them for subscribing.

      • Loskid

        And i quote:

        Payment option and performance upgrades to follow We are still working on two things for the Angry Birds games on Android:

        First, we are bringing a graphically lighter option in the game, to enable better performance on older phones.

        Second, we will introduce a payment system to opt-out of advertising.

        To me, that sounds like a paid version, but who knows.

    • the last golden egg is a bug and is supposed to be fixed with the next update (Level 5). If you look at youtube for videos there is supposed to be two rows of pigs above the red bird.

    • Higher_Ground

      AdFree works well to get rid of the ads if they are bothering you 🙂

    • brain550

      If you prefer an ad free version of Angry Birds, I believe SS 4.9 has an ad blocker included in the ROM, because I just recently switched to CM6.1 RC5 and now all of a sudden the ads are showing up when they were absent with SS 4.9.

    • Laz

      Have you checked this out?


  • vtwin_gary

    is there a hack yet to get past the wait till tomorrow to play the next 24 levels?

    • Jeremy

      The level's don't unlock tomorow, the next one unlocks each day as we countdown to xmas.

  • mathees

    rovio, i love you

  • Rachel

    I've been trying to install it all morning, but no luck on my Moto Droid. It will download but then says there was an installation error. Anyone else having trouble?

    • Justin Brayman

      Yeah, I've been getting a Unknown Error-18 message on my Droid 2. I've tried several times unsuccessfully.

      • Rachel

        Finally got it to work after unmounting the SD card, installing the game, then mounting the SD card again.

        • Timoh

          Thanks Rachel, was getting the error too but unmounting did it. Remember to go back and move to sd card after it's installed. 🙂

    • The help…

      unmount sd card…. the try.

      • T Rodriguez68

        ty!! worked…now to destroy some pigs!!!

      • T Rodriguez68

        ty!! worked…now to destroy some pigs!!!

      • Justin Brayman

        That worked for me. Thanks… Now I can kill some pigs!

  • Timoh

    Rovio, you say it's free but you know you're stealing my heart….


    • LoveDroids

      Wonderfully stated . . .

  • Frankd

    All your eggs are belong to us!!!

  • Jenn Sterger

    Is there a way to block this game from college students until finals are over?

  • antrison

    and just when I was about to look for something to do…:)

  • OtisJay

    Win win win… now i'll never get any work done today..

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    Sweet deal