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Southwest Airlines App Hits Android Market

The much anticipated Southwest Airlines app has finally landed on the Android Market and at first glance, looks like a winner.  You can book flights, check-in early, add cars, and even enter your Rapid Rewards info.  And unlike some of the other travel apps out there, it appears as if you can actually purchase flights from within it rather than having to be re-directed to the airline’s browser-based site.


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Via:  Phandroid

  • jareth86

    Now if only South West would institute assigned seating, we'd be in business.


    cool. i like that i can check flight status AND check in on my phone… but wait, i still have to wait in line to get my actual ticket, check luggage and oh yes, be molested by TFA. yay?

    • thatsINCREDIBLE

      oops! i meant TSA.

      • PigHeaded

        If she's cute, it might not be a bad molestation. Think about it.

  • CCx Silent

    Perfect! I have a flight through them in 2 days and I have been scouring the market for a good flight app because trip it! free just doesnt cut it.

  • KiriusKris

    Somebody was roaming when using this app! Evil, evil roaming triangle!

  • Tom

    And how's the app better than SouthWest's (great) mobile web site? Been using their mobile web site for booking, checking-in, etc. so why was it “much anticipated”? Seriously, not trying to flame.

  • Rizzidy

    Southwest sucks.

    • NMMI89

      Then don't fly 'em.

      • PigHeaded

        According to Google Maps, he can now take a Kayak instead to Japan. Excellent.

        • Rizzidy

          Southwest doesn't fly to Japan. Your point is moot.

          • Chris G

            which is why they suck.

          • NMMI89

            Don't fly 'em either.

  • Stephen D

    Awesome. SW is that only airline I fly with now. This'll be a good app to have.

  • crgee

    would have been great if they had this finished before thanksgiving week

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “The much anticipated”

    oh yeah? says who? I am all over the web in all kinds of Droid forums… never one time heard anyone pine over such an app

    • DBK

      First, you need to learn how to search. I've seen plenty of requests for decent travel/airline apps.

      Second, no one give a s*** about what you think.

      Third, stop being a content nazi.

      We have spoken.


      • PigHeaded

        Very well said. except for the part where you added *** after the “s”. Don't be afraid to exercise your first amendment rights good citizen.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        First, I didn't search as I don't care that much

        Second, learn to tell a joking making fun comment from a serious comment

        Third, there are NUMEROUS travel apps for the droid platform already, this was not really needed

        Fourth, okay I just did a search here and I find 1 reference to Southwest.. this thread.. wow, overwhelming support huh?

        Fifth, we have not spoken. You wrote towards me, I now responded, NOW we could say we interacted.

        Sixth, clearly, your a douche bag that was a content nazi towards my post… typical forum hypocrite

  • marc

    After you purchase your tickets your phone extends its droid arms and pats you down

    • As long as they put a movie of a sexy flight attendant on it with an adjustable clothes scale ranging from dressed like an eskimo for mom and dad to skimpy bathing suits on the screen 🙂

  • Stevaroo01

    Now if only they flew out of Pensacola, FL. Then it would actually be useful to me! Oh well. Maybe this will inspire other airlines to offer the same thing.

    • Murphy

      Hold tight, we may be soon 🙂

  • Murphy

    I actually work for Southwest and recommended this awhile back after I saw their i*hone offering. 🙂

  • 1st

    • Michael_NM

      Congrats! You are now free to move about the country, and your bags fly free! 🙂

      • hahaha GRAB YA BAGS!! ITS ON!!!


    • Jager07

      You mean A1?

    • Jager07

      You mean A1?