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DoubleTwist Returns with “AirSync” Update, Sync Everything from Desktop to Android Device

DoubleTwist just dropped a bomb of an update on everyone called AirSync which allows you to take your entire photo, video and music collection from your computer and sync it wirelessly to your Android device.  We’ve been extremely critical of DoubleTwist in the past, but we’re hoping that this update will help redeem them in our books as their service attempts to be useful.

Update:  I misread and jumped the gun.  It’s only syncing, NOT streaming…and we’re back to being unimpressed.

Oh, this new AirSync add-on will cost you $.99 though.  If you don’t feel like taking the dollar plunge, know that our music is syncing right now and we’ve got a hands-on video already in the works, so feel free to hold out for a few.  We’ll take care of you.

After not seeing DoubleTwist for a few months now, I’ll have to admit that they’ve one a nice job of cleaning it up and making it look like a legitimate media library option.  We’ll know for sure in a few minutes.

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  • Linuxwitch

    AirSync is working flawlessly for me and my D.I. + Win7. FWIW, the 10k downloads are $.99 and $4.99 for everyone after that.

  • It doesnt work for me 🙁 it finds my device but everytime I click sync it fails!

  • InvaderDJ

    I don't care about DoubleTwist as a Windows/OSX program. It is (or was at least, haven't used it in awhile) slow, buggy, and pretty much just a lower quality ripoff of iTunes, an already crappy program (on Windows anyway). Synching means nothing to me on Android, I prefer Amazon MP3 and dragging and dropping so I can quickly update the songs/video I need and go.

    That being said DoubleTwist as a media player app on Android is IMO the best media player available. I've tried PowerAMP, WinAMP, Mixzing, and none of them have the reliability that DoubleTwist does. They are also missing some features like playing streams (great for podcasts) and the ones that do can't background play the streams. I wish the app updated more frequently to fix the bugs and issues and that it does have, but overall no matter what other media player app I try I keep coming back to DoubleTwist.

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    any way to buy this as an apk?…..dont have a credit card yet, lol….though im getting a debit soon…not yet…

  • I just checked it out as I was looking for something to replace TuneSync as it stopped working. I love having wifi sync. It may not be for everyone but it works for me. DoubleTwist does live updating of my iTunes library and will sync the changes to my phone over wifi. If you don't care about syncing often then this is nothing special for you but as someone who syncs almost daily I love it.

  • The350zWolf

    Haha, very appropriate pic you chose: “Cancel Sync”

  • Doubletwist's desktop app's organizing function are horrible…there's almost no control over what folders are scanned for what…no exclusions, etc. Winamp rocks on the desktop, and Doubletwist's interface on my Droid is superior…

    • Higher_Ground

      I tried to get DoubleTwist working on my aging PC with no luck (and hours upon hours of trying).

      I've had Winamp on the desktop since the begining of Napster… and I've had no reason to look for anything else. The Winamp app is still a beta but iirc it also allows for wireless synching (for free). I'm hoping they release an EQ and allow streaming with future updates, but even without those, Winamp is my choice for media (and it's free!)

  • Chris

    Does this app sync what i want from my pc to my phone or can it stream hat i want from my pc to my phone without having to save the file? cause i dont have enough room to save anymore songs or videos on my phone

  • Inquizitor

    wait, does this actually stream? on the doubletwist website it says “sync,” not stream…..
    dammit, testing now anyways, if it's just sync i'm refunding.

    • kellex

      It's definitely just sync…FALSE ALARM.

      • Anonymous

        wasted a good dollar on it. No big deal, but just glad it was cleared up quickly. Trying out audiogalaxy, Judah’s recommendation below, and it seems to be pretty good.

      • Meh, not impressed lol

  • Audiogalaxy already does music streaming for free. No need for this.

    • Jennifer Nelson

      Yea, Audiogalaxy on my EVO kicks ass.

    • Been using this for a few weeks now. Pretty awesome when I remember to leave my computer on, lol. The only lag I experience with Audiogalaxy is about 1 second inbetween songs. I love it.

  • Haneyg

    Google should just buy Doubletwist and complete the program already. There is no serious competitor for media on Android like there is for iTunes and iOS.

    I say Google buy Doubletwist, rename it something else, like Gtunes, integrate into the software the Android Market for apps and Amazon MP3 for digital media files. Presto!

    • vyruz

      you…are…a….. GENIUS

      • Armyof2

        Seriously…that may be the smartest thing I've ever read in a comment..

        • Timoh

          In reply to all 3

          That plan sounds like a fast track to an antitrust lawsuit. They already have enough of that to worry about I think.

    • Thats what ive been saying… it wouldn't do any harm to Google, just make the system more robust annnnnndd of course eliminate competition 🙂

    • Nemisis82

      I agree with this. Though, the name Gtunes is a bit weak. Google could surely come up with something a little better that's not a blatant iTunes ripoff for a name.

    • DoubleTwist does live updating of my iTunes library and will sync the changes to my phone over wifi.

  • Insleyi

    subsonic works well for music, but this is nice

  • Baked14

    First bitches!!!